Cancer New Moon emotional healing through Self-empowerment

The Cancer New Moon on Saturday 10 July at 11:16am makes an wide opposition to Pluto in Capricorn as these energies square Eris the goddess of truth, warrior and activism for freedom. It has been quite the week, with Mars and Venus in Leo making strong aspects to Saturn in Aquarius. The balsamic moon coming from Gemini, conjoining Mercury and square Neptune retrograde in Pisces.

We are at a pivotal point of our spiritual path which helps us to heal our emotional body. The balsamic moon travelling through Gemini on Thursday to Friday, helps us to release narratives which trigger fear, or anxiety and which prevents our nurturing nature. The conjoin with Moon and Mercury, with a square to Neptune can work in two ways. It depends on our level of consciousness and openness to what we are willing to explore outside of our belief system and personal ideology.

We can feel immensely sensitive and highly intuitive, we may not become the uber tarot reader, but we can certainly get to tap into what feels right and what doesn’t. This is one way of tapping into the Moon, Mercury square to Neptune, almost becoming aware of our surroundings, with our senses heightened we can feel beyond our own knowing. This can be quite alarming at first, our natural response is either fear or doubt. We are encouraged to trust our inner knowing more than ever now. The other way we can feel into this energy is to disconnect to what is real and lose ourselves into the disillusionment of what we want to see, not what is there. Leaving us confused, needy, emotionally insecure and trapped in past pains.

We can tap into our inner wisdom, our life experience, our past where we felt disempowered and allowed fear to lead our decision making. We are learning to trust our intuition, gut feelings over what others say, project or steer us towards something which feels off. Of course, if it feels right, then it is definitely the way. Intuition doesn’t carry emotion or doubt, it is a direct knowing from source. Your higher Self and Soul guiding you towards the right experience.

digital image by Avery

The New Moon is quite powerful, in the water sign of Cancer. This is the sign that is highly intuitive, connects us to our inner child and Divine Feminine archetype. The Moon is at home in Cancer, its ruling sign, helping us connect to our safety, home, how we nurture others and how we were nurtured. The Sun and Moon opposition to Pluto is the polarity of inner safety versus outer safety. Divine feminine with the Divine masculine, our assignment is to integrate our personal power and control towards what is important. Family, friends, community, comfort, nourishment, comfort in our space through emotional vulnerability.

The cosmic alignment brings up several strong energies, especially if we’ve not healed from our own childhood. We can be holding on to how our parents projected their skills or beliefs hand-picked from their own generation, leaving us confused, isolated and disconnected. We can experience quite an emotional and psychological journey with past traumas triggering us to react or leaving us emotionally paralysed. Sun and Moon make a square to Chiron in Aries, pushes these past traumas, weaknesses and pain to the forefront for the necessary healing. We feel these pains subconsciously, making us vulnerable especially when it comes to opening up, craving emotional intimacy.

We can tap into the square with Eris, by speaking or opening up from our core, digging deep inside to what troubles us. We allow ourselves to dive in the potency of vulnerability, like moving water we can transform our situation. We can transform our perceptions, we have the ability to review the past with a different, compassionate and heartfelt perspective. This is the very healing this Cancer Moon initiates.

It is challenging, to show up in our emotional vulnerability, without coming across as insecure or needy, which is why taking small steps is key. Spiritual practices, help us to disassociate from what we think happened towards what we felt can bring immense powerful transformations. We tap into the higher vibration of Pluto, transform ourselves, act on our own authority at the same time empowering us to trust our feeling body.

Mercury is out of shadow and is racing to get to the Cancer constellation. Mercury is powerful, has been in Gemini since early May, and will move away near the end of July. Mercury with a trine to Jupiter in Pisces brings good news, information helping us to make robust future plans. Mercury has been in close contact with the North Node and Sun and was part of the Solar Eclipse energy, which indicates this new Moon can help to review make adjustments to our path moving forward. The power of tapping into our rituals, practices and expression can literally assist us to become aware of the tremendous inner shifts honouring our power and utilising it in healthy and discerning ways.

Venus and Mars in Leo are getting closer to conjoin. This meeting of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Leo helps us to trust our creator being, by finding balance of both, is personally experienced. There is no right or wrong, it is our intuition and this is enough. Creator being is not about doing an art drawing, nor is it to create music or sing, dance or play. It is a totality of our whole being, the light, the shadow, the acceptance, the personal forgiveness and the continuous commitment to transmute our shadows as they arise. Creator being is the very energy eliminates doubt, shame and fear to create, manifest, play and shift into a conscious life experience. There is non-attachment and definitely no expectations on the ‘shoulds’ when we are tapped in our creator being.

digital image by Archan Nair

This energy is softer, sentimental, compassionate and emotionally deep. It all sounds grand, however each of these qualities carry their own shadow. We can set our pure intentions, removing the Cancer shadow side of neediness, overbearing with emotions guised as caring or nurturing. The veil is thin, because Venus has hard aspects. She teaches us to honour love, and as quickly as she puts it in our path, she will rip it away. The co-dependencies within relationships, is not something Venus in Leo likes, trust me I have this in my natal chart. Venus in Leo is big big love, but can get you in quite a sticky situation.

Venus and Mars make a wide opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. This can play out in different ways, where we can be courageous or fear our own company.  Mars gives us the motivation to go for what we need, and this can play out in a messy way depending on the health of our intentions and values. Saturn is not about fast furious connections; it is about the foundational strength and integrity to hold the energy for our long-term future. Venus speaking with Saturn is picky, diligent and quite stern but also can feel isolated from its own heart, leaving us feeling deeply sad or disheartened.   

Those that have done some level of soul searching, not just the ashram, not the spiritual bypassing but those that have understood the importance of connection through their own losses, dispositions and traumas have the capacity for inner growth. This energy can set up the potency of deep self-work. We have the capacity to tap into ourselves, trust that magic is a shift of perception. Many of us can be addicted to these darker, heavier emotions as they give us permission to stall our growth. We all carry trauma inside that can never be healed, but it can be used as wisdom and through the lens of love and compassion we can strengthen our inner voice.

New Moon in Cancer when balanced with emotional maturity, instead of playing the old records on loop making us crazy, we can bring healing. I’ve put some new Moon guidelines to helps us tap in its energy with strength:

  1. What can give us inner security where we are emotionally supported?
  2. How can we achieve a more fulfilling home environment that brings us closer to what is now family?
  3. How can we eliminate fear which erodes our sense of feeling protected?
  4. How can we strengthen our inner emotional state to release insecurities?
  5. What steps can we take to transmute our childhood traumas into strength and/or wisdom?
  6. What do I need to be able to trust and feel safe in my vulnerability to express my feelings, needs and emotional sensitivity?
  7. How can I step into my more compassionate and empathetic state without jeopardising my sacred boundaries?
  8. How can I connect with my inner child to heal and become more playful and creative in my adult Self?
  9. What do I need, to experience a sense of nurturing, and how can I step outside myself to nurture others without judgement?
  10. Do I have the awareness to work through my fears of rejection, overly cautious behaviours and feelings of insecurity?

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