True-heartedness – New Moon Taurus

The cosmos sets the stage for the New Moon in Taurus, taking its form to put into practice how our morals, ethics, values and beliefs are validated from the choices we’ve made. There are always two unfolding energies, not always so obvious as this one, where we have strong energies in fixed earth sign Taurus our individual self-worth, fixed air Aquarius our uniqueness in the collective, directing our focus to the microcosm of how our actions measure and substantiate our sovereignty, the human state leading us to our Soul, activating our creator being. Already, we are in eclipse season, although this New Moon on 12 May at 4:58am, Sydney, doesn’t speak to the eclipses, it will certainly play as a foundational building block to what energies we’ve been entertaining in order to find the ultimate space of emotional, spiritual and psychological evolution to love and accept ourselves. Prior to this epic moment in our lives, where we dip into several experiences or insights of what our future will look like, we will be called to heal our past traumatic experiences. Aquarius, where both Saturn and Jupiter reside, until next week when Jupiter plunges into Pisces, we are being called to take responsibility of our future, where our money, values, beliefs, sensuality, relationships and the work we do, takes a forward leap from the lens of how we truly see our worth, how we may give into desire, how we may be persuaded into something that feels alien and perhaps how we may place ourselves where our morals become loose.

Today, the Moon makes a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, an energy that can bring us to feel everything a thousand times greater than we would normally. Neptune is Poseidon the god of the ocean, where big dark strange and ugly things live and he is also the grandson of Uranus, meaning the son of Saturn (Kronos). Therefore we can feel extremely sensitive as the Moon amps up this energy, we can connect psychically to others while simultaneously we can easily be victimised with deceit, deception or scandal. These feelings submerge not as enemies but as signatures from our wounds that require to be healed. This theme is the undercurrent that amps up next week as Jupiter the planet of expansion and truth, moves into Pisces. Moon sextiles Venus emphasises to dive into the deepest parts where we can discover our dormant creator being and avoid subconscious persuasion from others, showing up as something we want to see or hear or feel, but really they lack the commitments, or spiritual perspective or values which oppose our own. Venus also makes a square to Jupiter, which is an interesting combination of our desires, sensuality and needs are met at whatever cost, Jupiter expands our heart, our need to dive deep into our inner world and find the hidden treasures of our existence. If we look deeper into this alignment, Venus at 27 degrees of Taurus, making a conjunct with the dark star of Algol, is associated with the frequency of Medusa. Algol in many languages is translated to alcohol, when under the influence of substance we can open ourselves up to all kinds of energies, and find ourselves in situations where we’ve betrayed our own values or morals, and commit to poor quality situations, leaving a big void in our hearts or even hijacked.  

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By the time we get through this weekend, we will have the Moon go balsamic in Aries, making a conjunction with Chiron the wounded healer, sextile Mercury in Gemini and square Mars in Cancer, indicating two energies which, can measure our level of consciousness on, how much we want to embody the ‘creator being’. There is a lot here, so let’s break it down. The balsamic Moon in Aries is a dark moon internalising our processes as we clear our past pains, activating the energy of last year from August to January, where Mars was in Aries making aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as the moon draws closer to Chiron we can start to conjure up old wounds that require to be expelled through healthy dialogue, helping us through the healing, understanding of our own sense of security or where we doubt ourselves. Mars in Cancer, brings up a passive warrior, where family, parents, children, our home, our ancestors and lineage is the work, how we protect this foundational support or how we’ve been held as a child of our lineages can bring the deeper wounding for us to heal the inner child, which is Mercury in Gemini. The shadow of the inner child can hold many wounds, unconsciously separating us from our sense of confidence, blocking us from our truth, creativity and dancing in the rhythm of life. At the sametime we may feel obligated to adopt what no longer aligns with what we see as truth but because the familiarity is there it doesn’t mean it should stay. Observe, this weekend, as the energy starts to intensify, making us uncomfortable or unstable, we may find escape through substances, placing ourselves in some ghastly situations with people who have very low standards of life, morals and ethics.

Saturn and Uranus square is a big deal, it’s the ongoing saga of old versus new, past versus future, structured thinking versus chaotic innovation, the theme of 2021, and we are about to witness how crazy or chaotic things are about to get, at the same time something pulls us back to reassess. The Sun, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith make a conjunct, activating our unique, wild, uninhibited, magical, individuality, our uniqueness which no other Soul has, to bring this depth of awareness, with courage so, we can share or show or support our communities, groups or friends. Saturn is slowing down, whereas Uranus is now moving faster, which indicates Uranus the planet of chaos, electricity, excitement, explosive momentum is about to get personal for the necessary shake ups, to catapult us to several doorways or potential futures and at the same time, Saturn pulls us into the responsible mode to give us breath to bring us back, to what we need to reassess and question, does it look like this and does it feel in alignment to our truth. Our job is to get an understanding of how this macrocosm is playing out in our microcosm world, and where we need to make those changes instead of working through worldly issues. Uranus at 11 degrees of Taurus making a quincunx to the South Node in Sagittarius, giving us insight of what needs to be released so we can align our actions with our morals, ethics and values, serving our empowered Self. As Uranus pulls the rug from under us, what we will experience on a personal level is something that we’ve not even thought about, it is not in our peripheral vision, even if we try to guess it, Uranus will out do all of us, because he is showing us our innovative, creative and spontaneous decision making, helping us to evolve. It is the higher mind, stretching us beyond, pushing us towards uncertainty, infinity, and the unknown where we meet our new selves.

As the weekend comes to an end for us in Sydney, from what we’ve experienced over the last few days, is the catalyst to Pluto’s deconstruction for the reconstruction of our power, control and structures, for us to transform or transcend into what feels right. Pluto makes a square to the Moon, trine to Sun, sesi-square to Mercury and a trine to Venus. This is a big emphasis on our individual evolution, pushing us into situations where we can feel our shadow echo through us, leaving us emotionally uncomfortable with ourselves, where we can react by rebelling or respond through reflection of, what situation is worth our energy, because the trine with Venus and Sun, speaks in harmony of our Soul and our values.

The New Moon in Taurus is special, we don’t want to lose this opportunity where the assignment is clear; work hard for our personal truth, align our personal values, consistently question and explore what brings us joy and happiness that which places us in a better future state. As long as we have the right people, conditions around us as, supporting us and not projecting or persuading us, no matter how sweet their language maybe, we can totally excel. This is the most fertile space to conjure up our new moon intentions aligned with our sense of worth, security, the quality of life we want to experience with no exceptions whatsoever, as we deeply accept and love ourselves. This week, pay attention to our intuition, our feelings of other people in our environment as the Moon and Sun sextile Neptune, we can go either way with this energy depending on our Soul journey and level of conscious awareness and with the ability to master our shadows we can plant the seeds that expresses our unique Soul signatures. We can test this by asking ourselves, if all my triggers are activated by those in my environment because of their choices, where am I denying my needs or not voicing them? What are my psychological roadblocks? How do they show up?

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The shadow side of Taurus is greed, gluttony and over indulged pleasures with no moral conscious. Neptune and Pluto play a strong role, both supporting us in our power to transcend and transform, so when we plant those seeds that which carry our sacred dreams we are in the perfect storm. We are practicing self-love and self-worth to give ourselves the space, time and right conditions to meet the energy of this New Moon in Taurus. Mercury sextiles Chiron, an aspect where we can keep our thoughts separate from our wounds, at the same time echoing our unexplained bouts of stress or anxiety where integration of our thoughts require us to psychological reframe our perception of our wounds, assisting us with our healing. Mercury, conjuncts the North Node in Gemini, as they both make a trine to Saturn, where our concentration, mental stimulation assist us in making sustainable long-term plans. It’s a big new moon, with an emphasis on only truth, high quality; standards, morals, values used as the currency to bring new opportunities into our force field. On one hand this is an easy energy as we know what to do, the plan is in clear site, however the emotional effort to trust ourselves, our hearts and our worthiness to make the choices that bring only quality situations without a sense of self-righteousness can be very tricky. Mercury in Gemini, granting us a frequency of truth where our perceptions, if sober, our inner thoughts and not self-sabotaging for a quick pick-me-up and our commitment to long-term plans, all comes down to how much we value and accept who we are as individuals and thus experience space of true-heartedness.

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