The level of self-worth tested New Moon in Aries

A resurgence of our self worth has been simmering since August 2020, when Mars was travelling in Aries with a retrograde and finally moved out in January 2021. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac a fire sign, its constellation is not so bright, faded stars, and ruler of Mars, which is currently travelling through Gemini the third sign of the zodiac associated with local, youthful, social and fact finding attributes. Aries represents our significance, our birth right to be at this timeline, our right to shine or sparkle our own light, our force to shift, to change and take what we feel rightfully is ours and an energy that builds anger, frustration and justice which fuels the action to make the necessary changes we need. This New Moon, is about making some serious perhaps challenging decisions from the lens of our self worth and how we value the state of our life, or the standards we are willing to accept.

What is self-worth or worthiness? According to experts translation “is that you’re a good person and deserves to be treated with respect”. A sense of worthiness and values are how we measure our behaviour in our environment and through our personal experiences which shape how we hold ourselves within these parameters. Aries is a sign of action, therefore the psychology behind how we demonstrate our level of worth through the various acts we commit establishes our a ‘sense’ of self-value. All, is subjective. There is no right or wrong. The only person that is keeping tabs is you, if we’re conscience enough to know our thoughts manifest the experience of life we are living then making the change is for our greater good. How our actions, based on the level of frequency we choose for our personal value, shapes our external world, the conditions and the experiences we encounter. The moon has reached its balsamic phase, a time of retreating and turning our attention to what behavioural, attitudinal and limited beliefs rise to the surface, for us to transmute and release.

The Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto, before she moves into Aries later today and by Monday she will be creating a square to Pluto. We can feel the influctuations, the inner swirlings of where we’ve not practiced loyalty to our values. The sextile between Moon and Pluto exposes deeply buried emotions, which stumble us on our tracks, or can teather us to situations which have quite profound connections. Peeling abstract, alien emotions we’ve stored for safekeeping, until the universe presents us with a situation or experience to project, examine and express with those that have equal, similar values as us or not but the very act of doing so reveals so much more. Or a safe space where we can simply be ourselves. Choose wisely, Saturn in Aquarius is our saving grace, by his resilience, patience and wise lens, in its holiday home Aquarius, which is all about the greater good for all involved, we can seek salvage in our expression. This is the only time of year, in 2021, if we’ve diligently followed our heart, applied courage which aligns with our values, we will be rewarded by the Universe.

S. Richey painting

The reward is translated where Mars is placed, in Gemini, which is encouraging us to bravely, ask the questions before we inform our opinions, or sail our ships to a consciously created life. Mars is at the North Node, this for most of us, apart from those that have a South Node in Gemini, like myself, will have to swallow their prides, their self-judgement and not be making decisions about anything in a ‘hit and hope’ attitude. Mars is making a square to Neptune, and this is a very interesting energy to work with, as it is deeply associated with the influence of Pisces. The dreamy, vast, field of infinite possibilities, is activated with Mars having a conversation with Neptune. Mars, is teaching us, if we refuse for whatever reason we choose to not question, who is saying what, or attempting to convince us to be in a certain way, or hold ourselves through external intervention and that are attempting to enchant us in some imaginary world, then we can trap ourselves into a prison of self-deception. Neptune in Pisces, is an energy that is likely to put a spell on us, its hypnotic and can trap us unconsciously to do things that we do not understand. Mars is diligently asking us to question. This connection between Mars and Neptune is super strong over this weekend, paying attention to our actions aligned with our values will be tested.

Mars rules Aries, where we have the Sun, Moon later tonight, Venus, Chiron, Eris and Mercury all pointing towards the North Node in Gemini. The cosmos is asking us to ask, to question, to not trust so naively, as there is some force that wants us to conform in someway. Pluto, is playing a big role, its in Capricorn, our control, how and where we use our personal power consciously or unconsciously will rise, and be mirrored back as some force to make those internal changes. If we already know where we are triggered, and how we are using our power, then we as a collective wouldn’t be so sensitive and cautious about what we say and to whom. Our opinions and the right to have an individual idea would be accepted without being judged or ostracised. This is the very energy that is asking us to be discerning, but invite everyone, even those that are deemed to not align with our values. This may sound like a contradiction, because when it comes to personal relations, (friends, lovers, family) we want to be discerning, if they are going to persuade us to go against what we feel is our truth then change needs to occur, however, we will need to also create opportunities with those that are different from us, so we can gain knowledge, expand our perspectives to make informed decisions.

New Moon is on Monday 12 April at 12:30pm Sydney, Australia, depending on your bravery over the weekend, this new Moon is going to be the initiator of all that we’ve experienced over the last 9 months. The decisions, the opinions, the lifestyle we’ve adopted since, will now start to form, we will feel deep in our hearts what action we take if a change is required. The New Moon will be at 22 degrees Aries, with the Sun, and this degree has already been activated by Mars in August of 2020, where it was creating a square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We could experience some completion or activation of our ideas that allowed us to step up into what was revealed at that time. The New Moon, with the Sun in Aries, sextiles Mars in Gemini, through courage, trusting our intuition, we take action to change the course of our life. The Sun and Moon trine Sagittarius to the South Node and has the backing with a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius. Although Jupiter, our teacher is liking this dynamic air sign, its still answering to the South Node, which indicates we cannot let the necessary changes pass us by, and hope all is well, or follow some idol or guru because this is a personal affair not a conference.

This New Moon with the Sun, also makes a square to Pluto, a big emphasis on change, to rise ourselves up for a different level of life experience. It’s interesting Venus is at 26 degrees of Aries, and Pluto is a 26 degrees Capricorn, making a square. Any alignment with Venus and Pluto can bring some violent, abusive, dark connections that we might find ourselves experiencing, perhaps a sense of violation of our personal power. If we choose to only see the greatness of this new moon, and refuse to test if we are being enchanted by something that is taking us away from our path, we may experience quite a challenging year. Alternatively, with personal discernment, using our personal standards to measure what quality of people we want in our lives, then we can have some profound interactions. A very powerful weekend, that will keep on giving until weeks to come. Venus and Eris conjunct can open us to truth that requires us to take action, or revisit our values, our level of self worth. Eris is the activist, with a square to Pluto and conjunct to Venus, she is asking us to raise our standards, and be a little judgy when it comes to connecting with people who have done the work, who are willing to look at their shadow and admit their flaws, because we are tired of trying to conform to others so we can be liked.

This is the perfect weekend to examine our motivations;

  • the frequency behind our thoughts,
  • to understand our patterns, some destructive,
  • to notice where we hold back,
  • where we are in denial about how we treat others, and expect to be treated differently,
  • notice who are our real friends, the ones that can see us,
  • notice where we allow fear or desire to change the course of our life,
  • notice if we feel a sense of void – what do we fill it with?
  • notice if the burning desire for adventure dilutes our values
  • notice when working with our values, how our perspective changes

It is important to have a good set of friends around, for emotional support or some serious belly laughs. Be in your power, know that you are the most beautiful being on earth and your mission is about to get activated. Are you ready?

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