New Moon in Cancer – integration of our emotional maturity

A deep week for all of us to contemplate and reassess where we need to pave the way for what we have experienced since 12 January 2020, to awaken within ourselves. New Moon in Cancer on 21 July at 3:33am is a powerful energy and timing invokes a hidden truth from our subconscious and requires deep healing and maturing so we can experience our personal power in action. The gates are open to also create powerful new moon intentions!

The New Moon, with the Sun is opposing the three planets who hold us accountable to where we feel restricted Saturn, to what needs transformation and a deeper spiritual connection Pluto, and where in our personal life have we have expanded our energy Jupiter to perhaps distract ourselves from the work the cosmos is illuminating.

This week starts with a dark moon, which gives insight of what we need to release, what has not been working for us, where we require healing. The Moon, represents our Mother, inner child, our emotional body and our relationship to nurturing or being nurtured, is squaring Chiron the wounded healer. This conversation, can bring to our personal awareness where we hold on to an assumption which has not been transmuted in an ethical manner. This can bring up deep wounds or amplify wounds from our childhood, and we sit in our space haunted, or tormented by the subconscious echoes of this wound. This new moon is inviting us to shed, or perhaps explore how our intuition is either in alignment or not with our hearts and emotions.

New moon power – new beginning

The Sun next to the Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer, is also activating the nodal axis of the moon at 28 degrees: South Node in Sagittarius, is about releasing old beliefs, old ways, old patterns, old version of our identity that has shifted from where we were 12 months ago. The pain or the excitement or even the relief of this purge, or realisation brings us to a new perspective. It does depend on the amount of true introspection that we’ve all done to deeply understand where on the spectrum of pain and joy we are ready to feel this powerful new moon energy. The North Node in Gemini, is giving us permission to find the answers ourselves, we’ve heard enough from what others think, but Gemini wants us to have a direct experience of the truth we seek. The direct experience is to make sure that we are not leaving behind a version of ourselves that requires more growth and personal understanding, or it could simply mean a search for information that reiterates our Soul calling.

2020, is about clear vision. The vision of our life, ourselves, our ethical behaviour, our worth, our courage, our purpose and our connections. If, we have been deeply conscious, and awake to what has been shedding within us over the last 18 months, then this new moon will give us a sign where our true growth needs maturity that takes us on the right path to experience freedom and joy. No inhibitions, no regrets just a level of acceptance that is not tainted by others in any way.

Transmutation – identity

The opposing planets to the Sun and Moon – Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are going to remind us of the restrictions we are bound by within. These ties, or knots are seeded from a place of self righteousness, conditioning, adoption of other people’s ways and of course the immature or premature understanding of our own individual identity of self. All of us are immature emotionally, because it takes huge courage to own where we have wronged ourselves, where we have not behaved in the way that brings healing, and mastering the tools to hold conversations of deep healing and understanding. The cosmos is asking us, with kindness, this is a big week of change, shifts and release.

Anytime we go through a personal character evaluation, we can be harsh or we can be in denial. It takes great strength to be kind, to be tender and gentle in recognising our personal demons. This harshness, comes from expecting to know too much too soon and not having the capacity to ask the right questions, where each us can jump to assumptions. The denial is a blind spoke, which Chiron shines the light to, and the Sun and Moon illuminates while squaring Eris the goddess of discord advocated by Mars in Aries, brings to surface the result of our actions. This can open a door to self judgement, perhaps sadness and even deep regret, alternatively it can bring a sense of true freedom and strength.

Venus is going to be squaring Neptune, bringing a big awareness to our relationships. Where we set sacred boundaries, to make clear decisions in our connections with others without the influence or agenda by those that project their power onto to us. Neptune is about altered state, deception, collective love, the foolish actions of convincing ourselves we are in the right environment. Venus as she starts to speed up, and head towards the North Node, is going give us the courage or the permission to question other people’s motives and interference on our decisions. We are unique, individual cosmic beings, echoing our personal natal chart melody and expressing our frequency so we can be heard, held, supported, encouraged to create without judgement, lies, deception and betrayal.

Mercury direct – take action

Mercury in Cancer is now direct moving back through the degrees we felt since June, invoking within us the conversations that require deep healing. Mercury also sextiles Uranus. The lower mind meets with the spiritual mind. A point in our cosmos, to go beyond the collective noise, and to take action on what we truly desire to be our path. This connection with two powerful planets of communication, Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury is the very fuel or ingredients to bring our dreams to life. Uranus in Taurus, is about the tangible essence of experiencing a highly honorable and valued outlook.

This new moon is not ordinary, it is a closure and end of a chapter in our world. It has come from a big journey of releasing and grief of losing what was once in our grip, of our identity, of our local environment. It is also, depending on the work we have done within, cultivated a space to dream big in alignment of our heart spirit. The cosmic sky opens many doors, but the secret is to have the eyes connect to heart, source and spirit to see the path for our own personal evolution. No room for low ego!

Healing – understanding emotional resolution

We are being asked by Chiron the wounded healer to embrace the path of self healing, so we can better understand our life journey and thus open our awareness to our blind spots. The Sun and Moon, the two illuminaries of our Universe inner and outer is in alignment to our current emotional state. Therefore, finding compassion and self love as we journey to slay our personal demons, and release the attachment and ideas that do not serve us can bring an awakening. Jupiter squares Neptune, which expands two psychological paths: deception and spirit. Deception is always connected with our lower ego, at times when we do not have the tools to sit with our experience, or we are influenced by others, or others deceit can keep us limited. Spirit is to trust there is a bigger force that will bring our awareness and paths to a place of personal growth, knowing and empowerment. We will only know in December 2020 as Gilda says in the Wizard of Oz “You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power”. We have to directly experience our life to make the choices that are aligned with our truth.

This week, is a week of making tough decisions, to put those old versions of our unserving behaviour at bay, to rest. Whatever the choice we make, we will know if it was the right one, when the Sun moves into Leo, that amplifies our self worth, our ability to walk our path with reverence. The Sun in Leo and as the moon follows through is a two week integration of the new version of our life. This can be physical change, emotional change, psychological change, perspective change or shift in our beliefs and a strong emphasis on our role in our life. How can we embody our gifts into the world? Where can we participate in making our community more harmonious? Where do we hold ourselves accountable? What area of our life we not addressing? Where do we push our power? Where are others pushing their power onto us? Where are we denying our hearts desire? Where do we numb ourselves? What safety do we require in our home? What healing needs to take place that brings us closer to understanding ourselves? What do we need to resolve that gives us the courage to move forward or deeper?

Happy new moon – just be gentle as we journey together through this tough week of self realisation and receive deep upgrades to awaken a higher, mature and knowing version of who we are, with a new and improved perspective on our life.

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