Total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius initiation

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius visible for Australia at 9:15 pm on 26 May, making an opposition to the Sun in Gemini is an initiation to shift our perspectives. The theme is around our beliefs and how we’ve been holding onto stories, situations or people with a tight rope, lacking sustenance, thus requires each of us to action. This is no ordinary Super Full Moon in Sagittarius, it is closer to the earth, creates a total lunar eclipse where the earth’s orbit creates a shadow from the Sun’s rays onto the Moon and is squaring Jupiter. A phenomenal, astrological alignment which in ancient times we would hold ceremony, to bring what is old, what has served us, what has held us back, what is requiring us to step into a new way of being a complete release, followed by celebration for our personal growth and ultimate truth. I’m not sure we would be doing this at this junction, as this Lunar eclipse is about to shake the old belief systems, paradigms and patterns out of our subconscious. We will be able to see things like we’ve never seen before, we will be able to understand our path and we will be able to process what holds us back.  

Lunar Eclipse image by @vincenzomalago

There is so much here to digest, however it is more important that we feel into this energy rather than intellectualising its divine wisdom. Already, with Saturn going retrograde and with the Moon leaving Scorpio after having a conversation with Uranus, we’ve been given the messages. It is entirely up to us, if we dilute these messages with our ego, or taint them with our old perceptions, and deny the shadows this initiation activates we will certainly fall into the greats disillusionment of our entire lives.   

Jupiter rules Sagittarius which makes this even more poignant and powerful, Jupiter makes a square to both the Sun and Moon. Jupiter expands the shadow of Sagittarius qualities; education, foreign travel, boarders, culture, beliefs, ideals, Guru mentality, blind optimism, irresponsibility, superficial tactics and restlessness. Jupiter in Pisces is strong, its home and it’s hungry. We may receive our messages in either from a higher spiritual lens or in disillusionment causing us frustration. Although this frustration may be a blind spot for some of us, we may be totally convinced our beliefs were right, they served us well and we’ve lived to tell the tale. Nonetheless, it is a very telling tale of shaking our perceptions so we can grapple with the truth of our path and take necessary action. It is not a time to start, stop or pause, it is not a time to even go back memory lane and tap into what was good and it is certainly not a time to hold on to the past. It is a time, to digest the shifts, given them time to land in this turbulent changing energy, allowing it all to settle. Gone are the days where we could entertain other people’s nonsense, our yearning for a true life experience is opening, not before the psychological releases and valuable discordance.

shattered image by macseam

Our beliefs are aligned with our perceptions, highlighting how we see the world from our own experiences and conditioning. When this very idea is being called to upgrade, remove, shake or change, we can have a very difficult time in accepting the fall of how we see our world. Mercury is slow, not ready for its retrograde until the 30 May in its home sign Gemini, it is making a square to Neptune and this very energy adds to our distortion or trust of the unknown. Mercury rules our left hemisphere, our quest for data, information, our speech and in Gemini it is powerful, it is at home, it is having a grand time, so it’s going to start pushing its strength for us to question; how we may have lost our way, how we may have caught ourselves in a web of illusion or how we can push this new way of seeing the world towards our visions. Mercury with Neptune is a fine recipe for psychotic episodes, we can numb ourselves, betray our values and more dangerously believe our thoughts. To work through this alignment, is to ensure there is space to express ourselves creatively or spiritually.  

Venus and Mercury make a conjunction, sounds exciting, however Venus is making a sesi-square to Pluto activating two different types of responses. On one hand we can express our deepest fears with compassion, vocalise our dreams, shift our focus to more meditative or spiritual practices. This can helps us to connect with our guides, higher self or intuition leading us to a path unknown, trusted and most rewarding. The flips side of this, we can totally miss our game, launch into dark spaces or connections for quick thrills and with those that do not spark our attention or excitement. Neptune is timeless, the veil is thin making it easier to experience deception, escapism because this Lunar Eclipse is going to mentally and emotionally push us towards the necessary shifts of our beliefs and how we identify with them. A lot of self-righteous frequency, mixed with a massive gas planet we can with no doubt expect the biggest explosion in our lives.  

Mars trine Neptune is an interesting mix to this Total Lunar Eclipse cosmic alignment, although not exact until 31 May it still brings an rest bite to express our creativity and a strong urge to dive deep into spiritual practices. We can truly understand from a deep level, if we honour our truth, bring action to express the loyalty of our values, joy, we will happily move towards our vision or future state. Mars is now at its last decan of Cancer, so it’s getting happier to leave this emotional sign, as a result it is getting at little vocal with some courage to apply our inner discord in a healthy way. Our higher Self knows it’s personal mission, regardless of what others think or want us to do or not do, we must go towards our truth, walk the path of our quest and endure what is required to reach paradise. The disclaimer is, we must care enough about our truth, that non-attachment with all its stories of what society has informed us about our roles, positions, programming and freedom, must be agitated for the ultimate truth.  

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