Virgo New Moon human evolution!

September invites new light of knowledge. Inner knowledge, ancient Soul wisdom we all hold deep within. It’s a month, especially when we remove ourselves from the noise, we open, blossom away from our old patterns, behaviours and beliefs. It is a season of change, with a new moon in Virgo at 14° 38 seconds at 10:52am on 7th September opening a new passage for each of us to explore. There a deep conversation with Uranus, the lord of the cosmos, a fellow advocate of humanity opens the forces for us to experience our own evolution.

The Virgo moon with the Sun helps us push past any dormant energies and act from a deeper connection to our bodies, psyche and emotions. We can feel determined both with excitement and boredom pushing us to shift past our worries or lack of self-confidence. We can express these energies through change of our diet, work environment, organise our personal world, offer a helping hand and give ourselves permission to speak with integrity.

The Moon and Sun trine Uranus in Taurus connecting with our physical and subtle bodies, to shift gears by giving insights, and bursts of invigorating energy for positive change, freedom and excitement. Uranus brings change, sudden shocks, surprises and unpredictable events or situations and as these earth energies ground us deeper, we can almost feel a shift in how we have anchored ourselves in these current times and feel more perceptive.

Virgo energy is a powerhouse to shift, not afraid of hard work or helping others as that’s where they get their sense of worth. Combined with electrifying Uranus we can almost feel our emotional body exploding and express this great force positively and organically. We can also experiment with new ideals, new modalities and welcome our emotional surgency opening for deep healing work.

Human spiritual evolution @spo0ky

These insights of our inner light, activated deeply by Uranus who rules our nervous system through physical and breath movement we may experience sudden epiphanies about our lives, relationships and presence. As a collective we are dropping away our personal prejudices, softening to our hearts and understanding by doing nothing we make ourselves feel helpless.

Mercury is in Libra until November indicating these next few months, we are supported to invite healing or expanded awareness towards our relationships. Mercury goes into its shadow, while making a trine to Saturn in Aquarius enabling us to speak with wisdom, choosing our words wisely, listening with an open mind. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini, adding extra energies to our Sun and Moon as they work in collaboration.

Our nervous system is sensitive during this new moon phase, due to Uranus, also due to our shift in consciousness. The Virgo energy is about discernment, which can have its benefits and its downfalls. We can discern for the safety of our emotional body, while at the same time we can avoid healing the past. This new moon does come with holding on to emotional baggage. Virgo is a health-conscious sign, detoxing and going for regular cleanses is a way this energy processes worries. Ideal time of letting go without feeling a sense of guilt or weight.

Mars in Virgo, while it opposes Neptune in Pisces bringing us to sense the reality of our experience, removing the veil of illusion. We may experience an ego death or use our physical structure as a vessel or conduit for spiritual insights. These spiritual insights are not from any dogmatic structures, or old belief systems, rather they touch upon the inner divine light we all carry, they are personal to each of us and unique. Thus, bringing us together as a collective by understanding our future without each other’s support can bring further destruction.

Spirit Wolf by Simion Haidun

Mars trines Pluto in Capricorn, two powerful forces can bring just the right amount of intensity for us to awaken from our stubborn or ignorant ways. With this energy we can carry venom in our hearts, preventing us to forgive, to open to all ideals and close us from feeling the emotions that require release. It can also create false stories or illusions in our hearts again preventing us from seeing the truth of what is rather than what we want to see. It is the very energy we stop attaching our emotions to a storyline, this can trap us in the old frequency.

Venus in Libra opposes Eris the goddess of truth, activism and fairness helps us  to raise our role within our relationships and feel into our values which align to a highest spiritual connection. Voicing our needs, our ideas, our plans, and wanting to experience a divine connection, awakens with these two Feminine energies. We speak with no veils. There is no room for awkward silences. We are either in it for the long run, or we are out. Eris helps us to understand our subconscious patterning. This can bring discordance as Venus invites us to express these energies in a conscious healthy and compassionate way. Rather than retreating the Moon encourages us to make a stance. Speak your truth and connect with those that support you without manipulative nuances.   

Quite the New Moon in Virgo where we have two ways to work with this alignment. One takes courage, as we understand through our personal pain, trauma and disappointments we can heal by being of service. As Mars opposed Neptune, we understood what is real and what has gone. This can cause grief and sadness, as well as anger and negligence. It can leave us trapped emotionally. How can we bring this exuberant energy forward if we have unresolved situations?

The other is to drop into self-judgement, fuelling the inner critic and getting revved up emotionally as we convince ourselves we’re done. Are we? If we are connected emotionally, spiritually and psychically, then it would be foolish to go wild with resentment. Because it can be felt. Virgo energy is highly intuitive, with a keen eye for lies and manipulation. Virgo energy will also hold on, even when things get sour because it’s an energy of analysis and perfection. We are all human, and we all can experience these energies within us. We can acknowledge and bring awareness to these parts and then let them go.

Mercury, Uranus, Saturn and a quincunx to Jupiter, including Pluto and Mars we are supported to change the way we handle discomfort or unfairness by listening to our divine insights. It is up to us if we act or not. We are reminded on this new moon, to hold forgiveness to set ourselves free and to make amends to our past where we feel unresolved. The past could be our childhood, past relationships or past lives. We are not separate from one another, rather we are beginning to understand the collective connection as our DNA begins to activate the dormant strands.

To bring it home, Virgo energy is independent, an archetype that doesn’t want to be owned by anything. We may feel our own power, taking our authority back, finding the courage to do what is right, even if it feels left field. We are birthing the idea and understanding that we are all divine beings, thus creator beings. Our inner super consciousness makes its move over this new moon in Virgo.

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