Equinox, quantum leaps for the transformed Self

On Saturday 20th March the Southern Hemisphere Autumnal Equinox begins, a time astrologically when the Sun is in line with our Sacred Mothers equator, when the light of day and darkness of night are equal. It is also the astrological new year, when the Aries season starts, and the Sun restarts its 12 month journey through the constellations weaving its divine magic, empowering us, highlighting greater opportunities to grow and deepening our capacity to focus on those divine feminine qualities. The beginning of this week was an emotional inner battle for some, and for others a creative affair, where we felt the depths of the Piscean vibe pull us up for all that we’ve been putting on hold for a rainy day. And yes, we had some rain here in Sydney, it has washed away our streets, cleansed our homes, made the earth fertile both physically and metaphorically to now plant those seeds, to give us the greatest experience aligned to our inner vibrating higher frequencies.

The Moon, glides into Taurus, making a conjunction with Uranus and a square to Saturn can bring up some peculiar emotional qualities. Uranus is the only planet in the cosmic nature to be naturally unpredictable, it is sudden and electrifying, the only guarantee we have is we will definitely feel different from what we thought was our norm. This is the very catalyst that helps each of us shift our core values regarding self worth, confidence and self respect. Making a square to Saturn, now the most powerful entity is requesting from us to rise within ourselves, bringing our quirky ideas to surface from our emotional standpoint. This very combination can bring some feelings of guilt, shame, some sadness, where we’ve behaved poorly and we’ve all been there. This very energy triggers an internal refocus of our lens through using the Piscean energy of compassion and forgiveness releasing old wounds through healthy conversations.

The Moon will square Mercury in Pisces on Thursday, as well as making a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. A powerful combination to transmute our emotional baggage by holding sacred conversations (Mercury), to transform (Pluto) into our emotional maturity. Mercury also makes a square to Mars, which can take our conversations into a low level of deception from people we thought were our friends, or loved ones, alternatively we can experience fast paced thoughts, projecting our deep wounds. This is a week of action, which is setting us up for the rest of the year. If we make peace with our shadow, by finding the courage for difficult conversations, the universe will reward us, we can make quantum leaps. These leaps are super powerful, firstly, our energetic body does not have the ability to hold grudges, passive anger, disappointment, we can experience physical, psychological and emotional discomfort. Propelling us to do the unexpected and reach out, make peace, ultimately Uranus is willing us to grow as we will discover by the end of the year that we are all interconnected. Each of our stories have an imprint on our Soul, so if one doesn’t do right, we all feel it and vice versa.

We cannot be making important decisions in this energy, as Mercury in Pisces can expand our imagination, this is great for creative projects, however if we have baggage it is a different story. If we’ve been pushing our healing aside hoping it will not echo louder than our ego, then we can feel paranoid and rush our decision making all for the sake of our arrogant pride. The information we hear may not be entirely true or helpful, which can cause all kinds of unsettling behaviours, making this week quite a barometer of how much we trust in spirit and our intuition for the right moral action. The past is not about ignoring what happened, but it is about finding forgiveness to clear the air and to retune the frequency to a higher vibration. This, of course, doesn’t happen without clear intention, or listening to our intuition or guides, even if it feels convoluted.

As we approach the weekend, there is a shift of energy from feeling to doing. The Sun will sail later in the evening on Saturday to Aries, and the Moon will have moved to Gemini, speaking in conjunction with Mars and North Node, while making a trine to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The Sun in Aries marks our Equinox, we can find ourselves shifting our inner vibration with a powerful universal force accelerating our actions, what we’ve been reaching for at a higher vibration can certainly manifest. Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius can bring a mutual respect in the diversity of conversation as well as friendships for collaborations. Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius enhances this collaboration as we can yield a lot of strength within to hold space for these necessary healing conversations.

This week, if we choose to use the frequency of our cosmos, will make room for healing and rekindle old relationships, and new collaborations. It is not an easy ride as we face our inner challenges by facing our shadows, acknowledge them and using the Mars in Gemini energy to physically make a move. Speak, call, talk, write, email, or send a message, whatever it takes we have to get over any expectations, feeling of separation, or arrogance because these very energies will get louder throughout the year. If we are waiting for life to take control, good luck, if we trust in the work we’ve done, and we can find that spark in our heart for forgiveness then we are in the perfect flow.

Venus enters Aries on Monday making a square to Moon as she enters Cancer, again expanding our need to act on these necessary shifts, which are holding us back or where we are not responding to our emotional needs for the fear of our safety and security. We all have a default fear button inside, it comes through as anxiety, impatience, control to name a few, bringing some unnecessary psychological turbulence, as we respond with the choices that cause separation. It wouldn’t be surprising by the end of this week, we may be forced to emotionally reevaluate our relationship, attitudes or behaviours around our personal financial freedom.

There is a big request from the universe to become self sufficient by supporting one another, in creative and innovative ways which is fair and balanced for all involved. Mars, is heading towards Cancer near the end of April, which will be a very different energy unfolding for us, if we do not take sensible action around what makes us feel secure and safe, then it can heighten the inner polarity of fear versus love. The Equinox, Sun and Venus move into Aries, and Mercury in Pisces we are going to feel like someone pressed the go button inside, its all go go go. Have you got the right people around you? Do you feel emotionally and psychologically seen, held or heard? Are you holding space for others, if so where do you find your time for rejuvenation?

The energy is like a mixing pot of clearing, healing, forgiving or shredding so we can catapult into a divine space to create more joy, lightness and adventure in our lives.

Happy Astrology New Year!

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