Freedom, dreaming & platonic love-New Moon in Aquarius

A stellium in Aquarius! The New Moon in Aquarius, meets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in retrograde, Pallas Athena (astroid) and the Sun, in fixed air on Friday 12 February at 6:30am. The Aquarian energy is strong, it’s not necessarily the Aquarian Age, but it certainly gives us the flavour to explore our need and desire for change. The change can come in different ways, depending on where Aquarius sits in our natal chart and at what degrees these planets activate sensitive points for us personally. A powerful force with a fierce need to protect, modify, enhance, appreciate, change, expand and collaborate within our communities, groups and friends. We have been working with Capricorn for a long time, and this year we want to deeply work towards building new structures that bring a sense of equality, balance and independence to express ourselves as we are and who we are, with the two most important human qualities, sacred heart and courage.

Saturn holds the strongest power in this Aquarian higher mind federation meeting, indicating to each of us to bring a sense of originality, without being too rigid (fixed air). Saturn moved from its home sign to the penthouse holiday spot Aqua, a place to workshop the healthy experiences from our past and transmute them as wisdom for future planning and long-term goals. We can feel this pressure of knowing the changes from our heart Leo, may disrupt what we’ve become accustomed, leaving us psychologically negotiating safety and security versus originality and adventure. The energy of this polarised force, can leave us in deep dilemmas, but the next two weeks we will know in our hearts whatever unfolds we are ready for, especially if we’ve consciously retreated to form our own path. Saturn will square Uranus, shaking our worlds for us in the most unexpected ways next week.

image: baptiste

Jupiter conjuncts Venus, opening us up to feel good, party, and with a joyful energy to take part in gregarious humanitarian activities, with the will that lightens up our newly formed and adopted values. Jupiter and Venus are friends hanging out at this higher mind federation meeting, but instead of discussing and planning for the future, they are working the room being social and dancing. This ignites the rebellion and need for deeper freedom and adventure within us, exciting conversations as they flaunt their goodness with Mercury who is in retrograde. Mercury is shifting our perceptions, exciting us with new abstract ideas, innovative concepts that grab our attention. It is certainly a sky that shines happiness on to our hearts, we get a sense all is going to be well even though we have the Saturn voice of reason, stability and reputation buzzing in the background, fueling the rebellion in us all. Venus is influenced by Jupiter but her fierce relief from sobering Capricorn can bring quite a turn in our relationships, projects and values.

Venus is like the star of this meeting, our values are what we want to show off, we have spent the last 18 months refining ourselves, and with her 2020 Gemini retrograde, she is peeling another layer away of illusional ideas of how we ‘should’ be in this world… she wants us to be grand, flamboyant, happy but free. Not really wanting to take anyone home and declaring undying love for them, she wants to be the star of the show and network to make extraordinary connections, purely platonic. Pallas Athena is our elder, she enforces the strategic, diplomatic and futurist actions that pay dividends each time we focus on Saturn and Venus to get personal insight of our own individuality, sense of worthiness and confidence and how important they are in shaping our vibration, thoughts and actions. This gathering is a wild soaring get together with some serious topics on the agenda. The outcome depends on each of us, how much are we willing to shed how ‘life’ should look like right now. The word ‘life’ is in every orifice that is giving us a change to experience something new, different avenues, connections and shifts our perceptions to arouse us for change.

Sun and Moon in Aquarius at 23 degrees are at the last decan of this eccentric, wild and unpredictable energy, giving us time to plan, but open to flexibility. The Moon is a diva, she will not want anyone near her, she is permeating cool, distance where our emotions are erratic, like we have tourettes and when not conscious we can expel them out, leaving us feeling bare and exposed. This Moon is powerful, opposite Leo, she wants us to understand our hearts, our sovereign and human state is what makes us experience the most beautiful connections with those that we are brave enough to let in close.

image: greyson joralem

Aquarius is a distant, technical and expansive energy that takes us beyond our formed perceptions, we are in for an exciting time, only if we like change and adventure. We can use our personal wisdom to know when we are in flow and open or forcing to control ourselves to be somewhere that doesn’t feel right.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus will make a square to Mars, this intel can create some defensive comeback if we are not willing to make adjustments to how we unconsciously control what the divine opens up for us to experience. There is something to deeply contemplate, with all this great vibration in the sky, versus the Mars in Taurus and internal combat to be real, in our ultimate truth and let go of what habits, stories, beliefs and regrets that hold us back. This week may feel like we boarded the ship and its left the dock on smooth waters, we’re checking out who is on it… then the high tides of next week Saturn making a square to Uranus is going to sway us so hard that we may fall and wake up on an island. Anchoring to something solid and real, our personal spiritual connection with the divine helps us to know we are where we are because we’ve understood our personal spiritual power.

Prepare for some great new intentions for this moon, and go out in the early hours to see Jupiter and Venus just before sunrise (look east).

The powerful intentions can be shaped around;

  • Innovative ideas, brilliance and deeper understanding of higher knowledge
  • Beginning new trends, long-term goals and following our hearts desire
  • Seeking outcomes that are beneficial to the community, group or family
  • Finding interest in others that we wouldn’t ordinarily mingle with
  • Actively participating in life with a sense of excitement and unexpected results
  • Deepening friendships, groups and being open for platonic love connections

The forces of energy bring us these opportunities to prepare ourselves, in the right conditions, with the right support so we can at least anchor onto something next week as our ‘controlling’, ‘convincing’ ‘arrogant’ and ‘naive’ perceptions breakdown and crack us open to make space for a new profund cycle.

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  1. Incredible insight and your words superbly channeled storytelling .

    I love your posts and I have been waiting for this New Moon in Aquarius post – given all that has been (personally) since this time last year.


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