Pluto direct… power, wounds and truth bombs!

Today, Pluto stationed to slowly move direct in Capricorn, joining Jupiter and Saturn. These three magnificent energies are making a trine to the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and they square Mars and Eris in Aries. The combination of this energy can trigger us in many ways because it fragments us from feeling completely connected with our personal values and integrity to Self. Or can invite us to develop new and refined ones. Capricorn is a calculated sign, making no mistake on how to use its power and drive its authority over other signs. It is also an energy associated with tradition, institutions and power, control, ambition and dictatorship. When we have three planets moving through this sign, which haven’t met in over 740 years, you can quickly associate it’s placement a karmic unseen energetic force beckoning us to stand in our truth consciously, to breakdown some if not all of these characteristics that do not hold the frequency of our destined future path.

This month was set off by a full Moon in Aries, a very potent energy as it was conjuncting Chiron activating our deep emotional and psychological wounds. The moon certainly penetrates those of us that are sensitive and openly tuned to the natural forces of evolution around us. Also as we’re in the month of October, we’ve spent a year with a limited schedule, giving us opportunity to tune into our natural human compassionate ways, thus making us super sensitive. Our senses are heightened more so than ever and October grants us access to another level of sensitivity and intuition.

Over the weekend the moon moved past Mars and Eris making a square to the planets in Capricorn. Giving us this strange feeling of stagnation verses impatience and a sense of urgency to resolve or to run. Opening us to understand the consequences of our actions, and making us acutely aware of what emotional and psychological blocks need to be acknowledged, resolved, matured or removed.

Pluto going direct is a big shift in our psyche, of course it won’t be an immediate storm, that’s not a characteristic trait of slow moving Pluto. Rather, we will become more consciously aware of Self and our values as the month unfolds with so much happening in the cosmos. Neptune squares the North Node in Gemini, which brings this deeper connection to our spiritual path of Self, to seek truth and to openly voice our needs. Or it can heighten our illusion and deception of our role of responsibility in our relationships. Do nothing this month will be a waste of this potent energy and a hefty price to pay in 2021.

Shift of perception – Mercury in Scorpio

Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury and this planet of communication is in Scorpio. Mercury represents our mind and with Scorpio we can become quite intuitive gaining deep insights and shifts on how we see the world around us. Mercury is also opposite Uranus the planet of sudden change, spontaneous, shocking and innovative thinking. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, indicating how we can balance logic, timely communication with our psychic and inner knowing to express our truth. We can feel Uranus in our nervous system, especially when we are experiencing sudden change, shock and disruption to our lives. Uranus opposite Mercury we can experience extreme psychotic episodes or we can use our tools to find space to breath and exhale to calm the vagus nerve for better decision making.

This energy causes us to reflect and question our choices as well as weigh out the adopted heavier energies in our relationships. Mercury in Scorpio allows us to gain insight, make observations so we can say what we mean and mean what we say. Mercury stays in Scorpio until December only moving briefly during November back to Libra as part of its retrograde period from 14 October to 4 November.

This energy is more prominent in our relationships, where we are asked to work towards a deeper connection, it can highlight some great challenges and realign us to those that can weave us through this turbulence without an agenda. These challenges stem from our subconscious wounds that will come to the forefront this month. We can work on becoming aware of our wounds, and knowing ourselves better. We can also stumble in trying to heal these wounds taking our time only to work through life’s demands later. The wounds we carry, are the imperfect qualities that make us all unique. When we unknowingly project or react unconsciously this is Pluto way to show us how we’ve disengage with who we are and magnify our fragmented emotions.

There is a big emphasis this month to act, and we do this by speaking our truth. This is not about who is right, and which perspective is clear, it is not to prove our position or push our dogmatic ways, but rather to speak without an expectation of how what we express is received. Thus knowing our Self, being aware of our triggers, wounds and ego projections in a conversation can change the frequency and create a different outcome.

Revealing secrets and hidden information

Eris the goddess of discord and truth, is not afraid to show us where we need to make adjustments. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are making a square to Eris, while Mars is conjuncting her. These interwoven planetary intricacies will give us permission to strip away what is no longer on our path and to invite the sacred connections we know and hold dear in our hearts.

Diving into a spiritual practice can assist us working through what needs to be released. Physically moving our bodies can help shift this energy because of the weight and intensity can trigger anger, frustration or even avoiding what needs to be resolved. Pluto and Eris square, is an important aspect. Both of these planets reveal hidden information or a secret, leaving us in shock and feeling betrayed, these very acts invite us to transforms ourselves, once we get through the discomfort.

There are some tough aspects in the cosmos, showering us with ample opportunity to receive, resolve, reset, retreat or just reject. The ultimate choice is ours, and that also brings us to a point that we may not feel anything, or we may feel something(s) or everything. Pluto going direct is a big game changer for the collective and in our personal psychological growth.

Why is Pluto going direct powerful?

Pluto is a dynamic force that frankly doesn’t care about our beliefs and choices we’ve made. From Plutos perspective, the Sun is like a little light that holds no meaning, and Earth just a little spec orbiting around. Pluto operates in quite a enchanting way, it let us in and then it starts to present challenging curve balls in our life. This planet works by transforming us through what we need to eliminate, nothing is left behind, every stone is turned to rebuild a better more conscious world of healthy power, authority and integrity.

Either way, Pluto has this innate power within us to break forth and erupt the comforts of what we know, destroying them to make space for a reconstruction. We can feel unstable, unsafe, uncertain when what we know starts to break down. We can subconsciously respond by becoming dogmatic about the way we live, which in this current frequency doesn’t make sense anymore. Pluto is like lava, it erupts destroying everything in its path only for new reformed, humbled or a new version appears.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, and both are speaking to one another, which can bring further war-like eruption in our personal lives, relationships and/or where we feel stuck in a situation. Pluto has secretive and hidden tendencies only to reveal it in a timely manner creating shock, illumination and breakthroughs. The very fuel we need for our personal and collective transformation. Pluto is death and rebirth, it is timely, it also has a predatory energy, watching silently and striking when we least expect it.

Pluto is breaking down our systems, of what we know, where we find safety and comfort. It is breaking down our relationships and attachment to power, to be right, to be self righteous, our manipulative and cunning ways. We can experience these energies in a subtle ways or deny them, but they are there somewhere if not in us then those around us. Pluto is requesting transcendence, through transformation and Saturn is wanting us to act from our integrity and not be influenced by others.

What does it take to be conscious? It takes a lot of conscious work on Self. The Self work comes through introspection (critical, real and raw truth) of our behaviour, values, relationships and how they support us or not. We can feel a loss of identity or recognise parts of our identity that we didn’t know existed. We can find ourselves in a paralysis state because our world has been shaken. The discomfort we experience is the very opportunity to redefine our personal values, self worth, use our leadership consciously, define how we want to live our life, and who we share our world with.

The break down of what we thought was going to be a temporary pause is now the new norm. It is the strong foundation we require to create a world where we can feel truly authentic. Pluto is asking us, through a transformative journey to take a deep analysis of our wounds mirrored in the relations we are investing. This process, if done well can bring grief, release and a sense of empowerment, and also it can build bridges to bring community together.

The Sun is opposite Chiron bringing the focus on our wounds. These wounds are where we feel attached, unloved, unappreciated, abandoned or unseen, perhaps they stem from past lives or our childhood. We don’t have to have a narrative around our wounds, just the awareness of these wounds can prevent us from projecting them onto others through anger, silence, resentment, wanting to be right and avoidance.

We have all these planets transiting in Capricorn in our natal charts; Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, none of us will be unscathed where control, manipulation, deception and dogmatic self righteous energy can manifest. We have a choice, although this month is going to be a challenge, with strong emphasis on change and truth bombs, making us feel overwhelmed, we still need to take care of ourselves gracefully.

The pill of our personal break-throughs, doesn’t matter what level healer, yogi, spiritual or conscious being you are… if we have any unresolved hidden wounds within us, that require attention, this will be a tough road. If, we are fully aware of our wounds, and we have a handle on them, this very energy can make us more self aware to differentiate from our personal stuff to others. It also provides us with tools to be more helpful, compassionate towards others and communicate when we cannot hold space for heavier energy.

Mercury is opposite Uranus, gives us a lens to detect lies, manipulation and sudden shifts that give us feedback on where we need to make the inner shifts. We will at some point this month become attuned and heightened to intuitive psychic energies. Leaving us deeply informed or more scattered because to receive anything we first must be empty without a ‘personal’ agenda. Grounding ourselves through physical movement is one great way to shift this build up of energy.

There is a strong energetic force that is deeply fragmented in our current world, creating separation between friends, family and communities. The fragmentation stems from many hidden wounds which Pluto and Eris will bring to surface. Pluto can seduce us into a defensive dogmatic behaviour, “my perspective is right” “my way is better than your way” “my truth is greater than your truth” “my need is more important than your need” and so on… This very energy requires to be flushed out of us in a conscious healthy way.

A big week ahead of us, stay safe, stay well and know that only those that do not see you are the ones that require to do the work on themselves. It is as simple as that.

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