Venus penetrates our core beliefs in relationships

Venus moved into Scorpio on Friday inviting us to understand where relationships have become a praecipe for survival instead of something deeper and authentic. An adopted void of an uncomfortable truth or a silence louder than our voice around relationships has come to its forefront for healing. Venus is the biggest cosmic medicine to heal our role within relationships, especially until February 2022. She is not easy, dreamy or into the fluff when she has the Scorpio constellation influencing her magnetic ‘love’ potions.

The need for a rewarding, harmonious and loving relationship is intensified by the passion of Scorpio. The taboos of our society, hidden, infidelity, sexuality and the occult coupled with our own desires, lust, greed and disposition between quick frills versus experiencing habitual shadows are some of the themes. The Scorpio frequency is not afraid to show the low vibrating energies we’ve labelled jealousy as Venus will make itself felt until 7 October when she moves to another superficial, expansive and adventurous sign of Sagittarius.

Venus in Scorpio is ravenous, intense, raw, crude, adventurous and sexually intense pushing each of us to stop with superficial substitutes and go for what is real, raw and open. Venus will give us two phases to work with. One sticking with the fundamental notion that each of us are good looking and sexy as we put our world together casting all those infinite variables into form that can be worked or lived out. And the other is the underlying conviction, masked as unconscious or often arising through outer circumstances or not quite owned or claimed. We can find ourselves working hard against ourselves. Are we able to erode the submissive or subvert ego structures which poison our hearts instead of working towards something more spiritual or sacred?  

Venus in Scorpio will take us on a journey from dark to light, and if we don’t really understand it then in December, she will not only conjunct Pluto in Capricorn she will retrograde exactly where Pluto retrograded. A powerful theme is unfolding, a ravenous energy which hasn’t been fed what we really need as the outer world becomes our obsessive focus. While the inner has lost out to what shows up as urgent and got to make it work. Venus helps us to hold a focus deep within and to sense an outward personal existence. We will be driven to go further and further until something snaps and there is a breakthrough. This involves awakening in the hidden roots of our repressed desires, feelings and needs so we can personally transform Self by holding steady with dense and demanding situations.

Venus is the spirit planet of our Earth, Gaia, her odyssey has been and still is to teach us the sacredness of connection and not to take relationships for granted. To hold a level of maturity and inner understanding so we don’t waste time in ‘hoping’ things will work out, alternatively teaching us to invest what is worth continuing. Relationships are important in our lives. These connections whether it’s with a beloved, friend, business partner, family, work colleagues or our local grocery store person, including our one-on-one connections will be refined and redefined to a more ‘apperceptive’ focus. Without each other there is no fulfilment in life, nor is there anyway of consciously understanding our subconscious patterns, thus no growth.

Scorpio Woman

Relationships have helped us shape the best parts of who we are, understand the immature aspects of our psyche. The Virgo Sun and Mars can assist with discernment becoming more selective who we share our energies with. These current times, relationships have become more important as we’ve had plenty of self-reflection time, perhaps our priorities have shifted, which is why Venus is ready with her full power to unleash the ‘shadows’ which we are willing to leave behind. Our past behaviours where we’ve not understood ourselves and have engaged with others in an intimate way have taught us to take our time, to learn the sacred Self relationship before we can give our energy to another.

There is a frequency of meeting up and connecting with a complementary force, eroding the illusion that someone can feel the same way as you and want to achieve a greater experience just by partnering. Venus will square the Moon and Saturn on 17 September, our emotional disconnection versus our need for intimacy shifts the trajectory where we make serious choices about in, out or revise. As Saturn makes a strong connection in this Venus Scorpio affair, we are reminded of karmic patterns repeating. The universe will bring into play unresolved scenarios, unexpressed needs and desires to the surface. A deeper understanding takes shape, as we know we have to breakdown to make a breakthrough.

Venus will make an opposition with Uranus on 23 September as the Sun moves into Libra in its fall position. A frequency of uncertainty, sudden changes, shocking news or ground-breaking internal shifts can be experienced. This does depend on our inner honesty and loyalty to what we bring into the relationship. Mercury will oppose Eris and the Moon in Aries communicating our personal needs with integrity to our emotional body can support wandering partnerships.

A powerful week, as Jupiter supports Mercury bringing a more balanced, peaceful approach as we would have survived our own fears. Mercury squares Pluto a long transit, our communication must be expelled in a mature and conscious manner as we take one step at a time to transmute our shadow to the light. This could bring ragged transition with tremendous spirit to dive into what we feel is real and have become ready for a whole new sense of what relationships mean in our life.

Venus trines Neptune in Pisces 30 September another big energy which brings lower and higher heart energies. These two can bring in some beautiful magical connections which can take us forward as we are utterly intent upon carrying through with this unaided notion and surrender into the depths of our feelings. Neptune in Pisces is projection of our fantasies, desires, imagination and illusion therefore we don’t want to make any assumptions, as Mercury will be in retrograde distorting our understanding. We are still being influenced by Pluto power and authority to transform to a more spiritual and deeply guided to those that are karmically here to peel another layer of the subconscious patterning.

A profound square between Venus and Jupiter on 1 October puts the final line down to what we need without effort in our relationships. The future is uncertain brings us to worry who will be by our side, without masking or missing our most intimate needs.

The Mercury and Pluto square is the showstopper here, a long transit which pushes us to not only feel with Venus in Scorpio but to think deeper and these energies can bleed into our interactions through intense communication. Many aspects of our life during this time will lead each of us to discover the truth independently. It can bring masses of people together as well as segregate even further. Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down the unhealthy aspects of our outer structures and governance, while Venus in Scorpio breaks down our stubborn, proud and unforgiving energies. Venus sextiles Pluto 2 October, the two intense energies lead us to uncover secrets or mysteries that have been hidden providing us with tools to make further shifts or deepen our psychological understanding of how we show up.

Venus takes us all on an interchangeable journey when it comes to relationships. The one we have with ourselves is the most important. These three months of which I’ve not touched upon when Venus enters Sagittarius, she will certainly conjunct the South Node, finally ending the superficial energy. We will get through this by stepping up, taking the courage to see things as they are, to listen to our feelings and make amends. We cannot move forward until we energetically feel resolved.  

This is also not doom and gloom, it is exciting to be able to watch our inner world through the Scorpio qualities. We can, in fact finally reach that one pure relationship with no regrets as we are willing to step in, cement our energies together. We cannot deny great connections because of taboo or neglect our emotional body. We will travel through a deep journey of intensive force out of previous experiences karmically which can lead us forward or nowhere at all.

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