Full Moon in Cancer sparks ‘de amor’ for unity!

In many ancient spiritual teachings, there is a common theme that is always spoken about, but not truly experienced, which is ‘love’. Over the past eighteen months, through the lens of astrology, each of us have had the opportunity to shake off, as it were our preconceived ideas about love and relationships. This embarks a journey of self realisation through self love and give permission for each of us to shine our quirky sides and open our hearts and mind for others, equally. Love is powerful, sometimes over used, and most of the time misunderstood and misused. From my limited experience, love is not an emotion, it is a state of being, and we can deprive it’s very essence through primal practices of lust and desire. Love in its true form is said to be unconditional. To experience unconditional love within our selves requires for each of us to practice sacred boundaries aligned with what we each value and thus starts with ourselves first. Venus the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra teaches us the very essence of love. Through the lens of Libra she encourages us to open ourselves up in partnerships, any partnership not just the intimate experiences. Through the lens of Taurus, she asks us to love ourselves, to honour our values and to know in our hearts we are worthy of the greatest experience if we are willing to start with ourselves first. As we approach a Full Moon in Cancer on 30 December at 2:28pm, opposite the Sun in Capricorn we have a great window of opportunity to express what it means to experience home and love. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the place where we physically live, it can mean whatever brings us a sense of ‘nurturing’ in our hearts, in an environment that allows each of us to feel loved, seen and held.

This is the last Full-Moon for 2020, giving us permission to drive into 2021 with an intention of unity in our hearts. Everyone deserves to be seen, each of us deserve to express how we require to be emotionally supported and each of us have in our unique expression planted the seed for unity, collaboration, healthy community and the rise of a new collective force.

The emotionally driven Moon in Cancer in its home sign is strong, shifting our emotional body into a sentimental flood of experiencing fairness in our immediate environment. It’s energy is about unity, so we all can collectively birth a new paradigm of community. One that hasn’t yet been experienced, which indicates we will have some teething problems to allow our own vulnerability to shine. A collective paradigm which echoes individuality takes courage, to be able to reach out to those that have different viewpoints, beliefs and adverse opinions and begin organic but necessary conversations of reconciliation. The planets do not follow our gregorian calendar, don’t be fooling yourself all is well on 1 January 2021… because 2020 was just the foundation year of clearing, to make room for unexpected, spontaneous and original experiences to unfold. Just by being present and tuned into our intuition we are able to reach the optimum essence of unconditional love that resonates from our hearts for this great work we are then able to integrate the opposing forces for harmony.

Venus conjuncts the South Node in Sagittarius, as the Nodal Axis square Neptune. Venus with the South Node can play tricks with what we believe, from the old paradigm is going to work in this new version of ourselves. We can be in the assumption all will work out, things will change if I do nothing, staying away from those that I can connect with because of an outer force is bringing me happiness. We can ultimately become satisfied with our current situations and make subconscious false or delusional actions that lead us to the same scenario of separation. These acts may not serve us for the long investment towards the feeling of collective love and unity.

image: alexandra

Just as this weird ‘dystopian influenced’ festive season, where we fill the void of our intuition that something feels off, we deeply endeavour to be merry and joyful. The truth of 2020 is we are not alone, each of us have experienced this year in isolation but together, I know a lot of people around our globe have not been so lucky to be with their loved ones, and have been compliant instead of moving through the cracks for their own happiness. The divide in our societies is clear, it is evident and it is painful to witness. Many of our connections this year had to be constrained putting extra pressure at this sensitive time of year, to choose or not being able to choose where and with whom to spend this break. And yet, Venus with South Node is giving a convincing narrative that all will be well. Really? Neptune, is making strong squares to the Nodes, and it is up to each of us to tune into our hearts, and make choices that bring people together. Even if we have differences with them, those differences do not matter, what matters is that each of us get an opportunity to really be in our hearts so we can be with those that we love, perhaps in spirit. The wisdom from the cosmos is beckoning us to take responsibility in taking action to bring our communities together and leaving no one out, because they may have a different viewpoint.

Each of us, as a child of this earth, as a custodian for the future generation of our human race, is here to now make a big difference to what we have termed ‘tradition’, ‘pride’, ‘old beliefs’ and look within and towards where we can make a shift to the North Node in Gemini. Self inquiry is one of the first places to start. Ask yourself why do we hold so much pride towards our beliefs? How do these old beliefs unfold in the new version of who we’ve become? What qualities with our personal beliefs bring separation or can they be reformed for unity? It is not about holding a grudge because of our unique differences, but more about embracing those differences to bring the quality of love for one another knowing we see ourselves in each other. This is the quality of the reconfiguration of our understanding and embodiment of the divine masculine, which each of us have to build over the next two and half years. Love and humanity is the highest priority of Aquarius and with its ruling planet Uranus in Taurus highlights these qualities in the values we hold dear. Then second comes technology and science for Aquarius to serve humanity as a greater ideal. Thus, if it’s not from the heart, not from love, not from a place of humanitarian flavour, then it is not a place to even consider.

This comes apparent moreso, as the Full-Moon in Cancer makes a sexitle with Uranus, a surge of energy to bring people together, to unite, to move in a different direction than we have before, it is not about war, it is about coming together as a united force by honoring our differences that strengthens the collective. The pressure is off from being led by one leader, removing the totalitarian methods and coming together as a collective, Aquarius. Yes we are different, and we will continue to grow and shine in our differences, only this time we have technology supporting our inquiry, finding our own truth, making informed perhaps data driven choices, when used from the heart, not selfish ego, we can truly transmute our collective shadow to a balanced conscious state. The Moon sextiles Uranus helping us to bring maturity on how we express, meet and share our emotional needs. The Moon also is squaring Chiron the Wounded Healer, a chance to bring awareness to our personal wounds that help each of us to cultivate safe spaces, build sacred boundaries and begin to explore different levels of love. This is the essential key to become aware of our empathetic qualities and take action that contributes towards a greater collective force by growing into our emotional maturity as we dive in 2021 a year of unexpected, unpredictable and sudden shifts.

artist: @aniko.arts @wildwildus

The Moon also makes a trine to Neptune, if we tap into this energy, emotional with spiritual truth we can experience a stronger force that surges into the Mars square Pluto energy of transformation. Alternatively, we can be triggered by Mars, the energy of our divine masculine to get what we need in motion and this is not always seen eye to eye. Nonetheless, Mars is the teacher of divine masculinity, where war is not always the answer, but aggression is required for the right shifts to happen, agitation is a must for us to pay attention where we need to stand solid in our values and truth through speech requires us to expand or shift our beliefs.

Pluto is still strong in Capricorn where Mercury will conjunct it on 5 January psychologically transforming our dormant perceptions to reveal truths, secrecy and what is hidden. This meeting can bring strong communication to what is being controlled and question control and power. Adding a deeper need for curiosity to search for truth, as it is a very persuasive energy we can fall into a web of lies and deceit. Indeed this is interesting as two days later Mars finally enters Taurus after its long six month stay in Aries. Mars in Taurus can bring a warrior defence to what we value, our sense of security, our sense of personal truths and our physical environment. Mars will meet Uranus 20 January echoing a need to break free, to change our environment, to have some excitement and to move and shake. Taurus represents the earth and our body, our senses, with Mars meeting Uranus we can feel shifts of changing our looks, expanding our values, deepening our creative force and make choices that bring financial freedom.

The Sun will conjunct Pluto on 14 January where these two energies can empower us to influence others in a grandiose way, leaving others paranoid, or suspicious of these actions. Pluto is in Capricorn where the demand is to transform the old way or continue this charade of being protected by those that take away freedom. Neptune will be squaring the nodes until end of February, a great mirror to each of us observing if we’re in this trap of illusion instead of asking the right questions to heal, grow and come together.

As the year 2020 started with a big conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter joining them in Capricorn we all witnessed the breakdown of old beliefs, institutions and conditioning that required attention. As we end this year with a full moon in Cancer both Sun and Mercury in Capricorn we will be able to witness the consequences of our decisions more clearly. The language of the stars, the cyclical patterns, the lessons of duality and polarity allow us a greater opportunity to refine our differences and coming together in a new reformed and compassionate way. All of what we have witnessed in 2020 has been happening for a long time, only this year it was more apparent as we took a step back and reflected on our personal shadows. To reflect and observe our shadows, is one aspect, the other is to dive deep into meeting our shadow and cultivating a relationship. Only through this act, can we feel internally whole, strong and self aware, to begin a conversation of unity.

We all know deep in our hearts, if we go towards the light by ignoring the shadow, we are not whole. There is no light if there is no shadow. All of us come with this duality and it cannot be on either one side if you connect with your heart. If we do not work through our personal shadow for our own healing, then how can we meet 2021 with compassion. And if we understand on a personal level our shadow is our strength, or rather working on understanding the loop of our lack of self-worth stories, then it’s time to release and work towards what brings us discomfort. The truth is from a divine source, it is not limited by our conditioning, and it is not biased. As is love, real unconditional love, we all have the capacity to come with only love in our hearts, and by this I don’t mean sweet roses or romantic gestures. It is more about speaking a truth that resonates from our intuition to give each other a chance to be held, to rebel for unity, to open for love, and to birth a new way of being. These qualities can only happen for each of us when we have done some deep dives into our emotional, psychological and behavioural worlds.

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