Solar eclipse with a Mercury Rx Cazimi brings upgraded perspectives

A big Gemini Solar eclipse on 10 June at 8:32pm (AEST) with the north node, brings with it new beginnings, born from our default, deceptive, tried and tested psychological patterns, in particular shifting our perception of reality. What we believe to be true under the guise of others advice or projection is purged through an internal journey of the past where we’ve been convinced, we were absolutely right. The Moon conjoins the Sun at 19 degrees Gemini, illuminating deep psychological insights about what is true and what is illusion, based purely from a conditional perspective adhering to the outer forces.

Mercury square Neptune doesn’t help with clearing the lens, as we may escape into the wilderness of our fantasies, leaving us quite disillusioned. These very conditions be it, our beliefs, the information we digest, where we put our energy, how we communicate with a buffer to safely articulate our needs, can leave us disconnected from our hearts. These deeply buried displacements in our subconscious, hidden from our heart rise up during this profound Solar Eclipse where new doors way of communication open.

Gemini is a frequency that pushes each of us on a personal quest to discover who we truly are without any labels or past influences, consciously or subconsciously. Here we use our Gemini qualities, by finding parts of ourselves through others, therefore communication, unseen and seen becomes our greatest barometer of our self-realised truth. Truth is not written in some testament, family myth or self-help materials, or media, neither is it found through the opinion of others or their guidance to get us to a particular psychological understanding of Self. Yes, these can help to put parts of our self-inquiry puzzle together, but the real work is tapping into them intuitively (Neptune) if they feel aligned or not to our wholeness.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini is the master teacher through learning, communication, intelligence and trickster qualities inviting us to stay present with what resonates and what ultimately must be purged to journey into the world of understanding our sovereignty. This new moon in Gemini with the Sun (spirit) will create a shadow not only by the Moon but Mercury moving in its inferior conjunction creating a cazimi, birthing a new perspective of how we see our world, psychologically and spiritually.  

When Mercury is within 17′ arc of the Sun, this is called ‘cazimi’ in astrology. It means that Mercury is close within the rays of the Sun, bringing illumination and enlightenment. It’s as if Mercury is sitting very close to the King of the heavens, as the Sun whispers important information and unique insights into Mercury’s ear. 

This also invites Mercury to offload past conditioning, in particular Sagittarius qualities where the South Node resides. We as a collective are expanding our understanding of how our institutional, broader philosophical education, travel and a sense of ‘hopefulness’ limits us from discovering our unique gifts, talents and contribution to life in our unique ways.

The Mercury cazimi not only moves closer to the Sun in its inferior conjunction, it also begins a new cycle of moving towards a morning star. This motion psychologically activates insights relative to our personal soul journey giving us necessary information to assist us on a divine path of integrity. We can find ourselves observing past unresolved issues, traumas with new perspectives during this Solar Eclipse, where we overcome our personal insecurities and find the courage to voice our truth. We can also experience some profound insights on the direction of our creative projects, accelerating in our personal truth and alchemicalising a bridge between our Soul and Spirit, our feminine and masculine, the inner and outer worlds.  

How we speak our truth is one aspect, providing we undertake that necessary self-reflection to know it is our truth. When we quieten our mind, question why we believe certain aspects of life, people and situations is another way of inquiring if, we are on our side of truth or influenced by the external environment. We can also experience a lot of trickster energy, lies and deceit from others. How do we identify these tricks? Does the information we put out or receive reflect a true representation of our joy, happiness or inner peace? Do we go with our feelings or do we go with our spiritual heart? Mercury is still in a long square with Neptune, suggesting by tapping into our spiritual insights we can gain clearer perspectives resonating with our life dharma. It can also instigate deeper illusions of the external alien world, leaving us feeling empty or lost.

Pay attention to the days leading up to this profound Solar Eclipse. In particular take note of symbols, insights and dreams, as Mercury has the tendency to communicate in between wake and sleep states. Take note on what has been on hold as a result of our emotional paralysis, where we feel a void or disconnection to how our future may unfold. These very emotions that rise up, are key to unlocking our shadows where we’ve prioritised ego over truth.

For some this Solar Eclipse will be magnificent especially if you’re looking for that spark of inspiration. For others it will place us on a journey of seeking answers to our questions driving us deeper to investigate our source of truth. We may hear others speak their truth, or act out their truth, we may even witness others project their beliefs attempting to convince us we’re wrong. There are no guarantees about anything with this Solar Eclipse, it can certainly show us the instability of others through their actions. North node is in Gemini, this very energy guiding us, from the cosmic wisdom to, discern carefully the information, our thoughts and question our beliefs as we gain deeper insights by seeking out the source of truth. If these truths have a personal impact on your life, then we must find the courage to action bringing these profound insights to life, dreams or realisations. This is a great time to journal or automatic writing where we can connect with Mercury’s wisdom.

Mercury becomes the morning star on 23 June as it stations to move direct; bringing clarity as our subconscious purged and expanded our peripheral vision towards forward-thinking and progression in planning and scheming. New ideas, projects, ways of thinking and patterns of communication come to light to be developed throughout the course of this new cycle.

If we allow this powerful alignment to move without any action or not pay attention to our feelings, insights and shifts, we can find ourselves stuck with the same monotonous way of seeing the world. And as all Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings, opening new doors of life experience, and igniting a more informed decision-making platform we can expect some beautiful epiphanies and connections. We are going to be fine if things are natural and in the flow.

A new way of being is birthed, one that is aligned with heart and spirit, one that evokes us to speak our truth, make our stance without buffering our meaning or making adjustments for the sake of peace or discomfort. The concerns of what others think have long gone. It will feel like the fog of the past has been lifted, we’ve cracked the psychological shadow of hold ups and now we know what is in our spiritual alignment moving forward. 

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  1. I truly get inspired and can prepare for these astrological events with intentions and ceremony/ritual to celebrate them and a new evolution / manifestation / clearing and realisations of me

    Thank you, always ✨

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