Transmute our emotions to open the destined path… Spring Equinox

The Southern Hemisphere marks the Vernal Equinox, on 22 September 11:30pm, when day and night is equal and symbolically a time to plant long-term seeds for a meaningful destiny. This equinox symbolises a change of season including the change of sign from Virgo to Libra Sun as we inhale this fresh air of self realisation there is a lot to exhale and let go. On Thursday 17 September, we experienced a Super New Moon in Virgo, opening the portal of opportunity to embark on our destiny, with the qualities of planning, due-diligence, detail and how our inner work can help others. This energy is different, we have grown, matured emotionally, psychologically and understand that our own bravery, without the influence of others, leads us to journey forward with integrity and pureness in our hearts.

image by nasa

It is a big weekend, as the moon travels through Scorpio, causing some interesting aspects that require us to dig deeper. Digging deep within and coming conscious of our choices we made earlier this year, in our relationships and how we want to move forward in life by not having to adjust for others; what wisdom have we gained from the choices made, what has been highlighted in our hearts, where are the alignment gaps we have personally identified of our deep spiritual truth? If we don’t do this work, the energy that goes through Scorpio end of October and in November we will witness big break ups, dramatic and quite erupt behaviours, as we may not have the energy to pursue any longer. It is important to do the work now, especially with Mars in Retrograde!

The moon in Scorpio is in fall position, she is like Medusa, strong, self-righteous, unapologetic, independent, fierce and knows through darkness can we see the brightest stars. Our emotional body will conjure the truth we seek in how we relate with others. Through these strong emotions we can be fierce with our communication, as Mercury is in Libra making oppositions to Eris and Mars will unconsciously vomit the parts we’ve not spoken. This can be dangerous and revealing at the same time.

image: andrew

To express our truth, we must be willing to see the gaps where we are not experiencing the connection we deeply desire, and yearn. The truth can reveal how those that we relate to hold on to emotionally repressed unconscious, perhaps ego centric values that are now not in alignment to our hearts. The Moon makes a semi square to the South Node in Sagittarius, asking us to let go of the ‘hope’ and the idea that all will change if this happens or that happens, because time, destiny is precious and we want to know the facts, the truth of where we are in relation to others and more importantly to Self.

Moon in Scorpio later on Sunday night makes an opposition with Uranus in Taurus, a prime aspect to establish and express our truth, regardless of what the ‘other’ may convince us to believe. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and she is in Leo creating a quincunx to Jupiter, giving us the strength to act upon our values, go with the unknown, to stop convincing ourselves that things will change, when deep down we know they won’t. The Sun, representing our ego, our growth, our light, our character, is creating a quincunx to Mars, and this energy gives us relief by taking action towards our path that brings us to our ultimate path of destiny and thus truth of what we deserve to experience. Venus at the same time will be quincunx with Neptune, as Neptune squares the South Node, this alignment creates a yod. A divine intervention if we align with our newly discovered, mature emotions and psychological state. It can also bring a sense of enchantment that all is well, and this deception can leave us trapped for a long time.

image: sharon mccutcheon

On the night of the Equinox, the Sun makes opposition to Chiron and Black Lilith. Our character, who we are, our identity, our fully realised self is strengthened by us honoring our hard work of releasing what doesn’t serve us no more, grieving the loss, feeling the release of the emotional or egotic pain. And taking time to sit in this new deeper layer of our conscious selves, and only allow ourselves, to make connections with those that show up for us in a purest form. Only then can we relate to another in an authentic, deep, enriching and meaningful place and perhaps experience a new kind of connection. There is no time, especially when next week we have Saturn move direct at the end of September and a Full Moon in Aries on 1 October, what we consciously and spiritually choose, shapes the opportunities for 2021.

It is not a time to be in a place where there is complacency, in all our relations. Mercury will square Pluto, and this is all about the underlying, depth of what we need in order to transform a connection, or to move along knowing that we’ve done the work. Use this time now to search deep that niggling feeling, open yourself up to what has stalled or paralysed you to act upon for the sake of your own happiness, strength and releasing of old patterns. For, these are the very situations that can change the course of our life. We, cannot be in a state of how things used to be, because we are in a different paradigm now, we have discovered our own essence and the value of self. We know what brings value into the relations we keep for growth, joy and ultimate support. We require the support from a place of knowing there are those that love us deeply, and therefore they are worthy of our time.

The time to transmute our old beliefs, patterns, conditioning, stories and values into something that only seems like a dream, can come into actualisation in 2021, or even earlier at the Summer Solstice 21 December, if we do the work now. The work is on Self, it is lonely, it is deep, it is sacred and it is connected to our spiritual practices, where we have the choice to dive deep or take the easy route. If we act upon short gains of happiness, they can come at a heavy price. We are here to witness a revolution of our own conscious state, as the language of the stars decipher “we are supported by those unseen elements in our life”. The ones that touch us deeply and no words can explain their purpose, existence or role, but we know in our hearts what is real. We also know what we need to shed… to open up opportunities to live more fully from our hearts and our spiritual connection. Where can we expand our personal experience by being ultimately present with our needs, values and happiness?

Happy Equinox… plant great seeds, and make an offering to your sacred spaces, relations and tools.

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