Our power to transmute all into love – Mars in Gemini

This week we have some serious delicious energy, in fact this great feeling of lightness, will be unfolding until we reach the Equinox on 21 March. The sluggish muddy earth Capricorn energy is not so much in our face, giving us some space to be more flexible, mobile and free. Love, unconditional love, is a state of being that only sparks from within each of us, if we give ourselves permission to dive deep into the energy of our Sun in Pisces, with Venus and Neptune we can be receptive to our emotional and psychological need for the courage to independently heal ourselves from within ourselves. The cosmic ocean, allures our inner focus layer by layer, time after time so we can, with grace, bring attention to our shadow or self negligence of our personal healing work. Addressing those contracts, releasing for a inner position to understand our authentic feeling of wholeness. It’s the two-way relationship with our cosmic nature do we connect, allowing ourselves to fall into the stillness of receiving their wisdom and not necessarily another human, which always comes with the undercurrent of their perspective and/or agenda. Each Soul, thus our natal chart is a divine map to tap into our own uniqueness, our melody and this month, if we listen without the mind we take the responsibility and accountability of working with these energies for self empowerment and more importantly shape our reality.

We have the ability and the power, should we believe wholeheartedly of our Divine nature to observe the trigger points and transmute them into unconditional love. Trigger points can come in many ways into our force field, the first is to identify and accept that everyone in our life, whether physical, mental, emotional is a reflection of our being. Mars is the energy force of our inner masculine, warrior and sacred aggression which is shifting signs from Taurus, to Gemini. At the last degree of Taurus, Mars, gives us personal insights of our relationship with power, control which in most occasions is used subconsciously to validate our sense of worth, security or the need to be right. We are all here for a divine reason beyond our understanding, which counteracts what we’ve learned and been told, creating a discombobulated inner friction and many a time doubt, or constant seeking to fill a void.

Our need to be right, stems from the idea of what price are we willing to pay to ignore our unconscious actions. These very acts or decisions only bring separation not only from our heart, emotional needs to our healthy ego, but also within our groups, communities and relationships. This frequency will only get louder and louder until we are hit with an epiphany that we are the ones that hold the key for major shifts in our personal environment for maturity. If tuning into the cosmic shield we can develop a clearer lens of our actions, and hidden self sabotaging expressessions, to see others like an x-ray, their patterns, their stories, their fear. It is big when we start to turn our focus inward, and peel away from our senses. With this frequency we can respond in two different ways, run or tune into deep compassion for the other including ourselves. As Mars moves into Gemini until April 23, we are going to want to be social, open ourselves up to new situations where we meet different kinds of people which we ordinarily wouldn’t, but hey 2021 is all about a fairness of collaboration with no distortion or deceptive power struggles. Our role, is to tune into what we need, and what are we actively (Mars) doing to make the necessary changes so we can explore different perspectives, instead of being in an old stagnant story, which only validates our illusions and some may even express this as an illness.

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Mars in Gemini is bountiful, youthful and joyful energy, that can stir us in exciting directions and openings. We will finally feel free from a sense of external measures of control, and this very perspective can take us on an adventure. We can fall into dreamy situations, with some form of discernment or responsibility this can work wonders for us. The magic is around us, if we raise our frequency and use the Mars in Gemini energy to shift how this year will unfold. At the end of March there will be some strong aspects, with Venus, Pluto and Saturn reminding us our actions have some weighty consequences.

We have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, if we want, we still ourselves to receive insights, ideas, innovations and deeper understanding of a situation or personal perspective of that niggling feeling within us. This alignment has already met twice, so this third time, we pay attention to what needs to be resolved, communicated and expressed for personal expansion. Mercury is communication, this can be how we listen, truly listen without any preconceived ideas or assumptions, it is also how we observe the non-verbal expressions, the action of others speak louder than words and it is about tuning in to that inner voice. Just a disclaimer, if that inner voice is loaded with emotion, it is not a download, all downloads or channelling comes from a non emotional space, because its pure not loaded with personal opinion. Here we can take this frequency, through personal practice of journaling, art or painting to get into our visceral body and bring awareness to what requires to be healed.

The moon is travelling alone, and she is now in Scorpio, making a trine to Sun and Neptune, not so strong with Venus as she is at 8 degrees of Pisces. This trine, can bring two conflicting energies within us; at one point we could be getting deep downloads about our true path and what emotional support we require to process these downloads and the other we can be so self consumed in our story, that we blind ourselves through self deception. Our human state is beautiful, we are like little children refusing to take ownership of our inner vibration for the best outcome, because we get tired or we want instant results and Moon in Scorpio we want to be damn right. How does this energy serves us in its true form will unfold as it nature wants, if we are stuck in some idea that justifies our actions, ideals and negate our conscience accountability that is the very awareness we need to make radical inner shifts.

art @christinascagloittiart – high preistess

The Moon will make a quincunx to Chiron the wounded healer and on Friday it will square this asteroid. The moon will move into Sagittarius, we will again be meeting ourselves in what holds us back from bringing awareness to our weaknesses. The Sagittarius moon will cross the South Node, making a square to Neptune, which can really highlight, ‘I don’t care’ attitude, or worse ‘I’m going to do this action, because I’ve had guidance from my… ‘ whatever our situation is, we will be feeling emotionally hungry to satisfy our illusions. We can work on raising our awareness on a higher frequency of love to overcome our fragmented emotional states. This week we can really see the truth of our path, and if this is felt from heart with a sense of euphoria then we know its not an illusion. Use this week, to dream big, to bring those dreams into reality, shower them with all the unconditional love you have, and this may only start from feeling the vibrational love within, but it’s a start. Remember, sometimes we do not need external interference to give us personal insights our divine wise Soul already knows. And March is very spiritual, devotional frequency allowing us to be discerning so we choose where and how to invest our energies. Enjoy, but be real!

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