Master heart coherence to resolve our shattered perspectives – full moon Leo

There is a lot of fixed energy in our cosmic nature, emanating qualities of steadiness, determination to focus on our personal projects or points of view. The fixed energy represents the train lines, we are constrained and restricted to the path we’ve placed and travel forward only in that direction. We can achieve great things, birth our ideas into manifestation and live for this journey only, leaving no room to get ‘off track’ or room for flexibility. Aquarius is fixed air, Leo is fixed fire, Scorpio is fixed water and Taurus is fixed earth. Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter energies are in Aquarius, in which the only planet settled here is Saturn. The Sun is not so comfortable because its focus is not on the Self but more towards the collective, technical advancements to help the collective and to be in an higher mind state, away from its heart.


Mercury is in shadow, ready to make its official retrograde on 31 January Sydney time, activating to off load what we’ve been keeping secret, hidden and denying. This planetary combination gives light to secrets, they get revealed and we are left with a choice to shift or stay as we are. Mercury in Aquarius during its retrograde helps us to receive information in different ways, such as dreams, insights or symbolism and digest what we intuitively felt but doubted and now have the capacity or opening to understand, to work with its wisdom at a visceral level. Anything that has been kept away from us, either for our personal healing or other has a force to shift our perceptions to invite major sudden change, these are expressed in the connections we’ve made, the groups we associate ourselves with and our past seeking resolution. This can bring up waves of shock and despair as the cosmic and divine force is helping us to peel away our clouded and delusional perspectives. It can also invite freedom and motivation to shift our direction for the better.

There is always the subconscious fixed energy (shadow expression) where we can feel self-righteous in our truth and not allow other opinions, perspectives or suggestions to be expressed. Our deep listening is interfered with our need to be right, even if its from a space that we would normally consider. The moment we allow ourselves to be open during this fixed energy, with discernment of course, we develop a more intimate sense of Self. Don’t be fooling yourself, Neptune is still making a square with the nodes, and with the north node in Gemini, we are invited to learn from a two-way dialogue and not make bold assumptions on things, because that can embarrass us deeply. Mercury will be in Aquarius throughout February, so it is a time to pay attention to what is being shared, and ask why? Does it serve your path, values or healing?

The full moon in Leo on 29 January 6:16am Sydney, comes emotionally loaded with energy that invites us on a higher platform to connect with our heart, to bring coherence into our inner being. The Moon opposite Sun in Aquarius makes a conjunction with Jupiter, which is a beautiful energy to work with, as it invites us to expand our communities, inviting diversity or those that are alien to our beliefs and values. Jupiter is expanding our vision for future, Aquarius, we may not be ready to see things as they are, rather we can put our fixed fire, Leo vibration in to the mode of entitlement and all-knowing without invitation of change from others. All three planets, make a square to Mars and Uranus in Taurus, where we can narrow down what energies and openings are unfolding. Taurus ruled by Venus is about our self worth, how we feel about ourselves, and with Moon in Leo squaring Mars this energy is heightened we can forego a deep insecure, low self-esteem and low self-confidence inner battle or we can feel like we know it all and we’ve made a choice so this is how it is. Either choice is limiting, we have to feel into the other planets to work with this energy on a personal level.

image: pyreaus

In this very fixed energy, we have several planets making squares allowing us to invite change consciously in the way we see the world, our personal relationships, and our family connections. The Moon trines Chiron the wounded healer, bringing us deeper to the stories and conditioning we’ve held so dear and blinding us from our unconscious dogmatic ways of being.

When we are personally impacted by control, manipulation or power we can subconsciously make radical self sabotaging commitments. And these commitments are the ones that hold us back, preventing a deep feeling of internal cohesiveness. Our personal combative and divisive reactions, will be up for questioning, self inquiry and a thorough cleanse, if we want harmony and freedom. We have to be willing to be honest to ourselves, listen to our hearts, tune into our gut feelings and align our personal values to invite interconnected experiences. There is the obvious separation, like a battle or two opposing ‘truth’s’ where our ego, or adopted limited beliefs prevent us from walking to the other side. Prevent us from inviting those that have different views from us and make conscious alliances. It doesn’t necessarily come from a place where we don’t want to be wrong or wronged, rather it is an opportunity to ask why? It takes great effort and energy to continuously justify our perspectives, and this can play out in all areas of our life, in subtle or not so subtle ways.

The Aquarius energy is pushing towards interconnection for collaboration, growth and higher perceptions that none of us have experienced. We do not know what it is like to be fully in a community that doesn’t use hierarchy even in its shadow form, which has favourites versus acquaintances. Mind you, it’s not about being all happy and get along with everyone, it is about moving away from what we feel about someone and instead see their value and worth and be open to inviting their perspectives. We can use nature as an example, the way the Redwood trees grow. From our naked eye (perspective) we see their tall trunks separated from one another, however we don’t see that their roots are interconnected, intertwined, and collaborating together for the sake of the forests health. When one tree is impacted the whole community feels this very impact.

Aquarius energy represents the interconnectedness of our neural pathways, the way the internet works, the space between the spaces, where we can experience a wealth of information and knowledge. It gives us a surge of higher mind vibration where both the left and right brain hemispheres are forming ‘whole truths’ widening our perceptions. This year we will all experience the toxicity of our dogmatic narrow minded ways bringing intense feelings of jealousy, anger, rage, separateness, division, segregation within communities, families, societies and worryingly the inner separateness of our heart and mind. This is necessary as it’s the key to form new neural pathways of connection, and with discernment we can help each other in newly formed ways. It is an exciting, birthing and creative energy.

Venus moves closer to Pluto, making a conjunction in Capricorn, this is a powerful and yet telling frequency, which will play out through our controlling, empowering, manipulating and overreacting responses. It is an intense visceral force bringing deep jealous, abusive and violent tendencies to surface in our personal relationships. More importantly bringing light to how these energies are manifested through controlling, manipulating or being on the receiving end echoing at each of us to take a deeper look at our self-worth and self-respect tendencies. Venus conjunct Pluto make a square to Eris who conjuncts Black Moon Lilith, the goddesses of revealing truth meeting the goddess of rebellion and independence. We can be triggered in passive conflict or rebel in extreme ways to justify our values, to release suppressed anger, to fully feel a level of intimacy with another that can bring further darkness and danger. Pluto with Venus is not an energy for everlasting loyal love, it is an energy that perpetuates quick, dirty sexual fixes, and with Eris and BML, it can reveal these acts to us, for deeper learning. This doesn’t mean we are going to go wild, but with Mercury in Aquarius, we may learn of these acts in our personal world and this information can trigger us to shift.

image: black moon lilith

The Venus, Pluto transit squaring Eris, can bring intense emotional needs to surface, it can hit us in areas we value the most, sense of security and financial situations. This aspect draws into the ongoing transformation of power, control and manipulation, it is a dive into our dark underworld, where we explore our sexual desires, express them through partners or have an extended appetite to invite something else into the mix. The energy is not about self judgement, it is merely an exploration of self expression when done consciously can open us up intimately to ourselves. The unconscious expression opens us to an array of oppressed primal tendencies, self-sabotaging our energy field, our hunger for connection and a yearning for attention and acceptance. Eris reveals this in each of us through a burning desire, awakening the rebel triggered by psychological and emotional restrictions we find ourselves in.

This full moon in Leo, is a powerful force to watch and observe; how we reason with ourselves to justify our points of view; do our actions bring inclusivity and deeper conscious connections; are we connecting with others to fulfil a void that requires attention in another expression; do we have room for change in our lives for a deeper understanding of healthy connections within communities; are we driven by our ongoing fluctuating emotions leaving us deeply uncertain and confused; which area of our lives do we focus on or wait to heal before we move forward; what aspect within our personal values contribute to the interconnectedness of our community, groups and friends; are we showing up in our ultimate expression to receive profound teachings of our shadow; which area of our life have we become complacent but counteracts our deep needs, wants and values; where are we not inviting change for personal ascension; what is our personal stance of how we control our life and those around us; which area of our life is not organic, open and expansive to receive the creative wisdom to integrate our differences.

We’re all not quite where the cosmos wants us to be, it’s an ongoing process of releasing, understanding and deepening our internal wisdom for the greater good. Otherwise we would be pioneering into many different worlds and experiences as the north node in Gemini is beginning to reveal its light. Gemini north node invites all of humanity;

  • to take a deep consideration of having two-way conversations about our values and ideas of each other to learn and connect deeper
  • to communicate with deep listening so we can be open to other perspectives and show genuine interest in other people’s ideas in a less emotionally charged manner
  • to understand that it is not our responsibility to have all the answers, instead to become curious enough to draw them from others and inform our own truth
  • to seek more understanding about what we don’t know, while keeping an open mind to expand our peripheral vision and make conscious changes to our personal values, should we require
  • to accept, understand and enjoy the special personalities of others, allowing for individual differences to be expressed while collaborating

The fractal movement of our cosmic entities, peel away our clouded frontal lobes, so we can be open, we can work towards a world which respects different perspectives. The teachings can be easy or difficult, it is entirely dependent on how open we are in changing our ways, being creative, allowing the flow of life to teach us to receive and to consistently connect with our hearts. Finding coherence doesn’t involve external intervention, rather a personal, honest journey of our values and only then can each of us know our stance and own it confidently knowing it is part of the interconnectedness of our community metamorphosis.

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