A healing journey to authenticity with Pisces Full Moon

A unique unfolding of our psyche regarding what each of us keep hidden from others will illuminate a healing journey for more powerful, meaningful and intimacy in our relationships. This is a big statement, strung from the forces of our cosmic cyclical unravelling instigated on the full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees 13 minutes on 21 September at 9:50am AEST. The Virgo Pisces axis bring a solid understanding where we may hold back, what we keep secret and what we hide about ourselves from others as we hold subconscious judgement creating separation within.

The unconscious light of Virgo, our judgement to Self, others, inner critic, aiming to constantly refine to perfection is illuminated through the Pisces full moon. The moon enjoys being in Pisces, brings a new level of sentimental, sensitivities while showing us how we all build a façade of our inner emotional dispositions when we engage with others. This moon activates a profound healing process to help each of us voice what we judge, hide, fear and exposing conditional disclosure. Each of us have in many ways, in our different relationships or connections with others perhaps held our ‘truth’ back in the mercy of peace or wanting to be accepted by others. We blind ourselves in a dance of wanting to accept versus disrupting the connection.

Pisces energy is the ultimate frequency of unconditional love, although it doesn’t come easy because we have other energies conditioning our lens. The essence of pure unconditional love cannot be experienced if we have yet to disclose what we hold deep, find inner forgiveness and surrender to receive the ultimate connection. It takes courage, which the Sun in Virgo helps us to work through. The courage is to understand our healing journey of disclosing our hidden, darkest shadows, without doubts, secrets we hold, and the guarded judgements we dare not voice. It takes courage to be in our integrity of mind, body and Soul to show up in our truth, even when the masses work otherwise.  

Image by hasan almasi

Each of us hold subconscious polarity of hidden versus seen. There is a tendency to hold back what we truly feel, want to share or express and this can lead to violent separation. Time and time again we will meet with disappointments from connections, as we fail ourselves to speak up, to express what we need. There is wisdom in all our connections, to give each other permission to speak and be heard. Unfortunately, it is easy to ghost, ignore, run away because the fear or paralysis of wanting to speak comes with so many expectations. Virgo is the frequency of cleaning, cleansing and detoxing what must be digested at the Soul level. The warning of not doing this work is repeating psychological patterns which leave us believing we are not good enough, or the others cannot see us as we are.

The illumination or bringing forward in our awareness is the grip of separation we hold. This plays out how we can dissect other people, how we judge and condemn others because we simply don’t have the tools to work through the ‘tough’ stuff. Collectively we sense the segregation due to believing one side is better than the other. In the manner we make these judgements or not exposing what is required to be voiced.

The healing journey activated during this time, is magical. It awakens each of us to explore what we choose to share and to whom, while we keep silent with others. When we start on our inner journey, we can look at ourselves deeply, observe the psychological patterns which prevent us from speaking out what is true to us. This gives us understanding and responsibility to question why, where and how we judge ourselves. The unprocessed workings, leaves each of us stranded or searching for distraction until we are again meet the very hidden qualities mirrored back. South Node in Sagittarius is also key to this energy as it invites us to release the beliefs of being judged, ignored or superficial. As we hold ourselves back, fail to heal broken relationships, pretend all is well, or where others have caused us pain and why, we inevitably block true connection. This includes blocking profound connections which can take time to unravel.

Mercury square Pluto during this full moon. This is a long transit, Pluto helps us to dive deep inside, to unlock these hidden secrets, and reach our core patterns of resistance. It can also bring up unconscious fear, as we begin to understand through our feeling body, holding back or not healing our past and we know deep down what must be done, we become paralysed. The poison of resentment or regret can leave us feeling hollow, displaced and even convinced we are not worthy. Pluto in Capricorn is already breaking down the toxic external power forces, while on a micro level it helps us to move to a spiritual practice of self-empowerment. Mercury is slowing down for its retrograde, giving us time to process our healing journey through open communication, so we can experience Soul deep, authentic connections.

Mercury trines Jupiter, the teacher with the communicator. An excellent force guides us, through open communication we can heal our past. Inviting dialogue with someone we need to speak with, to understand our patterns, to find a sense of inner peace, requires to be met without an ulterior motive. This transit supports the uncomfortable journey triggered by the full moon; an evolution of a new psychological experience is birthed by expressing our darkest, hidden parts is profoundly healing. Pisces energy can hold us to our own deception, the illusion we don’t need to share what we hide from the outside world. If this is the case, we cannot form a new connection or bring authentic harmony into our world. All of us must get through our shadows by becoming aware we have them.

image by tim marshall

Although this full moon occurs in Pisces, its energy bleeds into Aries and Libra, as both the Sun and Moon move into these signs. The Sun in Libra, its fall position, where we are required to let the ego of Self come into balance with others, so we can understand or process our role in partnerships. The Aries moon can bring a force of working through these elements because without one another we cannot survive as a species. And the Aries energy also pushes us to the frontline of speaking, sharing, exploring and understanding how we want our relationship connections. The current segregation will continue to define itself if we fail to understand our own inner judgements. It all starts from within. 

There is a part of this full moon energy which forces the construct of who we are, and where we push love away. The Sun moving into Libra on Wednesday is also the equinox, equal balance of Sun and Earths equators bringing equal day and night. A powerful message from the cosmos to awaken each of us for true balance and peace within ourselves and others. Venus in Scorpio makes a connection to the full moon and the Sun, a stubborn force, wanting everything to stay the same. Refusing to do the work, while pleading internally for a different way, or a new paradigm unfolds as we engage with others. Venus in Scorpio, with the Moon in Pisces can make us extremely intuitive, our guts fire up with a knowing that cannot be ignored.

Everything is on the table right now. We can feel into a lot of internal fear. Therefore, we work through this fear, we can ask ourselves if we want true intimacy then we need to show up in our dents, scares, judgements. The mental body can suffer psychological episodes if we fail to express what we need to disclose. We are required to understand emotionally what parts of ourselves are we hiding from the outside world, especially to those that matter. We cannot afford to continue destroying connections because we ultimately destroy ourselves. As within so without, as above so below.

The full moon impacts our psychological perceptions and beliefs, which are mirrored back to us. If we cannot be in our truth, we are subconsciously giving our power to the outer by hiding or holding back where we need resolution or resolve. We are required to release our hidden thoughts, and by doing so we shift our perceptions, and thus our beliefs. There is so much healing when we hold space without judgement, without seeking external validation, without an agenda. This energy is great to heal, to reconnect, to practice self-loyalty and to show up in our wholeness. We cannot afford to take what is not healed into our future.

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