Transmutation of ego to open our hearts – Full Moon in Taurus

“And when all that was left was ashes, she would again clothe herself in flame. Rising from the dust of her past to rekindle the spark of her future. She was a Phoenix, her own salvation; rebirthed, renewed, resurrected.” Quote from LaRhonda Toreson

These next few weeks, four to be precise will peak all of what we have experienced and learned and grown into from this profound year of collective awakening. Awakening, in this context is not about ascending to the most profound space within our environment, but simply understanding that what we have experienced prior to 2018 has been an culmination of unresolved, unacknowledged and unconscious psychological and heavily loaded emotions. We are awakened to the fact we are the source of our own suffering and this is difficult to digest. Awakening, is not for the faint hearted, it can drive one crazy, trying to understand the pain, with the same frame of emotional state that created the situation.

Alternatively, we can go as far as to recognise our unresolved stuff the shadow parts, but fall repetitively into bipolar behaviours. Leaving us dry, without any real tools to truly move through the process. Experience is the key to our own personal wisdom and these next few weeks we will be undertaking examines to qualify and validate our true emotional maturity. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio combusts the Sun, which means whenever a planet goest approximately 10 degrees near the Sun its energy is reflected from the rays of the Sun to our psyche. Expect secrets, hidden information and gossip to be rife on the agenda, also everyone is right, there is no reasoning happening here.

The storm is brewing and we can feel it. The Sun moved into Scorpio on Friday/Saturday depending where you are in the world, giving us access to the depths of our visceral psyche baggage that requires our attention. Scorpio gets a bad rap, only because of its teachings and its ‘dare devil’ attitude beckons us to get to the root cause of our pain. It is the energy that can take us on two different paths which is reflective of where we are on the barometer of our Soul’s journey. Do we truly value growth, or do we want to continue denying our happiness and numbing for our need for emotional maturity in relationships?

The first path, can open us up to our suppressed shadow, the part of ourselves we know exists but do nothing to shift or act upon it. This first path can take us to the door of our repressed shadow, the parts of our ourselves we don’t even know require expression or experience. This path can take us into a downward spiral of deep rooted pain. Feelings of trauma from past lifetimes, childhoods or our past come up where we experience a sense of grief, loss, sadness, abandonment, resentment, jealousy, manipulation, cruelty, anger, betrayal, denial, bullied and powerless.

The second path, can open us up to transmutation, metamorphosis and deep release of all that we are not, including the identity we have adopted so we can rise again like the Phoenix. Spreading our wings, reaching the furthest and deepest parts of our emotional and psychological bodies for our much needed spiritual and Soul evolution. This is the path most of us avoid, because it is not easy as we never fully commit to resolving our issues and move swiftly on to never finding that resolve.

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The Sun in Scorpio will shine its light into our subconscious, giving us access to our personal shadow by day and by night, as the Moon moves into Taurus on the night of Halloween in is full glory reflecting the light from the Sun. This polarity of the Moon and Sun, the two illuminaries of our cosmic jungle will play out in many different ways.

Scorpio wants to be embedded with another, whether this is a project, a person, a group, an interest, family, an idea and a way of being, so deep, so raw, so real that it can amalgamate its quality to experience the intensity of another. To penetrate in our whole being, its focus, with nothing left behind or unnoticed. Taurus on the other hand, wants the sensuality, the beauty, the values, the aesthetics and space of security, it is a sign of stubbornness and persistence. We have to understand the difference of these qualities, because being stubborn is saying something and doing nothing and persistence is to do something over and over again for the required result. The individual identity has a platform, a place and unique expression, Taurus wants us to maintain this at some level. Sun and Moon leave us with facing our shadow verses prioritising our environment just to feel good momentarily.

Uranus will be conjuncting the Moon in Taurus as it makes its opposition to to the Sun, reflecting the Scorpionic influenced light to our subconscious. Uranus rules Aquarius, it is the higher mind, the planet that gives us unpredictable, changing, shocking, abrupting, erupting, liberating, surprising, life changing, energy that is focused on group gatherings, collective responsibility and social experiences. It is also a planet which places emotions at a low scale, while change is at a all time high. The Moon meeting Uranus can stir us up into frantic, alien situations, leaving us feeling shocked high on adrenaline, expressed as either of the two paths of the Scorpio vibe.

All of us want to be free from the inner emotional discomfort we feel. The discomfort can come in many forms. We can easily convince ourselves, through ego, not to be bold and listen to that inner calling. The ego wants to feel alive, we want to experience our own existence and thus numb ourselves to the truth of our emotions. We can fall into the trap of our own illusion, Neptune planet of altered state can take us on a Spiritual path or deceiving our own values, blocking the true teaching of fear. Neptune is making a square to South Node in Sagittarius (hope and wishes) and North Node in Gemini (get the facts do your research get informed).

When we feel fear inside of ourselves, it is the very trigger to awaken us to our attachments of control and power (Pluto), we can only understand this through introspection of our actions that come from fear (Mercury in Scorpio). We want to always know what is happening, we want to control situations, we want to express our power or give our power away. Scorpio rules Pluto, the planet that likes to do its work in the background, associated with secrecy or spiritual awakening. Pluto will be making a square to Eris goddess of discord, revealing truths, as Jupiter will be travelling closer to Pluto, magnifying the qualities of Pluto. Eris is the goddess of truth, and when she unveils the curtain or removes the fog from our sight we can respond in a very disruptive manner. The Trojan war started because of Eris… Anything can happen in our lives that can create this necessary conflict and disruption for the change our planet and Soul are starving for.

This halloween full moon, is a big one. Venus and Mercury travel into Libra, the sign of partnerships, balance and relating to others, on Wednesday. This slight shift of energy can heighten the subtle themes of the Moon conjunct Uranus opposition to the Sun triggers. Venus will make its opposition to Chiron the wounded healer, and Mercury will make an almost opposition to Eris, as well as square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This alignment creates a grand T-square, to vocalise our deepest wounds for the shifts that need to take place within our psyche. We can fall into our negative patterns of destruction, or we can use this moment to create the alchemy we require by seeing the positives of this very needed discomfort. We are being shaken to the core of our being.

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We owe it to ourselves, as custodians of our life journey to take responsibility of our actions. To openly, with courage in our hearts, go deep inside, using the Scorpio lens to transmute our old patterns of behaviour. And allow Venus to give us the balance to go for the most profound, spiritual, loving, understanding experiences that resonate from our core, once we have acknowledged and accepted our deep wounding is for our spiritual makeup to experience a level of liberation.

When we adopt a particular lifestyle, that is not loaded with spiritual bypassing, but is honest and resonates our truth, a spark in each of us will ignite a new reformed awakened resurrected Self. The vibration of this work is to go as high as possible, to then attract the experiences we deserve. This is the gift of Jupiter and Pluto’s teaching.

The truth of our work will be revealed around the 14 November, when Mars stations to go direct, Mercury will be direct next week, and Jupiter will conjunct Pluto testing our growth so to speak.

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