Lighting up our shadow – Mars conjunct Uranus

Uranus is a powerful force in our divine cosmic ocean to radically shift the trajectory of our values for its ultimate purpose of building healthier communities, groups and friendships. It is a powerful force that is known for its electrifying, erratic, impulsive and sudden changes that shift our perceptions to clearly see the true nature of our environment, thus mirroring our inner world. Uranus was discovered after the invention of the telescope and electricity, these two technical advances gave us an opportunity to change our ordinary patterns to new exciting ways. Thus, making the planets energy, the most unpredictable, life changing, and exciting adventures, and the ultimate freedom to create new ways of living our life. It rules the zodiac sign Aquarius, which is associated with the mantra ‘for the people, by the people’ in every technical, scientific and innovative ideal. 2021 is dominated by Uranus and Aquarius energies which gives us a forecast of making ground breaking choices, try new things, expand our communities, harness our quirky sides and use technology in ways that assists us to collaborate and enrich our understanding of our worlds. There is a lot of activity in Aquarius this year, we have;

  • Sun moved into Aquarius on 20 January
  • Venus moves into Aquarius on 2 February
  • Mercury in shadow preparing for its retrograde on 31 January at 2:52am at 26 degrees and 29 minutes in Sydney – staying in Aquarius until 16 March 2021 entering Pisces at 9:26am
  • Saturn traveling in Aquarius until 8 March 2023 entering Pisces at 12:35am
  • Jupiter expanding Aquarius until 14 May 2021 at 8:35am, entering Pisces until 28 July 2021, shortly after moving into retrograde entering back into Aquarius until 29 December 2021 at 3:09 pm.

These next two months are crucial for each of us, as they will bring to light our personal stance with Aquarius, and Uranus forces. Aquarius is a powerful sign, rules the 11th house of friendship and social groups, making it first most to bring a sense of collaboration, teamwork and cohesiveness in projects or causes that are for the betterment of humanity. The other qualities of this sign, is futuristic, always planning and thinking of the future, with a big emphasis on data, science and technology and for this reason we can forget about making choices from the heart. Aquarius energy can penetrate our nervous system, it rules our ankles, shins and calves symbolising our need to move onwards and upwards. We can experience heightened sense of anxiety, get into accidents metaphorically and literally.

image: nasa (Uranus)

Uranus is also tilted to one side, it has rings just like Saturn, and its colouring is of aqua, giving us a chilling sensation when we can get excited about what its highest vibrational forces will bring for us.

The Greek mythology around Uranus is the story of the primal god Caelus, meaning sky, heaven and also called Father Sky. Legend has it that he was the son and husband of Gaia known as Terra, our mother earth. The deep connection is his son Saturn known a Cronus who castrated his father leaving his genitals in the ocean where Venus emerged. This dark act expresses Saturn’s desperation of being bound to tradition, rulership and power of the cosmos. Discovering Uranus, gave us insight to what is beyond what we already know, what can we change, make new, use technology to advance ourselves or become empowered in our own way. Uranus or Caelus is the energy or force or higher universal consciousness that is within each of us opening up for personal, psychological growth, to look beyond our naked eye, our personal world and invite more unorthodox, erratic and immensely sudden shifts to experience a different perspective or understanding. On one hand this is exciting, on the other it is frightening, the premise of uncertainty is clear, it can play out in many different areas of our life. This year, as this energy is emphasised in Taurus, will certainly play out in where we live, how we live, our values, our financial independence or interdependence, our self worth, being worthy of trying something new, exploring our senses to new avenues, all in the glory of getting to know Self.

Mars and Uranus conjunction is an energy that is fueled with the warrior, courageous, determined and rapid force. There is only one thing certain during this year and it is change. The Sun is at 0 degrees Aquarius, where we saw during our Summer Solstice with Jupiter and Saturn making their epic conjunction bringing light to a new way, new path, new perspectives, are activated this week. This brings to light the deepest question of what are we doing with our rare beautiful life?

This is a week of expecting the biggest shocks in our lives which can create chaos to echo the deepest healing we require. Shedding the old, from all our essence, the light these cosmic forces shine to see and feel our shadows, weaknesses is to find the courage to make conscious choices, to trust with reverence all will be well. Revealing truth or what is hidden with Eris in Aries a force removing all illusion, speculation and misinformation squares Pluto in Capricorn, transforming our relationship to authority, in order to redefine our path towards integrity and the MUST force for transmutation. Mars and Uranus make squares to Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun, inviting us to get excited about the path forward, but it is not without a big uprising of chaos within us to birth the extraordinary parts that we’ve not even discovered. It may take us a week, a month or a year… the change seeds have been planted.

image: joshua fuller

Mars, is in its cycle of redefining and embodying the inner masculine, from the toxic to the divine. This is not a week to get on one particular belief, or follow an ideal. It is about questioning our relationship of how this belief serves us for the greater good of humanity. It is about working through our aversions, that separate us from one another, and it is about trusting the unseen spiritual connection within ourselves, so we can work towards integrating these differences. This process, when done with tenderness and conscious active thinking we can invite great healing. Allow each of us to soak up the wisdom of the cosmos, integrate their energies and invite ourselves to act from a highly conscious perspective. The Moon in Taurus will also square Saturn and the Sun, with all this strong emotionally driven movement, it is building up to the biggest shock and sudden changes in our lives. These changes can trigger pain, grief and anxiety in the shock of how our own idea of our world is being churned up, scattered in every way, and as it lands we may not be able to recognise how to work with putting it together. Perhaps, the idea is not to put it together, but to embrace the explosive changes, shifts of perception and challenge our beliefs for the shake up we need to make radical moves. The best approach is to understand deeply, change is what brings evolution, and trusting our path when it is from our heart space cannot take us the wrong way.

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