We’re on the dirt road with major potholes: Full Moon in Aries and the rest…

This is the most valuable, rough and deep week of the year cosmically, inviting us to heal from our detrimental subconscious patterns that are not in alignment with our conscious hearts desire. The most powerful planets Saturn went direct today, and on 5th October at 12:33am AEST Pluto goes direct in Capricorn where we will be asked to redefine our relationship with authority. Authority can come through many ways, a demanding beloved, a father figure, member of authority, government, friends, community groups and society.

It is important to understand when Saturn is direct in its home sign Capricorn, he rules the energy of accountability and responsibility of our lives and thus the situations we find ourselves in. If we want to get an idea about what is coming up, reflect back to January of this year, where we were called to make key decisions about our life. January seems like another life-time ago, as Saturn has moved so slowly this year, and has certainly shaken the ‘old’ paradigms of structure in our outer world. We may find ourselves, feeling short chained by those very decisions, or numb as they don’t seem to be moving upwards, metaphorically.

Why is this week the most valuable for us? Because it is the week that breaks us down, literally smashes us, as if we’ve not already been broken. When we are broken, or vulnerable we are exposed to our deeply rooted pain body swelling up like a serious allergic reaction. We are ‘stopped’ in our path to pay attention to the real healing work for our growth and transformation.

Saturn in Capricorn gives this determined, ambitious and practical energy to do something about all the decisions, plans, choices we’ve made during this year of gestation allowing the right emotional and psychological nutrition to birth a mature awakened version of Self. It is time of sincere responsibility and accountability of our actions, which this week wholeheartedly, unapologetically and without nothing being missed unravels. Saturn also reveals to us, the level of sacrifices made to meet personal objectives attached to our ego or more specifically committed to when we were not awake. This week is the astrological platform evaluating us to these very objectives verses the psychological, emotional and personal sacrifices to question our value of Self. The true imbalances, should you want to see them, will be revealed otherwise we can always resist and continue this narrative and experience the same situations over and over again.

Mercury in Scorpio is in the zone of showing us where we are not listening to our subconscious or worse seeing the signs from the universe. November 2019 Mercury was in Scorpio retrograding, and here we are again, only it will retrograde on 14 October. The residue of 2019, has come to this point in time, to reveal the consequences of those choices we made psychological. We are going to experience some very tough emotions through our minds or dreams as Neptune makes a square to the Nodes – an energy of desperate hope or speaking your truth to validate your current situation. Whatever choice we make, it will not be an easy experience as we are working through the choices that empowered our shadow self. For example, a relationship that requires so much navigating, leaving us exhausted or denied or controlled is now being unveiled, where we are required internally to take action.

image: nasa

Mars squaring Saturn, and also conjuncting Eris, while making a trine to Venus… Mars is arousing a deeper feeling to act for the benefit of our future life and growth in relationships. As Eris is empowering him to reveal the truth, the secrecy or the betrayal of our own emotional stubborn narrative which has now exhausted. Venus at the last decan of Leo, quickly moving towards Virgo, is yelling hard at Mars, to show us the only way out of this rut, is to drop out of our ego, and up to the heart, connect with the source of our Soul, so we can awaken to our hearts calling.

Artist: Taylor James

Pluto going direct after the full moon in Aries, is a game changer. A big weekend of personal revelations leaving us licking our wounds, or going down a dark path because we may not be able to come back from our own betrayal. The full moon in Aries, conjuncts Chiron the Wounded Healer, and that alone is a powerful indicator to sit and feel our pain, our wound, and commit to a path of healing. The moon will be opposite the Sun in Libra, where its at its fall position. Libra represents our partnerships, our relationships and also our visible enemies. The key to working with this energy is to ask ourselves these following questions;

  1. Where do I feel blocked in my life because of someone else’s control?
  2. Where have I been making excuses to deny the feelings of self betrayal?
  3. Why do I make excuses for my relationship(s) that require shifting?
  4. What do I need to communicate as I understand my personal truth is not in alignment?
  5. What signs or messages has the universe been showing me, that i’m not in the right situation or something requires a big shift?
  6. What is my default ‘role’ in relationships, where I feel mundane, unseen and undervalued or used?
  7. What is the cost of taking full responsibility of my life for love, or freedom or a spiritual path that destiny is revealing to me?
  8. What is preventing me from taking action?
  9. Where in my life am I stuck, or trying desperately to convince myself ‘here’ is where I should be?
  10. What deep wounds keep showing up, that require attention and I choose distraction instead?
  11. What would it feel like to travel to a place, situation, person or inner state to feel completely whole?
  12. What am I addicted to, that is now being highlighted as a shadow of distraction and procrastination?
  13. How comfortable am I with taking the risk to surrender to spirits calling?
  14. What substances or distractions am I relying on, to numb the hard work of healing my world?
  15. Where do I validate external perspectives over mine and deny my intuition or vice verses where to I need that external sounding board to get out of my own head?
  16. What karmically needs to be healed for me to find a healthy starting point of self acceptance?
  17. Where in my life do I over think, hope or convince myself things will change if I continue my passive ways or not communicate my truth?
  18. What kind of relationship am I open to experiencing a authentic connection that supports me without wanting me to change?
  19. Where have I let others control me or I have personal controlled a situation that is now become toxic or unhealthy?
  20. Where can I practice true self compassion and self care as I find the courage to work through my wounds for the very transformation I deeply desire?

The full moon in Aries is no joke. It will activate an inner fire that will be unstoppable, raw and rough. It will awaken our ‘desires’ to work through what is required to deeply embody self worth and self value as a priority. If we look at our relationships from the lens of the past, we will only see what we want. If we come to our relationships with curiosity we can widen our peripheral vision and perhaps discover something deeply personal and profound. The most powerful and strong planetary aspects are taking place in Cardinal signs; Aries (Moon, Chiron, Mars, Eris), Libra (Sun), Capricorn (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn) and Cancer (no planets). Cardinal is the energetic quality of change, transformation and shifting into new ways of being. It is no error from the Universe to gift to us this opportunity to recognise the work through our shadows, conditioning, dogmatic, stubborn and egoic ways for transcendence and release to a fully present experience of life.

It is a big week of change, pain, grief, heart break, emotional pain, disappointment, depression, addiction and running away. Take a deep breath. Book your calendar out for personal care, make appointments with your psychologist, go for a walk in nature, hold your heart and feel its rhythm, call your friends that you know need encouragement, help someone that has fallen, and most importantly know in your heart you will get through these turbulent 10 days of metamorphosis.

Happy full moon in Aries!

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