Clarity, Clearing and Change all ignites with New Moon in Capricorn!

This time last year (give and take a day or two), we had Pluto and Saturn meet at 22 degrees with the Sun at 23 degrees in Capricorn, which ignited a series of opportunities for each of us to dive deep into bringing awareness to our personal and collective shadow. Some may state 2020 was a challenging year, while others may suggest it was a profound year. It all comes down to what we prioritise in understanding who am I when I am not surrounded by my normal day to day activities, or with those that I love, or navigating work life balance when it’s all combined into one space. Each of us, in someway have an understanding consciously the result of the decisions we’ve made. Albeit painful, joyful, or regret, or expressing our emotional needs at the level of discomfort too great for us to fathom and seek clarity as to what was unfolding in 2020. From an astrological perspective we knew, as history prevails Pluto and Saturn meeting means big shifts, and in Capricorn in the area of global, local and personal structures, institutions, governance and systems which echo unhealthy foundations. Twelve months on, not only did we survive we also have transmuted some personal shadows, and now on 13 January at 4:00 pm Sydney time, we have the New Moon meeting the Sun at 23 degrees conjuncting Pluto at 24 degrees in Capricorn.

The Moons fluctuating movements of waxing and waning brings us ample opportunity to become more attuned with her teachings, to pull us into a higher conscious awareness every time. It is up to each of us how we truly process her gifts, because she is fierce, and embodies the Divine Feminine archetypes, moving from the balsamic wise feminine state for healing, releasing and sacrificing those habitual non serving emotions to New Moon mothering, nurturing, contained, renewal and rebirth phase. This emotional energy gives us clarity what the last 12 or more months meant on a personal level. She is inviting us to review our relationship with power and self worth, deeply rooted behaviours that require emotional shifts and turn towards rising within to meet the maturity of what this year is about. She is inviting us to heal, bring awareness or acceptance of our emotional traumas and with the Sun our Soul shining the light to the darkest parts of ourselves, for some it may bring up feelings of shame, guilt, weird, perverted, jealous, obsessive, cultish and possessive as the light puts an emphasis on the powerful influence of Pluto.

image: martino

The Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto, where all three square Chiron and Eris in Aries. This brings light to our darkest frequencies and tendencies, as mentioned above. The light penetrates our psyche this week where we explore how these subtle vibrational energies are expelled through the use of our power, control, entitled actions to manipulate, or to be manipulated. Pluto is the holder of deep secrets, it likes to be hidden and when you view this planetary alignment from our perspective, the Sun is hiding Pluto, and thus making Pluto feel rather confident in pushing us to transform and transmute our unserving patterns. What we each experience can bring tremendous amount of grief, and perhaps activate past traumas, therefore it is important to check in, if you are ready in your psychological, emotional and physical state to do the work. This year is a rollercoaster ride at the Universal playground, anything is possible even the impossible.

These energies are highlighted this week moreso in our relationships, as they mirror what we cannot see, too afraid to see or unaware of our shadow and our relationship to working with shadow is equally important. Our job is to notice what energies come up for each of us, and ask ourselves ‘what is my teaching here’ or ‘why do I feel this way, what is hidden within me’, ‘what subconscious limited belief has manifested this situation/emotional response’ and ‘how do my actions impact my relationships’. The moment we ask ourselves these questions we can bring conscious awareness to our shadow and begin to neutralise its power. This is one way of doing it, and there are many more tools that are equally helpful, like journalling or asking a trusted friend to be the sounding board. The work is to acknowledge at first, and if you have the strength then work towards changing the inner story, belief or habit.

image: davide foti

Chiron is squaring these two luminaries (Sun and Moon) peeling away another layer to get to the root cause of our trauma, and with Pluto in the mix we can take two conscious paths; one is the path of being immersed in our emotional triggers of low vibrating frequencies, such as desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame or two is the path of observing these low vibrating frequencies for an opportunity to transform them for the highest expression of ourselves. The first path is a default for many of us, let’s not kid ourselves when we are in that place of low vibration it can take great strength to release ourselves from the consumed low emotional conditioning. The second is to accept these are parts of our human state, we all have a dark side, and we all hide it in some way. It is about owning that part, to feel completely fulfilled and whole, strong with self-acceptance as the currency.

We also have Saturn and Mercury conjunct Jupiter, either side, making this trio in Aquarius powerful to bring about change, shifting our perspectives to more creative and humanitarian actions and with restriction. Mercury is going to be in Aquarius for a while, as it will retrograde at the end of January but starts its shadow on Friday. Mercury in Aquarius is powerful, yet misunderstood, because it rules Gemini – speech, gossip, social interaction, learning and Virgo – analytical, judgmental, detailed orientated. When in Aquarius, it can certainly shape/energy shift and be influenced by its surrounding counterparts. With Jupiter brining expansive or manipulative ideas, shifting our communication to more science and data based facts, and using technology as a medium to express ourselves more openly, without inhibitions. Mercury conjunct Saturn can get our mind focused on criticising, using strong language to convince others, as well as sound judgement as we apply our energy into more positive aspects and this all happens while Mars is creating a Square to this crowd, which can bring some strong, aggressive, warrior and combative energy to prove points of view or put actions into play for the sake of our egos need to feel alive.

image: mohamed nohas

Saturn and Jupiter make a square to Mars and Uranus in Taurus, make no mistake of the powerful influence that Mars has, after spending six months in Aries, it wants to now feel into this new energy. And does so with a bang, slowly approaching Uranus next week inviting radical personal change in our lives. Uranus is stationing to go direct. It has been in retrograde since the end of August, teaching us to rise, evolve, shift, think differently, change, create, be uncertain and be in the flow of our values. There is something to say about this week that perhaps is not shared, although it is a strong week of change, shock, evolution and massive surprises, we want to go within, feel our inner strength rise. New Moon in Capricorn is quietly asking us to set personal goals, get creative, go wild, and then be in the flow of the new world. We don’t have to be consumed by noise unless it directly impacts us, we can set ourselves up to be in place to help those that require it, look at alternative genres of information that bring us joy, or gets our creative juices flowing.

Venus is in Capricorn, making a square to Mars, an energy that speaks to act on what each of us value the most, set our new sacred boundaries, protect our hearts if we feel jittery, and then methodically, (Mars Taurus energy) work towards your goals.

It is a massive week, month and year… it will be strong for us, helping us to grow, to shine, to be more patient, to be more kind towards one another, to evolve from our primal human instincts to sacred connections that are deep, tender and meaningful. Imagine we have been given clear lenses to see the truth of all that our world is perceived to be, and with this knowledge you use your authentic truth, to express what needs to be expressed in a healthy way, you create the projects that is in the flow of your life, you dance to the melody of your inner vibration and finally you raise your inner frequencies with full acceptance that perfection is in the imperfection. “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Happy New Moon in Capricorn, Wednesday 13 January 4pm Sydney.

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