Juxtaposition vibes Full Moon in Libra

There are moments in life, little sparks of knowing something inside of us is willing us to follow our hearts with full galar in the honoring of our Soul purpose. This very spark causes a personal disposition, one that beckons to defeat our ego, desire and pride to follow the subtle hearts calling or quest for a personal freedom that is devoid of illusion. The healthy ego is the catalyst for us to make our moves and open doorways dazzling our quality of self-impersonation. The cosmic nature is a language, or body of knowledge which speaks to us through the stillness of meditation, the expression through creativity and the magic of the present moment. If we have what it takes to rise within our own shadow, and shift low, unhealthy egoic actions towards an altruistic way of being, then perhaps this 2021 will unfold with profound synchronicities.

This week measures how much we are willing to trust what is in our world, heart and untainted self expression, to bring us closer in accepting of our individualistic sparks. The Sun in Aries, is going to combust Venus tonight. A combust only happens when a planet moves physically within 8 degrees of the Suns centre, thus burning them of their qualities, only to be resurrected with wisdom to embark on a new revised cycle. Venus gives rise to our tangible pleasures, her rule over Taurus, the sensations, and our relationship dynamics, her rule over Libra the diplomatic quality weighing what we’ve experienced. Venus is key to this cosmic dance, it’s not only a mere transition, but her plea for us to hold true in our hearts our worthiness of living by our highest value of self.

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Today is a powerful day, not only do we (from an Earth’s perspective) lose sight of Venus as she travels on the other side of the Sun, she is also inviting us to explore a new cycle of relationship dynamics, refine our values or live by them and to believe without a doubt in our hearts to act on what will bring us the ultimate joy. Venus although an outward expressing quality turns internal as she is combusted by the Sun. Her frequency is more felt on the internal spiritual level, which indicates we are learning a big lesson regarding our personal values, beauty, love and within relationships. As Venus travels behind the Sun, she is also becoming the evening star and teaching all of us about the innate responsibility we hold when we relate with others, and if we didn’t appreciate that connection, we may spend the next few weeks feeling the Venus teachings at a visceral level.

We may energetically feel so far removed from our values acting in unhinged or in distorted ways, or even a yearning for beauty in our lives desperately, going for second best and not what we resonate towards. This energy will play out in different ways for all of us because we are all unique and are required to mature, heal and grow in the way we relate in our lives. For some it may express as placing energy into our projects to bring to life, without balance we can get caught up in obsessive qualities, for others it may mean a complete change of life to bring us the inner growth of what we long for, it depends on how much we are willing to understand that we have the power to change. The point to consider here is to trust our intuition and heart, and to be certain from this lens without any intervention from others or worry about other people’s opinion, that we are on our right path. Mercury is travelling fast towards Neptune in Pisces and will be conjuncting on Monday, the day of the Full-Moon in Libra at 8 degrees. Mercury is our perception, understanding and communication, in Pisces our intuition is heightened, and communication or perspective is foggy, clouded by judgement or illusion. This energy can be used to readjust our focus on creative outlets, not doodling for the sake of it, but using creativity as a divination tool for communication from our Divine Feminine or insights from our higher Self to tap into what personal changes we need to make. The Divine Feminine can guide us to our path, to what actions to take and to what is required for our next step. And if we don’t know, use it to ask what is our purpose or gravitate towards what brings us happiness.

The strongest, the courageous and the determined can sail through this energy as it requires heart strength, compassion and kindness to have clear sacred boundaries, to not fluctuate with unhinged emotional uncertain tendencies. We need to explore the difference, as they both can bleed into one another when the ego is the centre point of our decision making our desires can lead us to act in desperate ways, discernment is key. The Moon will travel into Virgo on Friday through to Sunday, before she reflects the light of the Sun in Aries on Monday. The Virgo Moon opposes Pallas Athena, giving us a choice to dive deep into our emotional body to make practical choices versus the strategic and diplomatic voice of reason, influenced by the great mysteries of the unknown.

The Moon opposes, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. All three entities, Pallas Athena, Mercury and Neptune can distract us into a dreamy state, where we can feel either emotionally paralysed in our need to take action or we can make plans in great detail to determine the next step. To take action, to move, to do something practical will make us feel emotionally enriched because we are inevitably growing from this holding space. This doesn’t mean only wash the dishes, or clean the house, although this could be the start to get us take action, instead of procrastinating. To do something practical, is an indication to work towards our ultimate happiness, driving us to achieve what we need individually, so we can show up from our best versions yet. Choosing happiness can come at a price, not everyone around us will rejoice in our new found love of whatever that maybe, which can stifle us, hold us back or delay us if we are constantly seeking outer validation. The vibe in the sky is shining the frequency of ‘we are the conduits of our life’, and if we choose freedom from the heart perspective, we will be supported by Divine intervention. No other human has this power, no belief has this turning point, thus we have this power if we are present, pay attention and tune into our Divine essence.

Higher self with lower self

One of the major cosmic connections is Mars conjuncting the North Node in Gemini and making a trine to Saturn. Mars rules Aries, where the Sun, Venus, Chiron the wounded healer, Ceres and Eris the goddess of discord reside. This permeates a calling to follow what our Soul/Ego (Sun), to refine the values that hold us back (combust Venus), to understand the wisdom from our wounds (Chiron), to transmute our grief (Ceres) and to embark on our truth (Eris) regardless of what it may cause in Aries, representing self. Saturn is important here, because he will certainly give us the experience of our actions, he is wisdom and resilience, teaching and encouraging us to make those personal changes. If we’ve betrayed others or we are being betrayed by others it will all come out during the full moon or next week. If we conduct our actions through pure consciousness, heart and we are champing at the bit for our self worth, then the chaos will only come from those that have held us back. Saturn making a trine to Mars can reward us through positive action of releasing patterns that prevent us from being in our ultimate truth. And if we hope this energy is temporary, think again, with Saturn, and the North Node involved this is a long term result.

The resistance or paralysed states triggered by Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, can prevent us to take action as they dive deep into our psyche to bring awareness to what unserving tendencies require to be flushed away. Our response also indicates the barometer of our Soul journey, so it’s important to not judge or compare ourselves to others, our path is unique like our inner melody and thus we have our own unique talents and purpose in this lifetime. This weekend is huge, there will be gifts from the universe, they may not look like what we think, but doors will open and we have a choice to take action. The universe will present us with monkey nuts, it is up to us to crack them open. In other words we will get chances to heal our actions to pave our path for joy, the trick is we have to do something physical to send the message back to the universe this is what we want or not, it’s an inside job.

Mars with the North Node is a powerful turning point in our world, we can feel the past as a distant memory or we can hold on to what is familiar, either choice can bring an experience of empowerment or disempowerment. What will you choose? Where are you holding back? What choices have you denied because fear is louder than love of Self? Mars speaks in harmony with Saturn, too malefic energies suggest we embody what makes us feel good, what gives us freedom, and what can allow us to be ourselves so we can participate in our world without any modifications of our frequency. This energy also brings up situations where others have not been honest or we’ve skewed the truth, giving us more ammunition towards our decisions that require our full intention. There is a surge of energy that requires to be expelled, if not, we will be simmering in doubt or regret for a long while.

With all these powerful energies shaping in the language of personal freedom, joy and truth, we experience the Full Moon on Monday 29 March 5:48am Sydney. The Sun, Chiron and Venus all at 8 degrees in Aries, opposing the Moon in Libra 8 degrees will shake up our worlds in terms of personal justice and the fight for our way of life. How we are seen, our wounds, following our hearts, connecting with an energy which requires pure divine unity makes a big shift in our emotional and psychological bodies. The Moon also creates a trine to Saturn indicating to create inner balance and express ourselves fully from our inner wisdom to pave our future path.

shamanic practices to balance self

This is a juxtaposition vibration, on one hand we are having to really define our needs, values and happiness, on the other hand we are to refine these emotional needs without egotistical low vibrating spin offs, and to know what wounds we are required to heal within to be in our authentic space of Self. Ego is big, Aries is all about our ego and self, we can use this in healthy or not so healthy ways. We can seize a situation, come on too strong and just feel awkward, or we can deny our inner voice warning us, swaying us to make a bigger choice that requires bravery. Aries when vibrating on a higher frequency can encourage others to follow their dreams and act upon them without getting in the way. This energy can demonstrate personal action, through awareness of our wounds and to be open to healing so we can move forward and take small steps towards our new path backed up from a deeply spiritual space.

The cosmos always shifts our consciousness to greater heights so we can experience a life that we’ve put together by tapping into our talents, passions and creativity, bring awareness to our personal wounds and transmute them via communicating or voicing out loud our needs only if we want. Using this lens, the wisdom of impermanence is through experience, teaching us to not teather ourselves to some false illusion or deception of we are not enough, but rather transform this as ‘our individual melody has a purpose to express in its own way’. Our Soul, higher self and heart is calling up the cosmos to assist us so we can move forward with reverence.

Its big healing energy this weekend, which falls into next week. The choices we make in our personal life matter. We are all divine, we have so much to give to one another, we have so much to unlearn about what makes us feel unworthy, disempowered and not enough. Until these shadows are fully realised within ourselves we will meet the same lessons, use the full Moon in Libra, grand trine to Mars in Gemini with North Node and trine Saturn in Aquarius to take personal responsibility to balance our emotional needs from the wisdom of what we’ve experienced and take positive action forward.

We live in a strange controlled world, rules that take us away from what is natural and what is in the divine order, many of us have chosen to outsmart these natural laws only to damage and mock in superficial ways. The cosmic sky is teaching us layer by layer, compassionately, sometimes fiercely to take the highest path and this can be an aggressive or somewhat solo expression. This weekend, if we pay attention, we can receive insight on that spark, what we do with it will determine the next few years at least. It is a very exciting energy, and trust our true inner frequency is of unconditional love, always remember this vastness within exists and we can tap into it anytime. What will you choose to take action on? What patterns do we carry that leave us feeling an emotional void or hold us back from full self expression?

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