Fierce heart warrior leads us to a magnetic Uranus Saturn square

The Thursday’s Solar Eclipse hasn’t even settled. The shower of insights, unique to each of us are felt in the depths of our Soul essence. We may feel like a new being, the past has no weight, and yet we are left somewhat stumbled from the frequency of this planetary alignment searching for the quest of our purpose. We are, in short, forging a path that is bound by our personal law. The Sun represents our Spirit, our wizard who has watched, shaped and activated our blueprint characteristics, influencing the foetus, helping each of us to grow, mature and connect with what is sacred.

Spirit is what drives us to act from a pure untethered inner space, purging the illusionary limiting beliefs. A true ‘knowing’ felt by few but endeavoured by many. It is a personal signatory contract between us and Spirit. Those with deep spiritual practices, consistently cleansing from this earthly paradigm of conditions, limitations of vision, peel away, if only for a single moment, they sense their dormant creator being. Mercury retrograde, when it aligned beautifully with the Sun on Thursday and Friday it, magnetically pulled up those limitations and opened our spiritual sight. The true alignment or coming together of Soul (earth) and Spirit (sun) is how we integrated these within.

The Sun rules Leo, the sign of the heart and courage, to fight for what is rightfully fair and sacred. Mars moved into Leo on Friday, a cosmic message supporting us to be in heart space especially when we take steps forward for the necessary change.

Leo is a sign of honour, love and courage. Throughout our lives we all experience the polarity of honour, love and courage, to authentically understand ourselves without seeking external validation or obligation. Older and wise Leo teaches us to know the importance of sovereignty within a kingdom. Mars in Leo pushes this force where it knows what it wants and will go for it without a second thought. Sun in Gemini, making a square to Neptune creates quite the disillusionment or weakness, our motivation has lost its spark. It starts to question if our decisions truly nourish our hearts. We can feel deceit, if we’ve not listened to our heart, but given precedence to our ego. Mars is governed by the Sun, with Neptune here our psychological shadows are reflected back to us and can we differentiate from ego / heart.

We are, psychologically processing what we know is right, and fighting or falling for our very own egotistical trickery. This dance can get louder if we keep feeding our ego, pride and not take time to understand our inner emotional disposition. Our Soul knows time is all now, falling towards the path of avoiding the discomfort builds and we don’t recognise who we’ve become. Alternatively, from the lens of higher consciousness we find courage and heal the now, we listen to what needs to be done and said, and this can free us up.

On Tuesday we witness the second of the three exact Uranus Saturn square transits, some say it’s between old versus new, while others may say it’s a breakdown of boundaries. Uranus is electrifying, radical, a little crazy, unorthodox and rules our nervous system. It penetrates our shakti from the base of our spine, breaking through our stagnant, unseen or unresolved blockages from each of our energy centres. Saturn is discipline, patience, governance, framework and being responsible. It rules our joints, knees, muscles and organs. Negative transits can bring strain to these areas, reminding us to go inside for the real work. Through diligence, inner wisdom and our own governing can we start to authentically process our traumas, stories and the unresolved characteristics.

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

The myth of Uranus and Gaia can help us to understand this energy. Before time was an adopted illusion, Mother Gaia felt into her curiosity, directing her consciousness for a newly found sensation. A different space in the Universe. Her powerful yearning, or thrive for passion, her creator being, her essence pulsated, gorged, forged, through her the core of the earth. The heart of our Divine Mother moved from consciousness to form.

Through all this chaos Gaia, created her son, Uranus. Uranus, the ever-changing force of power, soon became her lover, her beloved, her counterpart. Their inception created the oceans, mountains, forests, animals and the biodiversity of our world. They had many children of which three were Cyclopes, Cronos and the Titans. The Cyclopes roamed around the earth and then Uranus banished them to the centre of the earth. Gaia, got tired of this chaos, the uncontrollable Uranus, she ordered Cronos (Saturn) to banish Uranus from the earth where he resided to the cosmos.

As we feel into the ongoing saga of love, chaos, sensuality, restlessness in the pureness of creation we also sense the abuse of the Divine Mother. Uranus represented a single focused aspect of the masculine energy, freedom through chaos, desire, lust and sudden abrupt changes were incoherent with Gaia’s Divine Feminine. Uranus is in Taurus, a sign representing the earth, our values, money, home, sense of security, our day-to-day acts of beautification, our five senses and sensuality are being shaken, major upgrades or shifts are inevitable. Uranus is again with his wife, Gaia urging her to major peak points of change, chaos and destruction, perhaps it is Gaia who makes her stand with Uranus on this, as we all witness our Divine Feminine take a stance.

The Uranus Gaia myth when going beyond the story, but focus on their energy, teaches us Gaias’ submissive attitude was too dormant for Uranus. The Divine Feminine within is finding our authentic voice, that which is connected with heart and Soul. The Divine Masculine, although uncomfortable in Taurus, making a slow reveal to the change, is also teaching us to follow what is of value if all falls away.  

This Uranus Saturn square is powerful, firstly Saturn is in retrograde, although in Aquarius, Uranus home, he is still having the capacity to reign the chaos to a ‘manageable’ impact. Aquarius is the opposing sign to Leo; with different perspectives of heart and wisdom. It is a sign which supports humanitarian concepts, technology, science and outer realms. It births the inventors, extremists and disconnects us from our human nature. The commonality between Leo / Aquarius is heart – one is for self, the other for group tank, one falls into narcissism while the other is artificial inorganic forms. We need both to understand what works for each of us when it comes to authentic love of Self, if done consciously, we strip it all back to our own unity of Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Gaia in her form – artist K

Uranus is direct, meaning this second exact transit is led by a force of unpredictable change, breaking down old governing paradigms, where humanity have a separatist ideology. How does separation play out in your world? These aspects magnetic pull is vast, powerful, unpredictable, but deeply necessary for all of us to step into a new world of accepted collective opinions, beliefs and perspectives. Only if we’ve journeyed on our own self-inquiry, why we believe in what we do, and what we give dominance to, love or fear, desire, lust, greed, manipulation, sacred, loyal, truth, heart, Soul, ego, pride, joy or pain. Not only is Uranus home to his place of procreation and love, but Taurus is making squares to both Leo and Aquarius. A polarity between organic versus non-organic, heart versus artificial machinery, warrior versus the submissive.

Ultimately, Uranus is the magnetic force governing the cosmic ocean of spiritual ascension, penetrating our nervous systems. Switching our dormant electrical currents to full capacity. Not for those who are trapped in stories governed by the themes of their energy centres (Chakra System), as it will create the necessary discordance for real healing and not fixing. This transit is a personal journey, doing the inner work for the necessary transformation, ascending us to a new platform.

The key is to be inclusive, with individuated perspectives is an essential and missing link in developing a fully realised, healed community. Uranus is not for the passive, submissive, ‘yes’ types, he is about those that dare to follow their desires, sensuality, uniqueness, for the necessary healing of our Souls unresolved parts. This can come from this life, or many others… Uranus is the most unpredictable magnetic force in our solar system, teaching us we can live the life we want, with no obligation or tied to our stories, once we accept our light, shadow, dents and sparks.

The self-realised being, one who totally observes their environment, understands life is a mirror reflection of their subconscious. Everyday we work to refine what is shown, which Uranus rewards us with the freedom of non-attachment. It is a journey, it takes courage, to be in our heart space as it releases the dramatic toxic situations that we believed to be part of our identity. This work is personal, the change is personal, how else will we discover the creator being within, to pave the life we want. The storm is brewing, for some it has already started and for others they may patch it up with the silent nuances, avoiding the heart, while stubbornly sticking to our unhealthy pride.

This transit is about to shake it up inside and thus our world is perceived differently. As above so below, as within so without.

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