“Cielo Cielo” wisdom through the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius!

Deconstruction for conscious reconstruction, the metamorphosis of our whole being is in this poignant fertile process of a reboot. The ‘Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn’ is the transit of 2020, but it didn’t spring up in surprise, if we’ve paid any attention to the themes of second half of this year and proceeded with the inner work then this week is a walk in the park. The eclipse that occured in June, at the world axis point, was the first initiation for a sober reflection of our inner world. Not the easy parts, i.e. if i’m triggered by ‘A’ then I behave in an ‘D’ finding ourselves in short temporary committing to those shifts but only to return back to the ‘A’. The sober reflection is about peeling away all the excess noise to finally, paying attention, and becoming acutely aware of the miniscule vibrations that form our thoughts into actions. Thus heightening the sacred shadow work by diving deep into ourselves consciously.

The second initiation of this shadow work was opened by the Solar Eclipse on 15 December in Sagittarius AEST. The energy that activated the nodes of the moon as their influence is through Neptune, the planet of the outer worlds enhancing or activating the magical, spiritual, deceptive, illusionary, denial, imaginative, dreamy and expansiveness in its need to redefine our own perceptions. This is in play this whole week until the final initiation of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. They are closely travelling together, and peak their meeting forming a big star from our perspective and from the Suns perspective, they are two entities racing one another, on 21/22 December 0 degrees, and 29 minutes in Aquarius.

image: door and mirror

The Solar Eclipses’ power was to shine the light of our deepest shadows, very unconscious qualities of our beliefs reflected by the Sun/Moon in Sagittarius. The dark moon, is symbolic psychologically encouraging us to retreat from the outer distractions, and to clear our Soul (Sun) from anything that can hinder our future path in preparation for a conscious reset of our beliefs, institutions, society, culture, eduction, economical transactions and relationships. The imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies in all these areas that have shaped and conditioned us to forget our true connection to the cielo (sky/heaven). The eclipse lasted for 3.5 hours, which ancient astrological researches say this energy will be working within us for the next three and half years. It doesn’t mean doom and gloom for this length of time, on the contrary it is this very opportunity to allow several new experiences into our lives to shine our light in building the muscle of a greater human state. The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is the opening of deeper clearing that has the potential to shift us in many ways.

What makes this the most important transit of 2020

Jupiter is the king of the gods, his teachings are abundant, expansive and gives in many different ways. The shadow part of this quality is manipulation and the light side of this quality is unconditional social connections. Jupiter is the son of Saturn. Saturn is quite the leader, with rules and regulations put through tough authoritative actions giving him the reputation of discipline, perseverance and responsibility. Saturn’s shadow is power used for control and light is to work in strategic ways to embody how best to use our power for the greater good. They meet in Aquarius, a sign of a futuristic vision and ideal, freedom, humanitarian concepts, technology beyond our imagination, as well as teaching us to move stagnant energy for growth. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the father of Saturn and grandfather of Jupiter. Uranus was betrayed by his son for power, while his teachings are about expanding all beings to reach their full potential in both community and collaboration, Saturn wanted us to learn perhaps the shadow qualities of power and control.

Jupiter represents space, Saturn represents time and Aquarius represents air. These are key qualities to help us during this time to work through our shadows, especially as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto moved through Capricorn. Their qualities and wisdom have indeed influenced the destruction of our status quo and more importantly our role in these unstable and unfair structures. The most profound alignment of planets is happening during the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn, which is the Sun and Mercury will be at 0 degrees or thereabouts in Capricorn, moving from Sagittarius. The moon will meet Neptune in Pisces squaring the nodes and Mars will be collaborating with Eris in Aries.

This conjunction is not operating on it own. The Sun, with its loyal all seeing eye Mercury will reflect back on the years of mass divergent of our society coming into our conscious awareness. Over the last few years the destruction of our institutions financial and governance has destablised our habitual ways to make way for new. As they move through Capricorn, we can experience how over the last 800 years we have shaped our beliefs according to our segregated needs for survival. The south node in Sagittarius where the eclipse happened, is all about letting go of our dogmatic ways in society, culture, beliefs which are now evident how out of alignment they’ve become. The Sun, masculine, heart and the Moon feminine, emotional body are indicating to each of us to bring a healthy organic balance of these two divine energies through our own personal reflective ways by transmuting, perhaps integrating or opening up to work with our shadow.

Moon with Neptune, is the realisation of the sacred divine feminine that resides in the spaces between the spaces. Her energy cannot be seen, only felt, she is fierce like the tornado and loving like a lagoon, in all her aspects she is beckoning each of us to redefine and integrate our inner feminine with inner masculine. Neptune is spirit, it is love, it is the doorway to the parts we hold sacred within for personal ritual and devotion to our truth. Neptune, squaring the nodes, highlights what we have forgotten to nurture and to trust our intuition, or uniqueness without a conditioned mindset.

This meeting of Jupiter and Saturn is happening on the Summer Solstice, when the Sun peaks at its highest point of the Southern Hemisphere and lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice), marking a heightened connection to our Soul, to shine our inner light once we’ve truly understood our own weaknesses.

The best way to use this weeks powerful energies of the cosmic cielo is to find the courage, as Mars conjunct Eris the goddess of discord and starter of war and destruction, to be responsible of our shadows, to work through our weaknesses as we go within. Giving ourselves the precious time to be open to what is in our darkest rooms, can allow us to meet ourselves compassionately and transmute these shadows into light, into strengths and wisdom. Light, strength and wisdom are the very qualities we all require for us to move into 2021 to bring coherence of our mind, heart, polarities of beliefs, the unconscious hypocritical behaviours, divergent views and actions, separation because of different views and it goes on. All of us are responsible for this work and it doesn’t matter if you’re a level seven yogi, or a person who has explored various extensive modalities for healing, meeting our shadow is difficult, a blind spot, something unconscious, lonely, painful but most rewarding when we give this work priority. Only through understanding our weaknesses do we embody our own strength, where it opens our hearts to compassionate actions, empathy to love unconditionally and bringing our human societies together.

image: helix nebula

The movement of Jupiter and Saturn in air, is profound uncharted territory, bringing lots of uncertainty, change, shocks and chaos that can only be met with an equilibrium of mind, heart and soul. We need each other more than ever in 2021, and these next few weeks will certainly highlight this for each of us. What we think is so important, making sure we are in gratitude and to embrace or practice an elevated emotion to raise our frequency, vibration and language to bring this perspective on our shadow work can fuel us to dive deeper. Although we do this work, the shifts can take time for us to witness changes in our lives, paying attention to the next six months and staying in a sacred resonance with our personal prayer to ‘serve others for the highest good’ can be ground breaking for future generations. We are the change agents, spiritual warriors and curious enough to work towards masculine aspects birthing the sacred marriage within us.

Take time to create ritual over the Summer/Winter Solstice, set clear intentions and be in a place of expansive love for all beings in our universe. It is time. Make the right choices through the lens that all beings are a reflection of our inner world in some way, that is our human responsibility.

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