Inner storm warning Uranus retrograde

Our world as it unravels becomes more and more strange. Uranus the planet of electrical current, unpredictability and rules humanitarian causes defined by technology lies in Taurus. Its most uncomfortable space. Uranus goes retrograde on Friday at 11:40 AEST, almost on a world axis point, indicating this transit is going to impact all of us both personally and globally.

Uranus joins the other outer planets in retrograde, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Eris. The asteroids Chiron and Pallas Athena. Retrogrades turn our awareness inwards, gives us permission to reflect and revise our life structures especially those that don’t fit the mold anymore. Taurus is ruled by Venus, she is travelling in Libra her masculine force of finding balance in how we relate to others. Taurus brings in the beautification of the things we find comfort, safe and give measure to what we find worthy. This includes making money and how much we have. This retrograde may bring a sudden financial global collapse or earthly shifts causing massive disasters.

This retrograde is no easy transit because Uranus brings in the surprises, unexpected changes to the structure or foundations of our life. This energy can be expressed literally or psychologically, where many will throw the towel in and jump ship. Taurus influences our senses, how we see, feel, hear, touch and taste with Uranus here, it will do its best to change and expand our boundaries so we can grow. Bringing massive seriously uncomfortable shifts.

Mercury and Mars trine Uranus as it retrogrades, our ideas shift. If we’re following the narrative as the fear projects into our everyday lives, we will certainly feel a shattered reality moment of what we’ve been told. Uranus brings us to the sweet spot of discomfort, our personal lives will shift, our homes will not feel the same and certainly those that we relate with can shift and the idea of how we make money may become more independent.

The Moon conjunct Pluto, at the same degree where Venus will retrograde in December, we are being asked to cull our relationships to those authentic expressions. This retrograde will heighten our emotional authority, bringing up deep feelings which can leave us overwhelmed. It’s no easy task when Uranus has plugged our nervous system into overdrive and Pluto dives into our Souls yearning to express what needs to be said. Silence does not have a space in this astrological storm. We may miss opportunities or be pushed into something that is not in alignment

Sun in Leo opposite Jupiter in Aquarius gives us the golden ticket, but it comes at a price which is to be in our truth, self-loyal state. We may have to change our mind, we may have to undertake some difficult conversations. On the other hand, if we are removing ourselves from this narrative, consciously not tuning in, then this transit can bring some beautiful energy of freedom of self-expression. Although when Jupiter is involved, we can exaggerate the situation where we overextend ourselves and under deliver.  

Retrogrades bring in regrets. These regrets are felt louder, especially if we feel our environment is becoming unsafe. These regrets penetrate our Soul. They steer us off into a world of self-doubt so we can learn to appreciate, to evolve emotionally and take full responsibility of our life choices.

Overall, we all will receive information which is personally relevant to our life. The world is under the Neptune spell, freedom can be taken away easily, like it was today in Afghanistan. Although when you view the images, people are smiling, no one is wearing a mask and they’ve banned the jab. A non CV world can exist.These events, although alien to our life and culture, brings our awareness on the struggle of how humanity is about to lose its psychological freedom of thought. All in the name of a virus. If we truly understand our true selves, we will remember we are on Earth school learning and growing our Souls through the decisions and experiences we have. As a human race we should neither judge nor project our views on other people’s choices.

New age @notethanun

Uranus invites us to be ourselves, to strongly lead with our hearts which is the only Soul truth that will help us through this big storm. Our nervous systems can go into overdrive, and we may fall short in discerning from other people’s influence, no matter what your choice there’s no judgement, says Uranus. If you grow from your experience and change any dogmatic ways of being!

The world will rebel, our structures change, we are shapeshifting to new timelines and those that are with you wholeheartedly will come along. There are many who will tell you off for not being compliant or even hashtag ‘get v’d’. Seriously, if we follow Leo energy, we know anyone who enforces their opinion, judgement and fear onto others, needs help.

This Uranus retrograde is about to change the face of the Earth as we know it, whether that’s a personal emotional but necessary storm, political warfare, global group think jargon or shift of location. Your heart, and don’t underestimate the level of intuition upgrades we’ll receive, if we follow from these key inner dials, we will know the change is for the better.

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