Magnitude of emotions – Super Full-Moon in Scorpio

Powerful insights will be available to each of us during this Super Full-Moon in Scorpio, on Tuesday 27 April at 1:31pm, Sydney time. This is no ordinary alignment, with the moon making an opposition to the Sun in Taurus, reaching our deeply buried psychological and emotional traumas, bringing them to our consciousness, perhaps in dreams, insights, interactions or downloads. The Sun in Taurus is not only making the opposition to the Moon, but also Venus, Uranus and the wild frequency of Black Moon Lilith amping up what we need to release that has now served its purpose. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, create a square to Saturn in Aquarius, working with a super charged T-square which on a basic level restricts us or constrains us through those that have authority in our lives, making Tuesday an activation point of endings, releases and huge changes.

This cosmic alignment, or dance of the energies have aligned in a moment in time, which pushes us psychologically towards necessary changes, for the healing to occur on a collective and personal level. The Moon in Scorpio, is reflecting the shadow of Taurus qualities, where we find ourselves addressing traumatic, unhealthy situations that have degraded our sense of worth. We are being pushed, cornered or swayed to follow something that has been niggling at us, but we’ve ignored the signs. There is so much to understand with the Scorpio versus Taurus lens, which each of us have a connection to regardless if we have any planetary positions, which can impact us on a personal level. This is where the nodes of the moon will land in December taking us through this intensity, disclosure and putting our actions into the personal value alignment for 18 months. This Super Full-Moon in Scorpio is going to activate on the highest level, what we need, to feel the essence of our worth, our life, our relationships, our physical bodies, our earth, our community, our families, our creative projects, hobbies and how we earn our money, and just to go a little further, it brings up where we have not been kind, or where our personal value has been compromised by our tainted ego, shadow or projection of our subconscious.

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Scorpio symbolises where we psychologically store our own traumas. It gives us insight on how we can lose ourselves, when we have unprocessed, unconscious, unserving energies in our subtle bodies. We tend to react, from a place of excessive pride triggering paranoia, fear, dark-blocked sense of apathy and displaying it all out without any self-conscious attributes. This zodiac sign, is best associated with emotional intensity, hidden psychological behaviours or patterns, dark taboo subjects which take us on a journey of isolation. This journey is necessary, for understanding who we are and the innate power we have to live our lives in wholeness. The moon triggers this energy on Tuesday, indicating for us to work with it until the new Moon in Taurus on 12 May. These two weeks post full-moon in Scorpio is about endings, in order to transform our psychological programming and transmute our layers of healing only to rise like the Phoenix.

This week is a point in time, where we experience high and challenging levels of loss, betrayal, and self-sabotage, we have to remind ourselves when we are in the receiving end of these tragedies working on ourselves is the key. For some it may mean a dramatic sudden shift, or change of events, situations, realisations and for others it can be deep ancestral, family or personal trauma which has hindered or shaped us unconsciously on how we operate in the world. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, imagine an iceberg; cold, mysterious, floating with the ocean so slowly that we dismiss any movement, and convince ourselves this is all there is, but we go underwater, the hidden parts or the depth of this entity is vast, within the darkest of waters. These qualities open us up to the hidden, secret, fear, death and trigger our deeply unemotional qualities. The moon represents our inner child, our mothering qualities, our emotional body and the public eye, and when in Scorpio in fall position, this can bring out our inner Medusa. The goddess who was cursed for sleeping with a Poseidon (Neptune), in Athena’s shrine, who saw this act and cursed her with a head of snakes. Athena only realised after this action, that Poseidon was violating her innocence. The Moon triggers our inner Medusa qualities, of being ostracised by a crime where we are innocent, therefore the inner rage, the deception and the reaction to such a curse can leave us feeling alone, untethered to society, our values, and we are out to seek vengeance.

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The Moon making an opposition to Venus, highlights the places in our life that are empty or void of a deep emotional connection, and how we respond to filling this void comes from Scorpios influence of extremely dark connections, to satisfy our desires. If the connection is mutual, deep and real it can be a profound experience. The cosmos is putting us in the driving seat of which path we take, the sacred or the non-sacred, the light or the dark, the pure love or the tainted lust. The Moon also makes an interesting opposition to Uranus, as Venus passes this point, which can bring some sudden shifts, changes, epiphanies, movement or surprises to the Taurean qualities. This is a different energy compared to Scorpio, it is fixed earth, representing the earth, how we ground ourselves through our sense of security, money, value, our senses, our beauty and our root energy centre can plummet as these energies squares Saturn responsibility, restriction, wisdom, authority, power and challenges. Taurus the home of Venus where she currently resides amping her strength during this shocking, life changing alignment asking us to connect with our Divine Feminine forces inner and outer. And then there is Black Moon Lilith, we can feel rebellious, greedy, possessive, wild, ruthless, take action which feeds the ego, and highlights where we are done with anything superficial.

The Moon has one supporting energy a trine to Mars in Cancer. Scorpio is the ancient ruler of Mars, but this warrior energy is debilitated in Cancer losing its courage, drive, and getting caught up in the emotions, or taking emotionally driven actions which adds to this crazy cocktail of a Full-Moon intensifier. There is a lot going on, and we can feel emotionally alone, not heard or understood, we can also use this energy to process what comes up and find an internal resolution. The Moon opposite Uranus, as Venus makes a conjunction is indicating a big shock of our financial situations, our interdependency conditions that we thought gave us security are shifting, or we require freedom, space, evolution, shaking us all up in different areas in our life. Uranus also quincunx the South Node in Sagittarius, and its ruling planet Jupiter is in Aquarius, indicating a big shift of our ideals and future depends on how we truly align with what is going to take us to our highest, elevated self.

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Pluto, slows down for its retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn, the very position where Venus will retrograde on 20 December. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, indicating how our power, control and personal authority requires some level of attention, as it may not be serving us in our world. This is such a heightened energy, we are required to pay attention, to the insights of where the transformations need to take place otherwise we will be processing these lessons on a much grander scale when Venus is hitting these very degrees in Capricorn at the end of the year.

The powerful energy of this Full-Moon is a game changer, we are going to have to dig deep for the tools to help us ground, to find courage for the changes to take place no matter how much they hurt and to be in a space of wanting to transform on a conscious level. To also find trust in this time of uncertainty, brings us closer to understanding and working with our personal values, taking action where we own who we are, and releasing the stories that keep us psychologically trapped or lost strengthens us in this unexplored empowered space. We have to reach inside, using the deep intensity from Scorpio to assist us in getting to those places that are hidden so we can take the responsibility to transform ourselves and in turn make our lives better, more meaningful and satisfying.

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