Round two with Aquarius Full Moon upgrading the collective

It’s obvious for those that can see with their inner eye, to bring harmony into our world stems from the root cause of the inner imbalance. The cosmic energy throughout this year has been with the Gemini North Node leading the collective consciousness to connect with the individual truth amongst our environments. Those that journey on their healing path, understand the importance of cultivating a relationship with our shadow, to integrate what is internally separated because of dogma, beliefs, childhood conditioning including spiritual and religious sects. This healing journey does not include seeking advice from others, as it can dangerously, unconsciously implant beliefs which are not aligned with our Soul.

This second Full Moon in Aquarius a blue moon 22 August at 10:02pm AEST, symbolises a greater awareness of our uniqueness when coming together by whatever means to build stronger, healthier communities and groups to develop an unbiased society. A blue moon occurs when a second full moon appears in the same sign within the span of a single cycle of the Moon. These astrological events heighten the effects of the last four weeks, in particular the constellation of Aquarius.

Aquarius in short is a sign of expanding our boundaries by unpacking, deprogramming our unhealthy perspective or ideals of how we’ve been operating in the world. These are not physical changes, rather a psychological upgrade to how we show up ethically, morally and as ourselves. Aquarius is also the bringer of innovation, future plans and vision, while Saturn also in this sign, it can invite the failed innovations and experiments and highlights the collective separation. These energies place different events or situations in our world for our Soul to experience and grow. We in turn, have free will, we have the capacity to feel with either fear or love which determines the path we choose to experience.

evolution by Jennifer Griffen

Saturn is time, in Greek it means Kronos. At the major conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on 21 December 2020, time ceased to exist or it shifted timelines from our familiar past. Now 8 months on, we can start to witness the breakdown of our unhealthy social connections, as time feels weirdly out of sync with our inner world. This full moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees, is powerful because it illuminates all that is not of love. Any planet at the last degree of a sign, amplifies its energy. It’s like leaving the room by slamming the door, perhaps breaking the glass.

Aquarius Moon and Sun in Leo at 29 degrees brings to surface the necessity kindness, Self-expression, individual perspective, inner creative force as part of the greater group. The moon reflects the shadow side of Leo, as it shines it light back on those qualities of manipulation, ego, narcissism and gaslighting. The last four weeks have certainly unfolded to such crazy global events pushing us to question (NN Gemini) what is my path or truth or voice in all of this? Mars in Virgo trines Uranus is about taking action so we can feel part of building a new future experience. It brings us to take risks, as Uranus is rebellion quality wanting to break free from restrictions and mundane routines.  

The Moon conjoins Jupiter, an emotional boost to this Moons powerful teaching, can drop our shield of fear (if you have it) or voice our right to our lives even more. Although, with Jupiter the teacher and wisdom enhancer we are compelled to feel generous, show kindness towards those that are suffering, feel more unbiased about our narrow-minded selfish ways and open speak what is in our hearts. The moon with Jupiter combined gives us this inner satisfaction as we collaborate with others.

This is a very Aquarius weekend. Uranus rules Aquarius and is now travelling in Taurus. Uranus went retrograde on Friday and this brings in a sense of revising our Taurean influenced energies. There are now 6 planets in retrograde, including Eris the goddess of discord. Retrogrades are always about revisiting our past, perhaps regrets or re-establishing. They are the clues to bring emotional maturity and evolution of our human nature. A second full moon in Aquarius with Jupiter while Saturn trines Venus in Libra we can process this energy in two ways.

Approach one is of a higher level of being which embraces the flow of change. Aquarius and Uranus combined brings opportunities to improve our collective human nature and strengthen our sense of security by taking risks or collaborating. This path is of trust. Feeling. Intuition. It is a path that is walked by those that are not following others blindly. Rather, it is an energy which governs our uniqueness where we can bring communities together without having to adjust. Remember for each of us to take this approach and to harness the energy of this Moon is to have already established an inner trust, built from our own healing journeys’.

Neo from the Matrix

Approach two is to resist the change, resist the inner voice and to convince ourselves through fear, our situation is fine. We do nothing and put trust in others governing our lives. The shadow side of Leo plays out, by wanting to control, to follow ego needs and desires without a second thought about the consequences of our actions. The opposite of love is fear. Leo has both, not only is it heart love energy, but it also holds the ego of fear. This moon brings this up in all of us. We all have them inside of us, some of us know, some of us are unaware while others don’t have a clue.

Change, uncertainty, unpredictability is the norm, while this moon reminds us of nature. Not the nature in the forest, but the one nature we have forgotten or distorted. It is the human nature, to work with each other, to sit in community, to listen to our stories for wisdom and teachings, to love without being attached and most importantly all is welcome. There is no hierarchy or medals of what each of us have achieved or experienced. It is a coming together wherever we are in our life journey. A big understanding is within these collective gatherings which is separation is a killjoy judgement for our future. It doesn’t mean we go to bed with everyone. It does mean we listen or hold space for other’s opinion while holding a different one to them which is equally valid. It means we can sit and listen to others point of view, and not follow them, or be influenced by them but can also safely express ourselves.

There is an astrological war of change and shifting through chaos. There is no prediction because each of us are being called to get out of our complacent spaces. Make connection to those that resonate with our frequency, and to question our hard-core beliefs if they bring separation. And to invite open discussion for those that require a sounding board. This full moon in Aquarius indicates we strengthen in numbers as a collective and still feel safe and secure to openly share our eccentric uniqueness. It matters. As above so below.

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