La Luna… eclipse in Gemini – Divine resonance!

We can pinch ourselves, when we cannot believe what we are witnessing to check if we’re in a day-dream or not. But, how can we pinch ourselves when our psychological and emotional understanding seems to be tattooed actions from our beliefs, actions and way of being, speaking, thinking? This weekend is crazy, astrologically. Firstly, the moon has been making some serious connections with Chiron, Mars, Eris, and Black Moon Lilith in Aries, which squares Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. Any previous year, this cluster of planets would have been extreme, however this year we’ve become accustomed to their powerfully, enchanted teachings helping us to ‘step -up’ in our world, in our unique expressions.

The Moon moves along during the weekend into Taurus, making a conjunction with Uranus the planet that is going to be the star for our evolution in 2021. Uranus has an electrifying force, continuously evolving and expanding our perspectives. Clearing our vision to take action that allows us freedom. It’s qualities bring sudden change, shock, ebbs into our worlds where each of us need to step out of the old to embrace new, shinny, cool, technical brilliance and yet in Taurus it focuses on what we value. Uranus is making an opposition to Venus in Scorpio, where she is having to bring out her Goddess Medusa qualities.

Venus is fierce in Scorpio, passionate, paranoid, obsessive, extreme in her wants, she does not ask but demands the kind of connection which allows us all to be bare and integral in how we demonstrate what we value, where we feel safe and how we allow ourselves to open. Venus opposite Uranus, with the Moon this weekend can certainly shift our emotional desires, bring sudden change, shock or evolutions into our psyche that require us to dig deep into what we can shift for the journey ahead. The wisdom from this energy is to voice or act on what we need and that takes courage.

On Sunday Neptune stations to go direct. This slow moving powerful energy that enhances our imagination, dreams, illusions, shows us where our perceptions can be deceptive as Neptune raises our psyche to other worlds. Neptune makes square to the nodal axis, North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. This is a big deal, as these opposing nodal axis are the eclipse points, of where the Sun will be shining in Sagittarius and the Full-Moon in Gemini on Monday 30 November at 8:29pm AEST creating a partial Lunar Eclipse.

optical illusion

The energy on Sunday will feel like we’ve been pinched by the universe, to awaken to our illusions that hinder our path of truth and trust. Gemini is a powerful mutable sign, with Mercury being its ruler. The quality of this sign is about exploring our local world, connections, communication and expression. Searching truth through our personal experience, not falling into traps (Neptune) where we are not fully versed in the story unfolding.

We can dive deeper by exploring its expressions of being inquisitive, curious, searching for personal experience and discovering life from this lens. We have access to so much information, however Mercury in Scorpio making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn requests us to approach our inquiry with discernment. The conversation between Mercury and Pluto can bring personal revelations for transforming what we psychologically feel to what we express when making space for difficult conversations.

South Node in Sagittarius is about what we are required to release, thus the qualities of broader views, philosophical viewpoints, expansive travel, and knowledge without direct experience. Thus, if we’re in a hope state we have not been paying attention to the teachings of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.

This lunar eclipse is life changing, and in many ways each of us are taking an exam by the universe not knowing what the qualification or grading opens us up to. Each of us have a different level of what we are consciously and unconsciously aware of, thus giving us more room to explore our actions verses trusting in the Divine timing of all that unfolds. Mercury is making a sextile to Pluto, which can bring a huge transformation of our thinking, perceptions, helping us to release from any illusions we have internally set ourselves up for, with Uranus in the mix can leave us feeling hopeless or empowered.

image: manamohan panda

Mercury rules Gemini, is influencing the Lunar Eclipse, Pluto rules Scorpio which strongly influences Mercury and Venus. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and also Pisces, where both Neptune and the Sun are playing a role of shining the light and pinching our dream like state to become more aware on the philosophical and/or hopeful decisions we have committed. Depending on our authentic relationship to the horizontal versus vertical world – what we experience in the next four weeks of this eclipse season sets the tone for the next six months.

This lunar eclipse is the start of eclipse season, it is powerful because of all the energies in the sky are conducting a grand reveal. Illuminating our subconscious, shadow, wounded, denied, ignorant, unconscious attachments to the unreal, the drama, the fear and desperation to hold onto familiarity perhaps security. We can feel deeply emotional but we can also feel empty. This year, each of us have had an opportunity to sit through and face our shadows, how we integrate these teachings by being loyal to our hearts not ego can make a big difference in our lives.

The star of this Lunar Eclipse is Neptune stationing direct and making squares to the nodal axis of the moon. As a collective we will either separate further into extreme dogmatic beliefs, or come together with the wisdom that all perspectives have a truth and it is okay for us to learn this from each other. On a personal level, we can either pioneer into taking action from the lessons learned to cultivate magic or we can deny our Soul growth and continue on this wheel of maya (illusion). The lunar eclipse, is when the Earth’s shadow is seen on the Moon, as the Moon shines the light back from the Sun. Symbolically this is deep shadow on our hopes and waiting for life to happen ‘attitude’ as opposed to doing something different, empowering Self to go for what really matters.

image: spiritual awakening

We are the conductors of our life, each of us has a unique relationship with Saturn. This relationship is not easy, and in partnerships when there are tough situations, that is the key for a deeper connection, deeper learning and deeper understanding of trusting, we can be loved as we are! The drama that unfolds at a collective can also be seen as a distraction. The internal conflicts each of us go through as Scorpio plays a role in our values (Venus) and how we express our needs (Mercury) are quantum leaps of evolution. The right of passage, also means a mirror is held up to experience our blinds spots. Making choices from ego can destroy the most meaningful connections that we cannot see at this moment, alternatively making choices from the heart we can experience rewards that are beyond our imagination.

This Lunar Eclipse will trigger our psyche, thinking and programming – find compassion for Self to know these energies are to shake us up from a spell, dream and/or illusion.

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