The doors of fate revealed – Solar eclipse in Sagittarius

The potency of this particular Total Solar Eclipse on 15 December 3:16am AEST, moving through South America, the spinal energy of our Earth is deeply transformative, where our psyche and physical realities shift before our eyes. This symbolises great strength for those that have honored a deep truth, stepping into healthy releasing practices in order to move forward. As within our own skeleton structure our spine is what gives us strength to undertake our day to day activities, as well as highlighting fear and vulnerability when we move into backbending postures. As within, so without, as above so below, the hermetica approach to astrological philosophy, we are reminded by the cosmic forces to stand strong in our authentic truth and find courage to follow what is right in our own uniqueness.

image: velizar ivanov

We are already in-between eclipses, the portals are open, change, shifts, openings and insights have been very present in our day to day. Signs, symbols and messages are prominent, and yet there is that emptiness, or void or scarcity to take action to rush out of 2020 into 2021. The Sun is nearing the South Node today and Friday, at 19 degrees of Sagittarius, and the Moon moves into Libra making an opposition to Mars, Eris and Chiron the wounded healer. This movement of planets, with their symbolic meanings representing our ego, our world view of hope and intelligence, relationships, community, old stories, our emotional body are being called to feel into the inner truths (Eris), and take action (Mars) in Aries for the betterment of our Soul journey. The journey towards this eclipse is very telling regarding the placement of the Moon and Venus. The Moon will move from Libra to Scorpio by Saturday, where it will be in a dark phase between Venus and Juno the asteroid representing partnerships and connections that will hold space for us when we most need. It can also reveal to us on a personal level how our self worth is measured by the decisions we have made or make. Venus will sextile the Jupiter and Saturn team, amplifying the focus to take action and lead our lives from a strong inner foundation to following what is real in our hearts, to go forth, with the intention to release from old stories and habits holding us back perhaps fearing we will meet the same situations or not be seen. If this is the case, then it’s not real.

As Uranus is in Taurus, it makes some interesting connections with the Sun in a sesquisquare, opening us to opportunities to find balance, helping us to integrate parts of our growth in those areas that are extremely polarised. Uranus also makes a semi square to the North Node in Gemini and by Saturday will make an opposition to the Moon when she travels in Scorpio, inviting us to step into changes, or be ready for sudden change of heart, emotion or ideas, so we can grow, mature and align to our inner broader peripheral vision. Taurus, is about the senses, our touch, our sight, hearing, smelling and feeling, with Uranus the planet of the extreme outer territory some of us can experience heightened psychic situations, download messages and much more. Although, warning, if we are attached to particular outcomes, situations and don’t meet these messages at a neutral place they too can be disorientating. This adds to the build up of this eclipse, where the ring of fire, has the ability to swing us back to a past or future sensations giving us room to stretch into our deepest truth. Everything felt at a visceral level and is not put into practice can seem like we’re standing on a platform watching the fastest train sweep us out of our dream states. Neptune is playing a big role with its square to the Nodes, Sun, Mercury and Moon, we have a choice, aligning our daily practice with deep trust in the divine verses controlling our destiny through our limiting beliefs. It will all become apparent within the next seven days.

The Sun makes a trine to Mars in Aries, and a square to Neptune in Pisces, quite a dreamy, illusionary and deceptive state. We can also feel deeply emotional about what needs to be released, leaving us empty inside. And with Mars in the picture from the Suns perspective we want to take action and be in our power, we want to do what’s right that makes us feel we belong, we are required, we are seen and we are wanted. These needs rely on others giving us approval. If we’ve paid attention since October 2019, we know that the ever changing of peoples’ perceptions of ourselves is only based on their experience of life. It doesn’t hold any weight.

Mars with the Sun is requiring us to take action, the consequence of not doing nothing, not acting, not moving into the change, will bring heart wrenching impacts for 2021. The eclipse energy last approximately six months to a year, what gets activated at this eclipse 15 December, and the days before will certainly be in its element by July 2021. That being said, what stories have we subconsciously accepted that also has a stance on our identity? And by changing the story, we change who we think we become rather than opening ourselves up for who we really are. This very act, can psychologically bring grief, sorrow and shock as we intimately realise we are quite arrogant and limited in our perceptions. 2021, can help us, with some serious work on our self worth and staying in our uniqueness can open a new world, with excitement. If we see the signs, we feel the signs and know a change must be made, and do nothing, then expect to perceive a fragmented reality.

image: ahmed zayan

Pluto making a square with Eris in Aries and Venus in Pluto, is a surge of transformative energy that demands change, and with that change we can be rewarded. Releasing what is familiar, releasing deeply important relationships, releasing our ingrained programming, for the higher good of our life journey comes with great pain as we move through this process. We can cry at a drop of hat, we can spiral in a negative loop, we can close our hearts and we can also not trust the divine powers that we feel deeply inside. These are all triggered by Chiron making oppositions to the Moon in Libra on Friday, alluring us to refine our relationships, our need for others to meet us and hold space for us. Chiron the wounded healer has been quite the undercurrent surge of awakening us to come into our own power, accept who we are as we are, working through our personal battles of self worth, self confidence, self wounding and self judgement that all cause us deep pains. He will stay in Aries until 2027, and by that time we will definitely be in another reality. Neptune, is squaring the nodes, and thus the Sun as mentioned earlier, and making a quincunx to the Moon. Neptune is teasing us, enchanting us in situations where we feel connected but something is at a miss, something is not quite fully seen, a feeling of secrecy and deception is on the cards, but we also intuitively know this. And as a result we become more discerning in our connections. The personal; refine, define and connect cyclical pattern will keep turning and many people will come and go, reminding us not to get attached.

With all this energy prior to the big shift of the sliding doors effect, the eclipse brings early next week, we are all being called to take refuge in our understanding of true Self. It will feel like we are moving from one familiarity, packed with our ‘stuff’ emotional, psychological deprivation, behavioural patterns and dogmatic beliefs, dark room to a new different room. This Solar eclipse, is a new moon, with the Sun, at the South Node point, take advantage of this energy to plant seeds that are closest to your hearts, to your Soul path and/or spiritual path. If they stem from a healthy positive, highly spiritual vibration and then spoken, written in a pure way, we can bring this dreamy scaffolding magical essence to manifestation during 2021.

Before we get down to writing those intentions for this powerful Solar eclipse, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves in what we want to bring into our world. Because if you’re not used to getting what you want, then that can bring so much fear or a paralysed energy which can lead to self sabotaging actions. Remember every action has a consequence, every thought is connected to a vibration that is steaming with our subconscious hues, making it a potent situation for birthing what we deeply want in our hearts. The practices we embody, which allow us to become neutral, grounded, with no attachments, and are for the highest good of our personal journey, regardless of the status quo, we will excel in this energy. It takes courage, it also takes energy with conscious sacred practices to grieve what we are leaving behind from the old room and a sense of optimism to trust not all we see with our naked eye, can bring us to this ultimatte path of happiness.

image: filip kominik

Pay attention these next few days prior to the Solar eclipse and after as we will get deep insights for the Summer Solstice 21 December Jupiter and Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius where we begin the transformed version of who we’ve become. Become completely present in your day to day interactions, feelings, dreams, signs, insights and inner knowing as these are the directions from the universe about us following our hearts, creating without seeking approval, experiencing life without attachments. The more we become aware of what brings us joy verses what is hard or takes effort, the more we will move with grace towards our destiny. It is not about being conformed in any way, it is certainly not about being in groups that subconsciously have conditions we have to meet, it is about integrating towards the extreme differences we have within ourselves to then feel the inner strength of balance. If we are finding ourselves making equations in our heads, then it is simply not in the flow, we will feel exhausted and scrambled if we are prioritising what brings us inner balance.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, astrology believes in you, thus take the time to work through our unconscious ‘stuff’ and be part of the new dawn of energy we will feel deeply on 21 December 2020 – the solstice magic.

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