33 insights Mars in Aries will ignite in us!

August, September, October right through January 2021 have some very strong, powerfully Mars energy influencing us collectively and personally to experience the full spectrum of our inner masculine qualities. The next five months are going to change our behaviour through some tough experiences in quite ‘active’ perhaps ‘forceble’ ways to transform and honour the ‘divine masculine’.

There is a disclaimer for the next six months, which got triggered on 4th August, at the Full Moon in Aquarius squaring Uranus the planet of shock, sudden change, innovation, evolution, and the planet that represents the collective, which is intensity on steroids. Uranus is in Taurus which drowns its energy in a more slow, calculated, grounded and focused way, and Uranus doesn’t like to be limited in anyway. Uranus is the planet best described as the father of Saturn, who was betrayed and left into exile as his son Saturn wanted to control the solar system. Taurus energy doesn’t like change. This very alignment, indicates extreme sudden pulls and pushes which can be painful if we resist change or the current ‘norm’.

Each planet, from this moment onwards, plays a eye opening perspective on our psyche, although we’ve had a mild taste of it since the start of this year, this is now round two. More powerful, more life changing, more awareness to the relationship of power, and more obstacles in place for control. This time it is personal and tangible.

image David Clode

Mars is the planet of war. He is pure masculine energy, that rules the first house Aries on the zodiac belt. This energy, is dependant on our personal relationship of our own masculine expression, therefore, it can be toxic and/or divine. The qualities of Aries are associated with our personal power, which gives a deeper resonance to the role Mars plays for each of us in the next five months.

The spectrum of toxic and divine is vast, where each of us from our life experience have personal expressed. The toxic masculine, is quite a heavy, aggressive, forceful, greedy, glutinous, sexual predatory, ownership with personal agenda, extreme selfish, and territorial energy. Our history of war, or rather what has been documented prior to a war starting highlights various toxic masculine energies. Depending on what side of the war our lens is focused we can perceive this very energy as heroic or outrageous.

The divine masculine is something that is not praised as much in our current status quo, it has several other names such as ‘soft’ ‘irresponsible’ and ‘non committal’. These very stereotypes of the divine masculine are not qualities that one promotes in investigating and embracing. The divine masculine is a level of conscious evolution within us, where we feel confident to lead a life from our heart. There is no desire for control or influence on others and no need to express any subconscious power play actions. The divine masculine gives rise to creating a balance with the awakened feminine. And these qualities are not gender specific, we all have them. We all have, in many ways, experienced them first hand or witnessed the quality within us.

Mars, in Aries will be creating some very powerful alignments with strong planets, such as Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Eris the goddess of discord, Venus, Sun, Moon, Chiron and the rest. I will like to express, Mars is going to activate some very intense inner energy which will need some conscious thought and observation before we allow it to playout, both in our personal life and the collective. The biggest teaching of Mars is to give us first hand experience of toxic to divine masculine, and the journey is going to be intimate, mind blowing, difficult at times, and life changing.

image: Grace Brautese

Power and control, these two words are coming up a lot when we respond to what is happening at a global level. As within so without, as above so below, indicating how much we allow ‘others’ to govern our freedom will determine how much we are willing to see and act from our hearts and not fear. The word war, seems quite far removed from our physical world, however if we look at what we’ve all experienced, it is very much a war. A war on our freedom and to be more accurate the war on how we empower ourselves and trust what is the morally right thing to do, which may go against our culture, our beliefs, our values, our social circle. It is in many ways showing us how we are all interconnected, how if one of us is suffering then all of us suffer.

Here are my own personal 33 insights of what Mars will highlight within us, around us and to us. I’ve added some key dates and times with aspects, which may take a few reads or revisits to cross check over the course of our Mars brutal experience:

Mars square Pluto – Thursday 13th August 12:18pm Sydney

This initial teaching highlights within us the fundamentals of our power expressed through a heightened masculine energy. It is definitely an inner war that penetrates a strong urge to push our energy forward, without the concern of others. A power play, how we allow others to influence us and how we influence others in dark, aggressive and deeply hidden manipulative manner.

Pluto has a slight upper hand, because it is a slow persevering energy to breakdown the ‘shadow’ aspects of our masculine, war, tribal and in many ways single minded focus to break through to what we are all yearning, freedom. On this day, we have the Moon in Gemini making a sextile to Chiron the wounded healer, driving our actions loaded with an emotional desperation to quickly exit the discomfort our wounds permeate within. Shaping our beliefs, values, morals and actions.

1 – Mars teaches us on conscious level how to step up in our power, to set clear boundaries in order to experience a deeper inner and / or collective healing.

2 – We may also learn what personal action we can take that places us on a greater trajectory of conquering the power within and the urgency to take control back.

3 – On an unconscious level, we may feel at war with what is in our hearts, as this alignment with Pluto and Mars can bring to surface some hidden power plays. The Moon in Gemini, is at the same degree where Venus was when retrograde. This energy may well bring to surface those unresolved and unhealed relationships.

Sun trine Mars – Sunday 16th August 11:50pm Sydney

Sun is in Leo, which on a high vibration requests us to know our worth and innate power of our heart and on a low vibration we can fall victim to our fear of not being good enough in pursuing our goals. Mars making a trine with the Sun is a good aspect keeping our attention on our goals, although on this day we have the Moon in Cancer at 0 degrees making a square to Mars. The Moon is at the same degree it was during the eclipse season, on 21st June, and it is opposite the powerful planets of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.

4 – Emotionally understand our unique power is within to creatively express what needs to shift or how we navigate those external powers that hold us back.

5 – Work with understanding psychologically if we are drawn to the fear of limitation, that can bring frustration or can we connect with heart and continue to work with the tools we have.

Mercury trine Mars – Monday 17th August 3:28pm Sydney

August is a build of how Mars will impact us during its retrograde. Pay attention to our physical, mental and emotional body. Mercury trine Mars, will give us a great energy to communicate from heart of what we require. Although the Moon in Cancer is making strong opposition to Jupiter can expand our emotional pain body, as the Moon also squares Chiron the wounded healer. Mars is now at 24 degrees of Aries making a conjunction to Eris the goddess of discord, truth and also what is revealed can turn into a big battle, internally or externally. Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn, is how we may feel about what makes us feel safe in the home, and are we being nurtured in our relationships.

6 – Deepening into the practice of our personal emotional healing from old beliefs and values when done without a story attached can bring a sense of empowerment.

7 – Accepting all perspectives, where do we judge ourselves when we cannot find what needs to be released of the old and find pointless energy consuming distraction.

Mars square Saturn – Tuesday 25th August 1:00am Sydney

This is another strong day, with the Sun now in Virgo with Mercury, which gives us a practical energy of what is unfolding in our lives. Saturn and Mars are two intense energies that can bring a personal power struggle with authority or old structures and limitations.

Venus making oppositions with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, is amplifying the energy of what must be changed where we can feel supported. Venus is also moving towards making a trine with Neptune, which can bring deception, lies and with Saturn pushing at her it may be the ultimate betrayal.

8 – Understanding how our subconscious can play tricks, due to the fear of not feeling safe if we continue with what we know.

9 – Finding practical, tangible ways to plan what needs to change and then act upon them in our personal world can lead to stability, although not as we planned. Flexibility is key.

image: Miguel Bruna

Venus square Mars – Friday 4th September 7:09pm Sydney

Venus and Mars meet, our feminine and masculine energies collide with some serious action that requires deep balance. The Sun is also making a quincunx to Eris, which can give us a big lens on how dominant and how much we prioritise our masculine energy. As Eris opens our eyes, we can witness how we use our masculine energy for manipulation and to undermine the qualities of what the feminine has to offer. This will be a strong day as the following day, Mars will go into retrograde, moving back through Aries, highlighting to us if we’ve made progress or are we still thinking about it. This is where we will feel the intensity of the strongest planets in the most powerful harsh signs, Aries and Capricorn.

10 – Relationships are mirrors, and without them we can dissolve in our own madness, alternatively if we can hear Venus as she unravels her new cycle we can also cultivate great connections. Are we willing to let go of selfishness and find grace in honoring our needs, even though they can cause sadness (short-term).

Mars retrograde – Thursday 10th September 7:30am Sydney

Mars is at its closest to the Earth, and we will feel its active, aggressive, determined, quick, courageous, warrior and war like energy in our physical body. It is also important to note Mars will revisit most of the degrees in Aries three times, so if we didn’t pay attention in the last month, this month until November we will get a big wake up call to activate and shape our path as we want otherwise we pay a huge price.

11 – Pay attention to what key insights and feelings you received end of July and throughout August. Now the energy is going to be amplified.

Mercury opposite Mars – Thursday 24th September 9:06pm Sydney

A warrior of the mind, fast thinking, quick for an argument and challenge anyone that doesn’t agree. Mercury in Libra, squares the Moon in Aquarius, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is going to be highlighting some inner truths that require expression. The Sun in Libra is opposite Chiron the wounded healer, giving us insight if we have made the right choice in the relationships that we encounter. The world is a different place, and being with others for the sake of not being alone is a detriment to our individual freedom. This energy with Mars will drive what needs to be said unapologetically.

12 – Our words, even when not spoken can destroy connections or they can passively teach us how to understand what we truly need.

13 – Mars gives us the power to speak from a deeper space where unresolved anger can come through and expressed to others. Observation of our inner world if not aligned to our heart can bring personal sabotage.

Venus trine Mars – Tuesday 29th September 11:09pm Sydney

A great way to just invite like minded people. This is the only window of opportunity that Mars offers to enjoy our life, regardless of what is unfolding outside of our world. Mars will continue its conversation with the strong planets in Capricorn, which at this stage a deeper layer of what we need to change desperately in our society. Venus is in Leo and she loves it here, after a long time she is finally feeling her royal self. This conflicting energy in the sky is going to bring us to make greater decisions in our relationships and how we can build an experience of greater love.

14 – Regardless of what is going on in the world, join in the community of your dear ones to feel a sense of relief, belonging and sharing of ideas.

15 – Difficult situations can bring the most profound connections, which way will you turn.

Mars square Saturn – Wednesday 30th September 11:48am Sydney

Mars has been squaring Saturn during the last week in August, as these two feisty and strong energies meet again, we are invited to follow the status quo or form our own way of truth, without breaking the law. The Moon and Neptune conjunct in Pisces which can open our hearts emotionally to spirit or to deception. Deception can cause serious damage to our ego, our own integrity and it can also be a catalyst to set sacred boundaries.

Mercury in Scorpio creating a quincunx with Neptune may give us deep downloads, or as media rules Neptune, the media can play a big role in communicating and perhaps manipulating information. It is also the time when Mars is moving back to 24 degrees and makes a conjunction with Eris. What truth, or hidden factors are allowing us to move into a new way of being.

16 – Personal sacred practice of understanding our own world, eliminates others influence on the choices we make.

Mars square Pluto – Saturday 10th October 6:20am Sydney

This energy was felt on 13th August, give and take a few days around this time. It is important to remember what action we took, from this energy, as now this battle between the two is going to come head to head. It is strong and powerful, Mars is also making a trine to the South Node in Sagittarius, where we can feel how our old beliefs and systems have become toxic in ways of separation, unfairness and limitation. A great energy to release old ways, grieve them deeply as Mercury is opposite Uranus, we are developing a relationship with our new perspectives. We can be extremely creative with ideas, and inventions. This is a deep clearing of our toxic ways… just be gentle.

17 – Stay focused on our personal aim of every action with integrity to grow and rise beyond what is unfolding in our life.

18 – The experience of using your power consciously is great wisdom. But we must act and not sit back.

Sun opposition Mars – Wednesday 14th October 10:30am Sydney

Hot and fiery energy with the Sun and Mars together bring a very inner competitive almost combative force that requires some serious shifts. Mars has also since 10th September moved past Eris, and this disclosure can make us feeling unjust. Venus in Virgo, she doesn’t like it here, is conjuncting the Moon and both making an opposition to Neptune. Neptune is the planet of altered state, deception, rules the media, it is also spirit.

This opposition can bring an emotional internal battle of what we feel is true is not what we are experiencing. Thus, Mars will play a role in activating a no nonsense attitude to what we must bring into our world. As we reach this point in the next five months Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are direct, they will be powerful, and their energies will dominate the celestial realm for power and control.

19 – Taking conscious action can make and build great relationships.

20 – Patience in observing our intense feelings can highlight the action that is aligned with our hearts and honor the courage it takes to do so.

Mars square Jupiter – Monday 19th October 1:19pm Sydney

An expansive and active force that will certainly bring us to a deeper learning of the war we are facing on our hands. A war that has to change at all costs, but must be experienced for radical shifts to take place. Jupiter with Mars can work in different ways, one of extreme aggressive action with brute force or other with a warrior force. I feel at this stage, Mars is tired, we are going to be exhausted of what we can now clearly see but will we have the drive, passion and intent to continue. At times we can lose ‘trust’ from a wider perspective, and thus lose momentum.

21 – Allowing ourselves to act impulsively, while conscious of our initial intention can demonstrate courage which influences others to also take action.

22 – At times taking a risk can open a magical unknown path, while expanding our experience and finding joy of the beginner’s mind.

23 – Observe your world from your infinite point of attention to truly understand what is tired and unserving, to what allows us to feel the pulse of life once more.

Venus opposition Mars – Tuesday 10th November 3:16am Sydney

Scorpio season always adds a sting to the mix, as its old ruling planet Mars is making a strong opposition to Venus in Libra. We can feel this energy more in our relationships that we didn’t before and we need to take action for a better, improved or deeper, authentic and passionate connection. This is strong time of break ups, or infidelity, even divorce, or just ripped apart. Mercury in Libra is opposite Eris, giving us the language, the words to communicate how we may now pave a new wave for what we truly deserve and desire to experience deeper, meaningful and heartfelt relationships.

24 – All relationships are teachings, helping us to grow, to be more patient and more present in our own actions, shining the light on the work we need to do, to again meet in harmony.

25 – Understanding our needs in a relationship is one thing, allowing ourselves to voice our truth is another, carrying on hoping all will go is a path of suffering.

Mars direct motion – Saturday 14th November 11:35am Sydney

And here we go again, Mars is now direct at 15 degrees, going back up through Aries, for the third and final time this year. All what we’ve experienced, our personal and collective war is to understand our true worth, power and what it means to be free with the quality of the divine masculine force within. If, we’ve understood our responsibility of our experience we can then pave the way for this decade, and leave what does not serves us in the manner that separates us from our power and human right at this time.

Mars making a slight opposition to Venus, while she is in Libra is the aftermath of speaking the truth to form better relationships, perhaps heal those that require healing, but also the courage to walk away from a broken connection. Eris again will be making a big square to Pluto, who is direct, and if we didn’t want to see the truth, we will now. Headlights on, bright, in our face blinding us to walk a path of the warrior, to experience a greater way of life because we all will deserve a medal at this point of 2020.

26 – To allow ourselves to experience our inner warrior is the key to understand our power, use it wisely.

27 – Addressing our subconscious needs with introspection can awaken a deeper relationship to Self, and allow connections with others, with discernment.

Sun trine Mars – Friday 11th December 6:46pm Sydney

Fire with fire, Sun in Sagittarius with the South Node making a trine to Mars and Eris, is the cosmic alignment to rise from the ashes of 2020. This energy is about releasing old ways, or beliefs that put hard-core stakes in our vision, preventing us from realising we have always had the strength, we just didn’t know it.

This month we gain clarity of all that we’ve experienced in 2020, the growth, the readjustment of our values and beliefs and align these personal teachings towards our true calling. This alignment is karmic and gives us a great insight and intuition, we have done well as we witness many signs of confirmation. It is the conscious action, bravery and the willingness to fight for what is right and with integrity will we be rewarded in some way. Venus in Scorpio makes a sextile to Saturn at 29 degrees in Capricorn, a strong energy to go for those relationships that brings you the most joy, that see you and you are will to invest in, we have to take an active role in all our pursuits if we wish to have greater experiences. And here is where we can birth our divine feminine power with authority. Powerful energy.

28 – We have to climb a few high walls in order to reach to the top of our world or manifest our goals, which takes effort and trust in self.

29 – Understanding the driving force of our intention is to be in pure heart to achieve a divine experience.

Mercury trine Mars – Tuesday 15th December 7:08pm Sydney

The restless mind will be in planning mode to birth new ideas. Perhaps at this stage, the energy is utilised best to be practical instead of celebrating, it is about planning and doing what needs to change for 2021. Mars is strong at 20 degrees making a square to the nodes of the moon. Therefore, giving us a choice to use the experience of the last 12 months in creating something or just waiting until the new year.

The New Year 2021 will be strong in the first half, inviting us to take advantage of manifesting and creating a new world now. It will carry the same harsh, deceptive, strange energy of 2020. Time is not a problem, space is not a problem, life has shown us we can only change the things that we can and accept the things we cannot.

30 – We have the choice to communicate passionately or with haste, either way we get what we deserve as a result.

31 – Allowing others to express with force, control and manipulation can leave them empowered, time to take our power back. Own who you have become, with resonance!

Mars square Pluto – Wednesday 23rd December 8:13pm Sydney

This alignment occurs just after the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the third time Mars and Pluto meet, again take a look back in your memory bank to August and October when we all experienced the most weirdest, abstract and alien world. Again, this is a self-centered alignment where we can spring from a conscious healer / warrior vibe or what is in it for me energy.

At this point in this experience we have (hopefully) learned that creating true, tangible connections with others is the only way we can create a world that brings us inner peace and sovereign in our life. This energy births that front line, warrior ready with her gear on and fighting. Make sure the fight is coming from your heart. Saturn will be at 0 degrees in Aquarius, the last time this happened in March, the globe went into lockdown. Saturn makes a huge square to Uranus, and this father son energy can bring shocking news that limits and tighter conditions on social, travel and local levels.

32 – We’ve experienced the spectrum of how the shifts have taken place from fear to love this year, it is now through our conscious choices do we step into a new way of working together.

33 – Conflict, whether it is internal or external, can leave us shattered and we can often forget the why when the energy is rife. Being different, and not conforming in others ways because it is not our truth is the only inner conflict we need to overcome as it dilutes the toxic ego within us all.

These next five months are going to be the greatest battle we will experience in our lifetime. It is about freedom, control, manipulation, deceit and most of all betrayal within our own psyche. It is only when we shift our perception and take control of what we invite in our life will we experience the life we all yearn.

The cosmic alignment triggers fierce moods, as above so below, as within so without, we can work on healing our suppressed beliefs by truly accepting and honoring our sovereign power. Taking care of one another, coming together, and trusting our hearts, speaking against the behaviour we cannot understand, asking questions for deeper understanding are some of the attributes we can practice. Once Saturn enters Aquarius, it will birth an energy of self reliance, pursue your dreams by planning and preparing well now.

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