Personal transmutation – Full Moon in Aquarius!

Every so often we get insights to our full potential, we feel empowered, and honourable to Self, and then a little subtle voice deep within, shouts ‘Really’! This week has been unfolding a personal shedding of what is not serving us, or rather what we cannot continue with no longer, and is not part of our future. This is a big weekend of cosmic alignment, activating within us the insights of what 2021 may feel like, as the moon travels through Capricorn and enters opposite the Sun in Leo to mark her full reflection in Aquarius on Tuesday 2:58am Sydney.

The moon represents our emotions, and emotions help us to navigate consciously toward a future. Right now it is a future of unknown, huge levels of uncertainty and comes with a journey of offloading unnecessary baggage. The Full Moon in Aquarius always feels strange, because she feels oddly strange, wanting freedom, wanting to create or bringing something into the mix to stir things up. Aquarius is the sign of the future, in many ways it is an energy that we all can relate to when we feel somewhat alien from a social pack that all seem to be swimming in the same direction, and we our paving own way. Our uniqueness, our sense of who we are, our perspective is foundations of strength to flow (not so easy) through this year.

The moon is extra special and powerful, like all the moon positions we will face this year and next, as she squares the planet Uranus, in Taurus. Uranus can bring shocking, perhaps life changing, directional shifts where we are forced into facing our personal relationship with what makes us feel secure and worthy. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is also a fixed stubborn sign, bringing a sense of forced change, a bit like pushing a truck from a muddy patch, and not realising that all we have to do is place dry rocks, mats or planks of wood to reverse. These next two weeks are going to unravel some serious shifts, that will shock us in some way. Taurus rules the earth, our physical body and also our values, with Uranus squaring the moon, we can personally experience sudden change, that can leave us feeling as though we’ve been driving through a sticky muddy field. Certainly, 2020 has been a little like this, only now this month of August we are going to experience an intensity of constraint. And the planets are willing us to not take the bait but to be flexible so we can continue our path with joy and feel empowered.

Mercury is also going to be opposite Saturn, and this makes the energy over the weekend deeply sad, deeply difficult, heavy and bring to our awareness of what we feel/felt but have not yet spoken. Numbing us passively, where we may make excuses for ourselves or others. Mercury in Cancer, in the last degrees mind you, is a passive energy of communication. Cancerians don’t like to express their feelings too often, their tendency is to retreat and we will never know why! And the following day, Mercury enters fiery, passionate, fun and loving, Leo. What was not spoken before we will speak, or hear and this conversation can bring revolution to our personal development in relationships. Mercury has been in Cancer for a long while, and will move quickly through Leo giving us ample opportunity to express and release what needs healing from our hearts perspective.

Photography by Greg from the lightening storm in Osoyoos

Mars has a big, huge role over the next few months and all the way into 2021, he will be making big long squares to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Mars is in its home sign, Aries, which gives us a sense of the action we must take if we want to make the most of what this year holds for us. Mars can awaken dormant energy that can be passionately expressed to work towards what we need to feel a sense of freedom. Alternatively it can also bring huge frustration even violent and messy abrupt experiences. Mars will go retrograde on 10th September, what we experience now until then is insight of what will be amplified during its retrograde season till 11th November.

Mars squares Jupiter on 5th August, 18th October 2020 and 22 January 2021 Mars squares Saturn on 24th August, 29th September 2020 and 13 January 2021; Mars squares Pluto on 13th August, 9th October and 23 December 2020.

Mars squares Jupiter is an explosive energy that can play out in our personal lives where we haven’t granted an healthy way to take action for the betterment of our truth. Mars squares Saturn is power verses authority, and this is mostly an internal battle, to take action where we need to take responsibility for our lives. Mars squares Pluto is war like energy, whichever planet strikes the action first will be the dominant energy giving us the formula for transformation. In the end, Mars will heighten our senses and bring to our awareness the innate power and authority that lies deeply rooted in our subconscious and haven’t had the courage to express what we need in a healthy way. This is not a time of being influenced, but a time to be in the driving seat of our life.

Jupiter makes a sextile to Neptune, giving us this sense of deep spiritual connection with our sacred practices. These very practices will help us navigate the strong, life changing and explosive energy we feel this week. it is not a week to commit to anything, just notice the inner volcano eruption that we can use as a barometer of how much we’ve grown. Venus also plays a strong role in all of this, as she is now in full swing of her new 8 year cycle, giving us clues to ask questions to experience a deeper greater love. Where we make excuses, or see our relationships like chores or to fill time, will soon come to surface. Venus rules Taurus, so her position in the sky is asking us to take a deep look at how much do we understand ourselves, our role in our life and are we being ‘fully’ seen and heard. All of this energy is mirrored in our relationships, and it is important to spend this weekend to take those rosy coloured glasses off and dive deep into our hearts. Unpack what is coming up for you by sitting in mediation, drawing, painting, playing music alternatively you can journal. I have put some questions as a guide for you to work with:

  1. Where in your life do you rely on others for your happiness?
  2. What is your relationship to change?
  3. What does flexibility look like?
  4. What action can you take that is aligned to your sacred heart?
  5. Which of my relationships hold me back from my path?
  6. What does self worth feel like?
  7. Do you experience a coherence in your heart centre?
  8. What needs to be closed to make room for something real and connected?
  9. Do I know the difference when choosing from the heart, mind or ego?
  10. When you feel empowered what action did you take to get you to this state?

This full moon in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo making squares to Uranus in Taurus is the beginning energy of trusting that another mystical power is driving us through this birth canal to experience a different life. Our personal work, if you’ve done it that is, will be transmuted in a positive way, although we won’t know until middle of August. As a collective we are all actively involved in creating a life where each of us cannot be lazy or dismissive in our personal work. Because we’re all interconnected, and this year has certainly magnified the depths of how much this sets us together or apart. We are being called to dive deep into refining our thoughts, raising our vibration and where we can find a way to create a new world!

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