Inner courage ignites – Mars retrograde

The world, our personal and collective is vibrating differently. The cosmic sky unfolds strong energies, we will feel deeply, unravelling a strong bond to our emotional attachments and subconscious conditioning that requires release. Two major planets change directions, while the Sun in Virgo creates an opposition to Neptune in Pisces and later next week starts its trine to Jupiter and Pluto. All are involved in paving a wave to strengthen our voice, actions and shift our beliefs to travel deep within. Mars goes retrograde on Thursday 8:22 am, and Jupiter stations to go direct on Sunday 10:41 am (Sydney, Australia).

The Sun in Virgo is playing a big role, by shining the light to Neptune, our deepest darkest hidden illusions about how we respond from ego, alternatively we can see this energy driving us to be brave enough to experience a deeply spiritually, and perhaps karmically connected path. The key to knowing all of this is to dive deep into our inner world. Block the noise from our ever busy minds, shine the light to our inner discomfort, wobbly, ego stricken and stubborn attitudes that prevent us from growing emotionally and spiritually. We have a choice between symbiosis verses parasite behaviours that can bring either further disruption to our world or peace.

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Mars in retrograde is not the enemy. Our relationship to our ego, and attachment to what we are familiar with, can bring a parasite expression that separates us during this time of self-realisation. Mars in Aries is a strong energy for us, as Aries represents our significance in the world. Mars warrior, active and deeply spiritual planet, that once ruled Scorpio is showing us the courage to step away from what we have always done to get our way. These expressions can strongly play out in the fluctuations of our thinking, mirrored by hard core subconscious beliefs. Which, for majority of us, we cannot truly understand our actions unless we can be fully present within ourselves. Mars is teaching us to know who we really are, the dents, scares, light, dark and most importantly our own divine masculine.

Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn creating a very sober, realistic review of where we need to take responsibility of our life, and live in a way that is not influenced or controlled by an agent or external force. In order for us to work with this dynamic energy and integrate its teachings, reflect back to 25 July to date. Ask yourself, what are the common themes that have been coming up? Where in that time, did you feel restricted? Did you experience a space that allowed some freedom? If so, how can you now during this Mars retrograde season from 10 September to 14 November focus on helping others? How can you work towards your goals? Bring a deeper peace in your life, accept your path because you’re the conduit of your thoughts and emotions. This is only a snap-shot of what each of us may feel, however if we integrate the last five weeks of what has been showing up, then intuitively we know. Actively, we may require a bigger wake up call to move into what we need to take back our freedom.

Mars on Thursday will also create a semi-square to the Moon in Gemini, where we may emotionally connect with those that now do not project the kind of values we want to experience. Mars also creates a trine to the South Node in Sagittarius, indicating ‘hope’ is not going to work. True transformation is Pluto creating a quincunx to the North Node in Gemini, where the moon will also travel to on Friday. The time is about asking the right questions, instead of keeping silent about what is in our hearts. True evolution is through a symbiosis connection, where we can understand what is reflected back to us, to make a change. And see things as they really are, instead of assumptions of the ‘coulds’ and ‘woulds’.

Venus is in Leo, and Mercury in Libra the only two planets that are not retrograde and are in the signs where they feel empowered. Mercury, that all seeing and knowing planet, in Libra indicates to find balance between what we can communicate verses where our communication is not articulated from our hearts. Venus in Leo, squares Uranus in Taurus, giving us courage to do something different and exotic, even if it feels strange, because that sudden shift of perception can invite magic.

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Jupiter going direct on Sunday is a big deal. Firstly, it is making a trine to the Sun in Virgo, where both signs are in Earth. Finding the courage to make our dreams practical is the way to channel this strong energy. Finding joy in the simplicity of life, nature, and allowing ourselves to trust what we do not know, paves the way to a different kind of experience. And secondly, Jupiter will be strong, as this powerful planet slowly moves past Pluto and Saturn giving its magnificence to personal transformation and a breakdown of toxic agents in our lives.

It is a big week. The beginning of three months of being in a furnace, fully clothed until we are broken down to our core, for a new birth to take place. One that is aligned to our hearts. These next few months will test us, and try us, as we embark on a personal, emotional, and psychological journey of detoxification of the past. To blossom into the super version of our human experience. Allow, the melody of our natal charts to echo from our core, unapologetically. Stop with the excuses, shouts Mars, enough already. If we don’t do this work, then 2021 is on steroids compared to this year.

There is a deep humbling experience when we release toxic, unserving attachments, behaviours, beliefs of who we think we are, which can stem from our youth, or life (past or this) experience. Releasing these conditions, also means we have to look at ourselves without judgement, impatience, and comparison. The most challenging, is how Neptune will reveal our subconscious patterns that prevent us from tuning and reciting our personal melody.

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