Mars moving signs – discernment with explosive eye opener for personal shifts!

Last night we had some profound storms in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, while observing the light, with and without sound was not only intriguing but a clear sign the cosmos is about to launch what we’ve all been feeling intuitively. This year, without a doubt is going to be a year where we require our spiritual practices more than ever, to stay grounded and to practice discernment, especially when the outer world will do its best to project fears upon us. Depending on your commitment to being conscious, we can use these projections as mirrors to light the shadow within, bringing newly discovered awareness and some resolution to building stronger ‘self-worth’ qualities. Most of the personal planets are changing signs this week, not only does this bring a new energy, or perspective but turbulence leaving us imbalanced or triggered where we can express or experience our unresovled shadows and patterns. It is important to note what we decide over the next two months in our personal lives, we are going to be responsible for the consequences of these choices for the rest of this 2021 timeframe.

Mars has a forceful, warrior and determined energy, if it wasn’t for this energy during the second half of 2020 in its home sign Aries, we would have placed our energy on procrastination rather than diving into our needs. On Thursday at 9:27 am Sydney, this energy moves into Taurus, where we can find opportunity to refine our self worth, self confidence, and courage in what we truly value in our hearts. Taurus represents our physical body, our senses, our sensuality and creativity, with Mars in this sign we can discover some deeply rooted needs to express ourselves creatively. When we start to link which planets are speaking to Mars either in harmony or otherwise we can unravel how this energy plays out in our personal psyche. Mars will square, Mercury in Capricorn (our perceptions over personal power and what is hidden from us), Jupiter (manipulation versus expansion) and Saturn (restrictions, karmic work, discipline) in Aquarius.

image: kristel hayes

This concoction of energy is a force shifting our beliefs into a sober reality, our preconceived ideals about self may be shaken, shocked or stirred for us to step into our true integrity. To walk a path perhaps that goes against what is unfolding globally. Certainly, in astrology we can translate world events, and believe me its about to get very interesting, to decipher our role and responsibility of making choices to align ourselves for the highest good of our life journey. We don’t have all the tools to refine our vibration, however we have the freedom (for now) to decide what information is going to elevate us towards harmony and peace. January is an important month, and as I quickly glance over 2021 this year will seem like being in the pecking order of the universe to get us on the best trajectory of emotional, psychological and most importantly spiritual growth. Spirituality is not new age, and it is not religion, it is a personal practice that allows us to connect with ourselves on a daily basis, where we experience profound insights on our life and those we are connected with. It eliminates any interference from those that do not have the heart and eyes to want the best for us.

Mars makes a trine to Venus, as he travels through her place of home, and this energy evokes a strong stance in our quest for change with compassion in our hearts, wisdom in sacrum and clarity in our third eye. We have all energetically shifted, our memory bank is slowly catching up, which can trap us into old patterns and loops. Spiritual practice of meditation, scanning the body with our open hearts can bring discernment of what we allow in our space and what energy is now ours to resolve. On the 9th January at 2:41am Sydney, Venus enters Capricorn and makes a strong trine to Mars, as mentioned above, only here its a strong desire to want to be in our personal power, for freedom, for our human right to live in a way that brings the greatest qualities and experience. This energy highlights where we’ve become complacent or let others direct our choices, and thus requiring a personal battle to voice or act differently. We are required to let our uniqueness shine and Venus who is the embodiment of sacred connection will want nothing less from us.

The moon will enter Scorpio making a trine to Neptune, giving us two options to a) be emotionally pulled into deception of what information is projected or b) connection to our intuition to act through a spiritual lens for the greater good of our lives. The weekend will seem like some crazy world is unfolding, leaving us shocked where we can examine all that we’ve been told has been a lie. This can play out in our personal lives through relationships, all relations and how we can practice deep courage to be honest and open to what we need in order to be heard. Mercury also enters Aquarius on this day, making a square to Uranus in Taurus, a great perspective to shift our personal perceptions to try something different, abstract, voice our needs, express ourselves in a different way. Uranus is the king of the gods, and always wants humanity to be in their sovereign self, which means taking responsibility of our health, deciding if we want to wear certain things and be in certain places regardless of what we hear or are being told. Uranus invokes the rebellion, in other words wants us to not conform to a ‘controlled’ and ‘monitored’ potential reality. We have the power to change this for the great good of our planet and race.

image: metin ozer

Neptune is the planet that is being bombarded with Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars this weekend. Moon is our emotional body, Sun is our heart Soul, Mercury is our perceptions, Mars is our warrior activist, Jupiter is our abundance and Saturn is our karmic path, all speaking with Neptune. Neptune when in Pisces is ruled by the media, thus discernment is required especially if the information invokes feelings of fear. Neptune is also our connection to our higher spiritual heart, thus unconditional love. Depending on the integrity of your work, the seriousness of your self worth, and the commitment for a better world to help when we are able, can either give us the most challenging, intense or exciting opportunities. We have to be real with ourselves, and not fall into the trap of illusion (Neptune). Using Mercury, Moon and the Sun we can start to tune our psychic dials to connect with our spirit and make the right choices for the most profound life.

I am going back a little however 8th January 2021 is powerful, as we have Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune all directing their needs to Saturn. Saturn in Aquarius gives us considerable amount of determination which can be ambitious in achieving our personal objectives. Saturn once ruled Aquarius prior to the discovery of Uranus, and can be powerful in this sign, which will move slowly into Pisces in 2023. Saturn brings a ridged, opinionated perspective between the polarity of old versus new, tradition versus modernisation, perhaps a newly formed tech culture that is birthing where everything is digitised. It invokes a sense of disciplined freedom, because we want the safety and security of our boundaries and commitments as well as the ultimate freedom and ease to implement our goals. This energy can also bring science to a new level, data driven ideals, to the extreme point of leaving the basic human qualities out. Neptune will on many attempts bring us to our hearts, as well as Aquarius opposition Leo. Leo on a high vibration is about the heart, on a low vibration it can have some challenging narcissistic qualities as its ruled by the Sun. The Sun never has a shadow casted and thus making it difficult for Leos to see their own shadow. This year will bring us back to the higher vibration of Leo, as we will experience the cold, disconnect and abstract Aquarius energy. Its not fun when we feel we’re under surveillance, and our freedom is in jeopardy.

The wisdom we gain from this week’s astrological map is discernment and with this brings us to release old patterns, conversations, and psychological imprints that don’t serve us to live in our full potential. Each of us is here right now to make substantive shifts for the collective, as we consciously do the personal work with the spiritual practices to bring us home again and again. Love will always win, deception is not love, although it wears and speaks the language of love to enchant us to the slaughter house of slavery. We as a collective can do so much together, as we embark on this journey of 2021 the undercurrent is unity, and integrate those extreme averse beliefs for a way forward.

art: aniko arts

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