Full Moon in Capricorn explores our authentic personal power

This is quite a week. The astrological plane helping us to cull our understanding of relationships. Relationship to Self, includes building all the fragmented pieces of our being; the inner child, the inner mother, inner authority, inner strength to experience a sense of wholeness. The Capricorn full moon on 25 June at 4:39am AEST, reflects the lights from the Sun in Cancer. This polarised opposition builds within us the sacredness of healing our childhood wounds, our past, our ancestors, as we use our emotional intelligence to guide us through a deep emotional process.

The Moon is at home in Cancer, while she moves through Capricorn, reminds us to build those secure spaces, housing our every changing flow of emotions. Cancer is the sign which opens us to the Divine Mother within us, where we reach through the practices of nurturing, caretaking and subjective yielding of the feminine, we have the capacity to heal our inner child. How we were nurtured as children, plays a vital role in our emotional intelligence which can show up in two ways. The higher octave of Cancer is the vulnerability to allow our emotions flow through us, express them by the reflective relationship to Self. The lower octave brings two different parts of nurturing; one where we are too needy versus where we overextend ourselves in nurturing others and denying our own needs.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a stern earthy sign. The only task at hand is of persistently working hard, working on our lives, diving forward without a second thought. It is the external security provider giving us the tools to operate in our world. It is all about what is real, what is within a framework, what follows structure, what governs our actions and where we judge if we’ve achieved our goals or not.

inner child wounds – image @ava sol

The balance is to use both energies of the inside and outside sense of feeling secure. We are invited to travel into ourselves to find the emotional fulfilment and integrate them into our everyday roles. We are learning to find our own sense of emotional security, intelligence, knowing through the governance of Capricorn we rely on ourselves. We begin to understand our needs better, with much clarity, with much reverence so we are not influenced or reliant on others.

Cancer Capricorn bring us to our vulnerability, a strength that is not recognised or applauded much in our society, but the very missing link to our authentic Self. Jupiter sextiles the Moon, and trines Sun in Cancer. Jupiter in Pisces is retrograde, its connection to the Sun and Moon expands their qualities, shifting our inner perspective to a broader understanding of our purpose, our family, our lineage, our social orientation and spiritual integration.

Mercury in Gemini, station to move direct on Wednesday, helps us to dissect our broader view into bite size digestible and to manageable information. Saturn ruler of Capricorn and at home with Aquarius trines Mercury. Aquarius energy teaches us to broaden our connections where we can be of service to our heard, species, our hive mind thinking, and uniqueness. Through working with our emotional intelligence, with Mercury giving us clarity, we can explore different ways to bring our unique talents, perspectives, to the group. Healing our emotional dispositions, judgements where we crave recognition instead of just being in our signature self.

emotional process image @tom pumford

Our values, our need to find balance and compromise may hinder our path with Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Lower heart linking with the higher heart, we may get a glimpse of our interconnectivity of our human nature, versus a wandering mind, leaving us lost and confused. These are mirrored in our relationships, how we relate to ourselves in the company of others is an important reflective time.

Neptune retrogrades on Sunday, this can have some interesting realisations. Our perception of what we were so convinced about, so arrogantly right, can be shattered. As Mercury moves forward, we can have some situations, people, stories dislodged, leaving us feeling confused or boundless.

Pisces brings the incomplete parts of ourselves, shows the imperfections of our emotions, as the strength to become addicted to desires, sensations, or spirituality. This is not about good behaviour versus bad. It is a perfect canvas of our emotional, feeling, and inner body. We are learning to authentically connect with ourselves. Only then can we authentically connect with others.

Fluctuations of the heart image @marekstudzinski

Neptune helps us to be in our raw, naked heart space, with no boundaries, overflowing with a belief of unconditional love. It can be quite the trigger to bring challenges with Venus opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Cancer works very much like the moon in Cancer. Our intentions or agenda are driven from an emotionally loaded space. The opposition to Pluto, can have some interesting, dark, violent, and overly possessive undercurrents. This only gets challenged with our relationship to Mars the warrior the self-provider in Leo, heart, or narcissism. Mars makes a trine with Chiron this builds the courage of moving forward motivated from our wounded self. We are encouraged to gauge with authentic relations to self, with self-respect and being honest about our emotional expression.

This full moon in Capricorn touches upon our sense of security both inner and outer. Our intuition is alive and activated through Pisces with Jupiter and Neptune and Cancer with the Sun and Venus. We can sense inauthenticity, unhealthy emotional demands and needs. We can sense the unwavering, mean, and uncaring perspectives of others. This leaves us with no capacity for nonsense or superficiality, our only battle will be to give into our desires and unhealthy attachments.

We can create safety in our home, whether it’s a place, people or a sacred space to process our overflowing emotions. This is the medicine of this full moon in Capricorn. As we dive into these energies, we feel empowered to move forward and create something which feels powerful and aligned.

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