The reckoning – Super New Moon in Scorpio

There is a huge powerplay in the sky, with Venus making an opposition with Mars, both in their home signs, making them equally powerful, dynamic with protruding vibrations bringing an emphasis into the integrity of our relations. This week is huge astrologically, not only that, it is strong in its energy, where we require our own inner strength to plunge into the depths of our psyche to bring conscious awareness to our shadows, unresolved, yet weighty energies. These heavy energies cannot come into our future, unless there is a resolve that brings equilibrium. The work we do on ourselves to bring more consciousness to our shadow is also a barometre on how we will truly experience this powerful, testing and wise unraveling of the cosmic sky with a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday 4:07pm AEST.

Prior to Sunday, we have a huge emphasis of a strong placement of Neptune, the planet of other worldly, spirit, illusion, escapism, fantasy, delusions and deceit. Neptune will be making a trine to the Sun in Scorpio, giving us this strong emphasis of illusion in our environment, or it can give us deep insights toward our purpose in life. What we feel with Neptune, is a small, yet powerful ingredient into what unfolds for each of us during the end of this week and middle of next. Neptune also makes a square to the North Node in Gemini, teaching us, alluring us to fact check everything, every decision, every idea, every statement made. Neptune, talking with both the Sun and Juno an asteroid representing union with another, is highlighting us to be honest and truthful about who we are connecting with, why we connect with them and do they support us, or bring value from a place that is deeply emotional. In other words, can we be supported, and fully seen in our darkest emotional states without judgement?

image: daniel ramos

On Friday 13 November, we have a major meeting with Jupiter and Pluto at 22 degrees in Capricorn. They have been meeting a few times this year, and now is the last, which brings an explosive disposition of hidden information once exposed can change the course of our destiny. The Sun and Moon will be in Scorpio by Saturday making its way to a new Moon on Sunday. Scorpio has two ruling planets Mars, prior to Pluto being discover and Pluto. Mars goes direct after its long retrograde since end of July, Pluto is with Jupiter, both Sun and Moon are answering to these two strong energies.

Mars going direct will surge within us to act upon what we have been dreaming Neptune, or wanting to shift Pluto, and can shift many energies giving us ammunition to express ourselves. It is quite a strong energy that highlights the division in our society, through beliefs and dogmatic self righteous ways. We are all heros and we are all special, making us both neither an hero or special as we dive deeper into our psyche we are being called to be authentic and thus realising we are all one. Mars represents our ego, and as this planet goes direct we all in someway will get a reality check on how healthy our egotistical lens refocuses us on what matters.

Jupiter and Pluto meeting is big, as it activates both manipulative and exaggerated, overly excessive hidden traits within all of us. We can either be projecting or others projecting onto us. Mercury moves into Scorpio, again we will receive or speak in clear, direct, perhaps too honest communication for our benefit. Whether we like it or not! This month we can be left feeling completely void of what our future feels like or even what we can birth from this standpoint of darkness. This is where our spiritual practices, trusting in the divine can help us to stay present and be kind to ourselves as we again meet ourselves through shadow.

image: cherry laithang

The New Moon and Sun in Scorpio are at 23 degrees, creates a sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn who is influenced by Pluto is at 23 degrees and Eris Goddess of discord in Aries is at 23 degrees. The last degrees of a sign, and when planets are orbiting around the Sun, even in different signs but at the same degrees there is an emphasis of this energy building up. The energy of Scorpio fixed, Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, which means not only are we going to have a personal or collective awakening, but it will be both dynamic, explosive and transformative. Do we be brave to go into the new and exciting version Jupiter of who we are or we go into fear Pluto and go back to the same stories?

Setting intentions for this moon is essential if you want to birth new beginnings, environments or behaviours. The energy of this new Moon, is going to trigger each of us to;

  1. bring awareness on what we project into the world and our reckoning patterns
  2. question our relations, connections in the quest for wanting something deep and authentic
  3. highlight hidden truths for the transformation required, evil verses good; the truth sets us free
  4. bring awareness to the illusion/delusion of where we put our energy to receive a particular outcome
  5. question our purpose in life and thus go through a personal dark night of the soul
  6. give us wisdom to differentiate from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light and thus freedom from attachments
  7. highlight our default behaviours and attitudes to place consciously on the metamorphosis conveyor belt
image: joey nicotra

As above so below, as without so within. The current polarity of the world, where communities, societies, socially, politically and economically are extremely polarised. If we have the courage to go into our own darkness, and connect with this force to make friends or acknowledge then we have a chance of not being consumed by our own negativity. The true work we do on ourselves will set us up for 2021 a year of bringing our individuality together for a new level of connections. It is not an easy week, so take care of your hearts, and know that you are not alone.

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