Mercury’s wisdom with Pluto, Saturn and Mars as it gets ready for a Scorpio Retrograde!!!

Saturn, also called Cronos according to ancient mythology and translates as time and time is illusionary, karmic and binds us to grow deeply. It is not an easy journey. As a collective we’ve felt its power in Capricorn over the last two point five years. On its last leg to the finish line before it enters Aquarius, Saturn has stationed to move direct on Wednesday 29 September at 3:11pm AEST. We felt its strong, powerful, authoritative, persistent weight yesterday and we will feel it get stronger and approximately five days after it goes direct. Whenever a planet decides to leave a sign, the last degrees are always felt with a bang. Although Saturn will only move 5 degrees from now until December, we will not be able to escape from this ‘cosmic’ learning path.

It is difficult to know which planet is the protagonist in this great unveiling of our newly formed conscious human state, Mercury, Pluto, Moon, Saturn or Mars even though everyone of them rotates around the Sun. They are all transmitting an energy that we cannot ignore anymore.

image: sandra seitama

Mercury is in Libra, the sign of balance, partnership, collaboration and connection. Mercury, is the analytical, focused, all knowing planet that travels fast around the Sun and retrogrades three times a year. It is the planet of communication and rules Gemini, Air and Virgo Earth. We’ve just finished with Virgo season, so Mercury is focused on the higher more pronounced qualities such as strategy, details and meaningful connection. Mercury is slowing down to make is retrograde in Scorpio on 14 October at 12:05 pm AEST in Scorpio. Mercury will travel to Scorpio on 27 September at 5:41 pm. Mercury in libra can be slow, we can find ourselves not being able to communicate in a way that articulates what we are really feeling or what needs to be communicated.

Mercury is squaring Pluto and Saturn from Friday 23 September till 28 September scooping up unresolved, patterns of behaviour that require transformation and personal shifts. This can bring up some obsessive tendencies that may leave us feeling inadequate and critical of self and perhaps others. We can experience shocks and be surprised easily with sudden change of direction. Remember, when Saturn is involved it is karmic, and destined, as our higher awakened self knows where we need to be. If we get in the way of this, a lot of frustration, perhaps a feeling dark or deeply negative can over take us. As nothing seems to be unfolding as we want it to, or we could feel extremely suspicious or even have a cunning attitude.

With Pluto involved, it can bring up some difficulty in discussing personal problems or we can find ourselves being secretive or exposed to something that can shock us. As if, this was not enough Mercury is opposite Mars, giving us the fuel to communicate passionately, say something that we cannot take back. Mercury is also opposite Eris, revealing to us what has been hidden that needs addressing.

image: alfred schrock

Mercury’s wisdom is giving us permission to tune into our hearts, its in Libra ruled by Venus and she is in Leo, that rules our heart. There is a great hand of god aspect to Venus, from Jupiter and Neptune. This open us up to commit to a greater level of connection with only love, as the mantra. There is no energy to hold space for those that are doing conscious practices but are deeply unconscious in their actions and attitudes. There is no energy for spiritual bypassing, where we keep that one rotten egg and convince ourselves this is our role to fix others. No way!

I believe through my study and passion of astrology that the cosmos is inside of us, we have the same particles as do the planets, plants and fungi. We are more than just having an experience of living a mundane life controlled by a system that limits us. We are as John O’Donohue writes “The human person is a threshold where many infinities meet. There is the infinity of space that reaches out into the depths of the cosmos and there is the infinity of the microcosm… the infinity which haunts everyone and which no-one can finally quell, is the infinity of their own interiority”.

This is one of many powerful ways of understanding the work now, is the work of diving deep, meeting ourselves in this new, upgraded yet to be explored version of Self. And yet, there is still some old residue that sticky tar which is being scraped by the immense power of this cosmic alignment.

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, so this will highlight a super serious time of getting that unspoken message out. Mercury in Scorpio can bring out the inner psychic, we don’t need a resolution as we know the truth. However, we need to be careful not to assume or look through the lens of our limiting, conditioned ego… we need to be super mature to reflect upon how we relate to others, and how others relate back to us. We can also experience some serious indecisiveness, if we are not listening to our gut feelings we can become stuck. After the conversations with Pluto and Saturn, Mercury in Scorpio will reveal to us a strong determination and awaken any dormant feelings of our true purpose through the sacred connections we make.

image: ben ostrower

We don’t have time for drama, we certainly don’t have time for other people’s noise. We don’t have the luxury to ‘hope’ all will be well where we may do nothing and we cannot afford to lose a deep connection with those that see us.

Venus in Leo, with aspects to Neptune and Jupiter and also a Semi-Square to the Sun in Libra is echoing one thing only – go with only conscious love and happiness… all else is the healing of unresolved stories we must shed. Saturn and Pluto are giving us the tools to be accountable for our life.

There is an old buddhist term that expresses the true way of how we ‘relate’ to others… it is called a ‘kalyana-mitra’ meaning noble friend. And a noble friend will not accept any pretense from our behaviour, but will gently and very firmly confront us with our own blindness. No one can see their life in honest totality, therefore a kalyana-mitra is both a creative and critical connection, which is willing to negotiate awkward uneven territories of contradiction and woundedness. We’ve longed to be seen, and the cosmos has heard our prayer… have we got what it takes to examine our thoughts, behaviours, patterns, decisions, and honestly say we are with no fault in the perfect situation to hold us through till the end of this powerful year. Do the work through love and compassion and we will be set on the journey of a most beautiful life.

Also I’ve put together a retreat with my dear friend Karolina Szymala on 4 – 6 December, ‘Equilibrium – finding harmony in the now’ – a thorough exploration of how we can work with developing harmony when we’re faced with extreme waterfalls of change. Contact me for more information.

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