New Moon in Pisces tethers us to either spiritual or illusion

This is a deeply emotional week, as we all feel the depths of the Piscean imaginative, sensitive, compassionate and intuitive force with its shadow aspect of escapist, idealistic, deceptive or perhaps vague and easily influenced qualities. It is a week where we will feel like everyday has a ‘full-moon’ energy, leaving us with a pool of self healing which can overwhelm us. We currently have the Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces, which heightens near the end of this week, as the Moon approaches from having a conversation with Pluto in Capricorn early in the week and by Wednesday she is speaking with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury in Aquarius, until she enters Pisces on Friday meeting Pallas Athena, all before we feel her new Moon magic. The Moon sets us off this week to evaluate all that requires to be released, as Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, there is always a tendency to blur the boundaries, where our idea of reality is completely fogged out, almost placing our emotions on the ghost train, where we just don’t know what is coming next, but we know something is coming.

image: silas baisch

By Wednesday evening the moon will begin it’s balsamic phase, which means it is dark and requires to shake off all the deep shadow emotions she has forced in our awareness. It is a very feeling energy, perhaps as we give ourselves the opportunity to sit in deep silence and hear our hearts, we can start to unpack the emotions, relationships and behaviours that have died. Pisces energy also brings forgiveness, understanding, non judgmental attitudes and deep acknowledgment of oneness, we can get lost in the depths of our emotions, blinding us from our truth.

Although an emotional week for all of us, we can work with this energy in two ways. One way of working with this energy is by tapping into the higher qualities of Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is first about humanitarian, original, inventive and independent lens where we may feel emotionally trapped or unproductive but mentally we can plan our actions. Pisces vibration is tuning ourselves inwards, in silence we can feel the inner frequency of our dreams, and visions but feel held back or worse not supported. This path is not so easy, as majority of us want things now, we get inspired but there is no platform or focal point too see it unfold in the future state. We can respond with depressive and victim perspectives believing we are not good enough and keep ourselves in this escapist funk. Alternatively we can turn our pain body around by trusting, surrendering and giving ourselves time out, consistently, this week we will be able to unravel and refine our dreams or visions and make them a reality for the months to come. This way of working is tethered to our spiritual path, trust of divine source, or a force that is greater than our earthly experience. If we tune in, dial the inner antenna to ‘source’, with patience we can raise our intuitive volume and follow through on those insights, we will flow gracefully.

The other way of working with this energy is by not feeling so much, but getting trapped in how we are not willing to make the necessary changes in our life, but desire the change. This is difficult, as it opens us up for serious deception, or being deceived, let down, or worse lied to, although we feel these traits perhaps self sabotage or we may psychologically refuse to make the necessary decisions. These choices can come at a price, this is why trusting is a portal for magical experiences or journeys. Aquarius on a lower vibration can be unemotional and detached where we don’t respond to our emotional needs in the fear of being judged or labeled. Pisces on a lower vibration is escapism, we can express this through drugs, alcohol, psychedelics anything that ‘numbs’ us from feeling everything we have been carrying. Although the moon is not so strong in the cosmic dance she is still pulling at our emotions, Venus and Saturn are the two powerful energies and by the end of the week, as the Sun burns Venus, from her morning star to evening star journey, Saturn in Aquarius will become powerful again for the rest of the year. This is important to note, firstly, depending on which route we take, Saturn will certainly become the force where we are dealing with the consequences of our decisions for the rest of the year. They can be profound or otherwise, tuning into Piscean energy is challenging because of its universal connection as oneness can lead us to deception, fantasy, chaos, confusion and addictions.

New Moon in Pisces conjuncts the Sun at 23 degrees on 13 March at 21:21 is certainly going to spark those relationships to either enhance with a sense of maturity, tenderness and open a space where we can express our true selves, or ignite new projects that will have many unseen forces at play champing at the bit for a quintessence perspective. Pisces is the ultimate creative energy, on Saturday the Moon will meet with Venus, Neptune and the Sun. Moon conjunct Venus is magical, emotional levels are amplified, we may not be able to decipher if we are been taken for a ride or something is really good, we can end up repeating the same emotional experiences, or our emotions dominate our actions, our decisions and perspectives can either work for us or against us. This can leave us feeling like we’ve short changed our values, self respect and self worth for some short lived experience. It is tough, because in order for us to truly understand our needs, or ourselves, we are being led to indulge by our subconscious projections of fear. These experiences can highlight or bring to our awareness the personal healing or enhance our relationship with spirit, and a doorway for the real work to begin, in later weeks. Alternatively, we can be in a space where we are met equally emotionally, and feel we are seen and heard psychologically.

The Moon moves later to Neptune, it is fertile ground to request from ‘source’ what we want, as long as our inner frequency is high and it is part of our master plan for our Soul’s experience. We can be supreme, idealistic, over the top or we can fall into generosity, short changing our emotional and spiritual needs. This is the perfect frequency to find time in meditation, silence or nature, so we can make necessary, somewhat crazy adjustments to our future path. All planets are forward, with this momentum it would be a waste to give the baton to our selfish egos, rather release our every aspect of control, and trust each present moment as the divine map for our spiritual evolution. The best way is to dance, sing, paint, create and express those inner melodies that require to be released as the karmic contracts expire. The Moon and Sun in Pisces is magical or delusional, this is the choice each of us will have to make, revisiting our hearts, our dreams, our need for something real, strong and raw. It is not about anyone but each of us, and if we do play in this energy through a social gathering with some substances, be warned we may be swayed off our path to experience something important for our own emotional development, and we may feel we are so far from our hearts desire. These are portals for our personal healing, welcome the emotions in whatever colour or shape and transmute them with love, tenderness and self care. We are releasing deep psychological contracts, to be untethered and free for a new experience of life.

image: boxed water

The Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune (although wide) are speaking to the nodal axis of choice. Do we make our choices from the lens of North Node in Gemini, where Mars just landed? A place of being local, curious, asking questions, validating our own truth, and paving our path and enrich our experience from what we’ve personally learned. Or, do we make our choices from South Node in Sagittarius, self righteous, philosophical and broader view point, leaving us disconnected to what local is? A need to follow a guru, or self help book, or read the tarot or something where we give the responsibility of our decision making to others, and their dogmatics or singular way of being. All these planets make a semi square to Saturn and Jupiter, which gives us insight in helping to make our choices, to ensure we are here to serve our communities by finding the courage to be ourselves, with our dents and quirks we show up.

Mercury, is also at the last degree of Aquarius and moves in to Pisces on Tuesday 16 March, on one hand our intuition is on fire and on the other hand we will find it challenging to operate on a day to day. Mercury our communication planet is going into the ocean of Pisces, and it will feel like we’ve become intellectually blocked, our left hemisphere brain is going to require some plumbing. Nonetheless, the right hemisphere brain of creative and intuitive flow will require an outlet, perhaps writing, journaling, singing or expressing ourselves differently. Pay special attention to our dreams, insights and ideas that will flow in and out helping us to weave our personal tapestry just as intended. Mercury in Pisces is the frequency where we literally cannot feel the flow of our cognitive patterns to make a decision, without being flooded with some fantasy.

This is a profound week to quitten, expand our meditation practices often, as well as follow our hearts calling without worrying too much about how things will pan out. The magic is experienced when we release control and shift our perceptions to a greater force that only has unconditional love for us.

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