Mars, Uranus & Saturn bring radical changes in our life

It is said when planets have strong aspects in fixed signs the energy is unyielding, furious, stubborn, passionate for its cause. We have the meeting of a grand t-square between Mars in Leo, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. This makes the fixed sign Scorpio receptive to the grand t-square. Bringing fragility to what we are determined, forceful, intensely emotional about, including how we use our power and control.

The combination of Mars in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, drives us to radical change because we’ve become aware of our needs. Leo is a fire sign of heart, loyalty, courage and holds a mean streak of manipulation with narcissism qualities. We all embody these qualities, it depends on how honest we are with ourselves. Mars likes to be in Leo, this warrior, masculine energy, fights for what is in our hearts and what brings us closer to our sovereign self is key. How we understand Leo in our lives is a mirror of our conscious decisions and patterns of behaviour. We can either stay stubborn on track bringing more suffering or we can use the Uranus square to make changes aligned with our values and sense of security.

image by carl jorgensen

Taurus energy is about the senses, what we can touch, and how much we can possess. On a lower octave it is greed, gluttony and excessive, with Mars making a square to Uranus we can bring focus to our financial portfolios. Saturn square Uranus is inviting us to become independent, free and detached to the old way of finances, or how and why we value certain things over others. Our values or our worthiness is the end result of how much we believe in ourselves to what makes us happy. This includes people, those that nourish us versus those that don’t especially as the Sun in Cancer opens us to want deeper and real connections without having to hold space, or listen to old patterns.  

Mars makes an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius where we find ourselves on a higher octave of using our wisdom to plan for the future. No stone is left unturned. Aquarius deals with our individuality in a group, it can also bring up loneliness and people. This t-square has already met in January 2021, now in July and again in November. It is about extreme changes, sudden turns, high levels of frustration, even violence or anger.  Some parts of the world will experience extreme weather conditions, while we may feel an inner volcanic eruption by exploding our emotional woes. We can take action by getting ourselves out of our sensitivity through tapping into Uranus in Taurus, by bringing spontaneous adventures, regardless of feeling trapped.

image by ehimetalor akher

It is not the time to fuel the pain body, Mars makes a trine to Chiron the Wounded Healer. If we decide to operate from Leo heart and courage frequency, through the motivation of our own trauma we can make radical life changing shifts. Mars makes a trine to the Moon in Aries, our emotional body and psychological perspective is about creating the right environment for our needs. We have lost the patience with those that have let us down over and over again. We crave freedom, while our lens is clear we understand by speaking our truth, can help shift our situations and disillusioned burdens. We need to be more direct with what we want, as this energy is the pressure cooker that drives us take us off track.

The Sun in Cancer squares the Moon in Aries, our sense of home, family, lineage, ancestors and community become important. A lot of energy during the first five days of July, making it quite the month to move mountains. On a personal level choose your battles wisely, be vigilant when driving or in any activity as the energy can make things a little more challenging.

The best way to work through this energy is to surrender to the flow of changes we may experience. To observe the triggers of our frustrations, struggles and stress points. To become aware of what old stories we carry that require releasing, healing or transmuting. The fire, earth and air modalities can help us to release, clear, create at a quantum level. We always have a choice to either resist or flow. Find the courage to make radical exciting shifts without falling into numbing / self sabotaging ourselves.

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