Aquarius full moon shines the light to improve our relations

The Aquarius full-moon on Saturday 24 July at 12:36pm AEST, opposite the Leo Sun while conjoins both Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, ignites the emotional need to feel valued in all our relations. It’s no surprise, Sydney is again in a rushed lockdown state, where the future looks uncertain as our plans shift and change can feel challenging. Aquarius is a sign of freedom, independence, chaos, shock, sudden events and evolution, ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. This is not a sign that is socially inclined for the sake of coming together, like its opposition Leo, rather a quality to develop and sustain ideas for the greater good of humanity.

It is rarely a sign that thinks for itself as a centerpiece, which can come across as emotionally disconnected to Self because Aquarius is helpful, logical and detached for the mission at hand. This full moon, the first of two full moons in Aquarius this month, can heighten surprising, shocking and sudden emotional shifts, changing our role or position in our relationships. It also suggests quite an interesting and challenging Leo season.

The conjunction between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius is rather a sobering aspect. Pluto conjoins the moon brings deep feelings from governing forces, authority or those that have power over our need for independence. We can easily be triggered with this energy, Pluto is not an energy that will leave anything from the past that is unresolved. We can work through these energies by facing them and taking action that is loyal to our hearts and values. This moon has the force to pull and push our emotions, inviting key insights which can bring out the Jekyll or Hyde within us all.

Creative blocks by Gabriela Gomez

Pluto can bring up some immature emotions such as jealousy or controlling even manipulative behaviours. These can be experienced as projections from our environment or out of nowhere we identify we these qualities. Saturn adds the seriousness to these emotions. What we feel is not taken lightly, it is not flighty, we are in a dichotomy of serious opposing energies with the Sun in Leo. We can start by bringing a quality of tenderness and self-love to face our fears, understand them so we can transmute them with love. The only one who has power over you is you. Aquarius energy admires the individual, quirky, dented and abstract version of who we truly are.

The Sun is at home in Leo, the sign of big heart energy, an energy that understands its sacred path of creative expression. Leo energy is fixed fire, a place we can keep our momentum going without being disturbed or influenced by others. The Leo wants to live in its own kingdom, making its own rules to a point of being dogmatic in some areas, with the opposition to Saturn brings frustration and seriousness. This can make us feel trapped, or have a creative block as we prioritise what is right by our heart versus environment. There is no right or wrong approach, it is what feels right for the individual. Just be sure we’re not coming from our ego, the cosmos can bring in some beautiful rewards.

Inner frustration by Dimitar Belchev

Venus is in Virgo creating a quincunx to the Moon and an opposition to Jupiter in Pisces, a supportive energy to walk the path aligned to what makes us feel free, independent and of service. Venus grounds us from the fixed energy of Leo and Aquarius, where we understand overindulging can break bridges or activates the courage needed to take action towards our happiness.

This full moon in Aquarius shifts our emotional foundations to test what is strong and real, as we operate from the frequency of our heart. We know what to do that is right and necessary from our heart space. If we do nothing, we can feel this weight of not taking the courage to follow our hearts. We have to follow the Leo traits of integrity, honour, heart and self-love. During this time, Aquarius moon brings to light what is chaos, or where we seek external validation which hinders our sovereign right as a Divine holy being.

We are invited to take the first step towards our happiness, even though it may go against the grain, it is super important to follow our intuition. This full moon will highlight where we are in disillusionment of our environment. To use this energy in a positive way, is to tap into Venus in Virgo a healthy critical acumen which directs us to a more profound experience.

The Leo season unfolds quite a turbulent month of August, as it can lead us into desperation to escape from heavy uncomfortable emotions. What we believe in hope and do nothing will be a foolish game. Venus in Virgo is an energy, makes us picky, we want the best experience, we want to serve, to feel helpful and to feel in control of our life experiences. This is quite a month inviting us to integrate the polarity of Aquarius versus Leo and Virgo versus Pisces. The simple way to understand this energy is to be honest to our intuition, needs, feelings and emotions.

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