Personal Power New Moon in Leo with Lions Gate

This week is quite the week as we all get a deep understanding of heart versus ego insights, epiphanies with the cosmic alignment, inviting a new wave of personal power. The New Moon in Leo, on 8th August at 11:51pm 16° 14 AEST, highly charged with two levels of conscious awareness. It is also a portal opening famously known as the Lions Gate.

Before we spend time dissecting what this new moon with the Sun in Leo activates, we must understand the symbolism of the Lion. Ancient civilisations especially those in Egypt used Lions as gatekeepers of our esoteric energies. The Orion Constellation aligns with the Egyptian Pyramids activating an invisible forcefield of expansive consciousness, which includes the star Sirius from the Canis Major constellation. The Lions Gate opens us to witness the return of Sirius in the night sky. The purer the energy field, including the mind, intention, deeds and behaviours including the kinship quality of the Lion as the protector brings us closer to our spiritual assignments. The Lion is a royal symbol representing the King or a being of super consciousness. The Lion is a manifestation of the Sun’s power to wither life with its heat. The Lion has a dual nature as a protector and destroyer. The Lions Gate is not necessarily about the day of the new moon, it is more about the alignment of a divine consciousness which can penetrate those that operate above the diaphragm versus those that operate below.

The Lions Gate peaks at the new Moon and Sun with Mercury expanding our heart with a different kind of personal power. The symbolism of the Lion is loyalty, nobility, purity, courage, truth, and with the quality of agility, light and dignity. How we consciously live our lives, determines how much we trust our inner gut feelings to listen and act.

This is all good news, for a promising new Moon in Leo, in between two full moons in Aquarius, where the true battle is between humanities response to the highest order of the cosmos versus our attachments to physical matter the exoteric seeker. The energies below the diaphragm are of survival, primal desires and ego focused. If we intellectually understand our world from these perspectives the new moon can bring some upheaval in our world. We can operate on quite forceful, narcissistic or manipulative ways to get what we want because we can.

The Sun and Moon square Uranus in Taurus. Uranus brings us to a pressure where the only option is to change, grow, expand or leave. Uranus was banished from the Universe initiated by his wife Gaia and actioned by Saturn their son. This lower consciousness keeps us trapped in the realm of desire, greed and destruction. The quality of the Lion, can destroy, burn everything to ash, including our values, beliefs and/or patterns, especially if there is a hint of self-disloyalty, or even a sense of betrayal to those around us or if we are operating from fear.

Personal Power art by Jojoesart

Those that operate from above the diaphragm can experience a profound heart opening ascension. This can include divine insights of our current world, and how we from our heart can operate, cooperate to bring greater protection to our people. We already understand the esoteric body is the connection for energetic dialogue between us and the cosmos. Our hearts expand, our voice speaks truth unapologetically, our inner eye gains deep insights about our future and our crown opens to receive the most profound Devine downloads. This Lions Gate knows what conscious station each of us operates from, if we fear death, we operate below the diaphragm. We are being moved closer to our destiny to reach a more evolved spiritual awareness of the interconnected Universal forces.

The Sun and Moon square Uranus, and oppose the two of the large energies, Saturn at home in Aquarius and Jupiter the depositor to Sagittarius reside. The South Node is in Sagittarius, an energy of which we must not consider in our immediate time, as it is all about intellect, travel, connections with those that are foreign or different, broad insights of hope, luck and chance. The Sun, Moon and Mercury indicate to not plan for the future and wait for it to arrive or seek permission to live under others rules, but to take a stance at exploring what is here now. Mercury ruler of Gemini where the North Node resides, is where we must ask the questions, follow our joy and explore our environment bringing a sense of deeper understanding of Self thus truth.

Our hearts are expanding, we have no time to waste if we feel a sense of connection, Uranus supports us to break away from what we ‘should’ do to if it feels 100% right do it now. Finding a different way of working, operating in our space, creative ways of connecting to those that embody the qualities of a Lion. We are seeking a necessary spiritually fulfilling experience. Rather than seeking, we are called to test what is in our hearts by taking the risk for action. We know who and what is right for our personal development. We’ve already understood ourselves at this point to know true freedom comes from a self-realised journey.

Perhaps in many ways we have all lost our way to act without instruction, advice, or permission. Perhaps this very energy of the New Moon in Leo, allows us to be in full acceptance of our shadow, light, dents and scars and to show up, to go for what we intuitively need. This can bring the sudden change which is of the Divine order, and we can trust we will not be put into disillusionment but the gifts will keep coming.

Venus opposite Neptune can bring in some compassion and empathetic psychological behaviours. Venus in Virgo wants and thrives for integrity only, the best of the best is going to get attention, otherwise we may find ourselves fibbing to escape or avoid the necessary difficult situations. Venus in Virgo, with Mars approaching gives us practical tools to only spend time in a supporting and diligent environment that understands quality is key. Really, we can stop lying to ourselves because of fear stories, and instead find the courage to engage with meaningful exchanges.

image by conscious universal

No one knows how this energy plays out, it is unique to our level of consciousness. The cosmos doesn’t happen to us with some magical wand. We have to take action; we have to show the Divine we are ready to expand our consciousness to a super conscious lens. We are ready to release old identities we’ve adopted, so we can feel free, or start from our sacred heart space.

These energies that come through can help those of us that have some deeply ingrained traumas, the Sun and Moon trine Chiron. It is no easy test to work through our broken or fragmented selves. Prior to Sunday the Moon will travel through Cancer, making an opposition to Pluto. The Balsamic phase is a dive into us, we connect with our esoteric forces to cleanse and heal them, before we bring in New Moon Leo focused vibes.

This Moon works with a big emotional, psychological and spiritual detox, before we are touched by the powers of the Lions Gate portal. We all know the work on self can be a roadblock, or it can hurdle us in foetal position as we give permission to experience ego deaths. For those that understand and witness this world as a performance, with non-attachment we happily move forward with our earthly assignments. These involve in whatever expression we individually take, a step towards harmonising the collective consciousness.  

The New Moon is a rebirth, with the Leo lens. It is a cleanse, a time to rid ourselves of the themes of previous lunation cycles. We can use this time to manifest our intentions that include a deep spiritual understanding of our esoteric body. Open our hearts, activate our creator being to manifest what makes us feel good, all in the frequency of our personal power.

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