Our diabolical antagonist traits activated with this New Moon in Libra

This powerful new Moon in Libra at 13°24 minutes on 6 October at 10:04pm AEST, with Sun and Mars by its side activates strong subconscious, repressed and hidden unresolved emotions. It is no ordinary new Moon, where we can disguise our emotional turmoil and show up as we want to be seen. It is a cosmic alignment which boils our unexpressed, desperate needs to a heighten state, unleashing our emotions aggressively. Each of us will experience a side of our psyche which requires expression from what has been deeply buried, pushed away, ignored and yet attempts to haunt us. Especially in those quiet moments of our days, when we begin to awaken to our own dispositions of what still requires healing, or voiced, and expressed.

It is not an easy week. Even if we’ve developed a strong spiritual practice, or have affirmations assisting us to rise to our best. This is partly because the Sun, Moon and Mars trio connect with Uranus in a quincunx, bringing in unexpected, shocking, surprises, strong emotional eruptions and powerful shifts. This also includes an opposition to Chiron the Wounded Healer.

Mars in Libra finds it difficult to confined in its true quality with another because it is constantly flowing, relating, compromising and comparing which is against its nature. Mars requires an opponent to express its qualities. Mars in Libra is in a trapped churning cycle getting lost in repetitive staged motion. This expression creates obstacles, blocking us from the natural changes required in how we relate to one another.

Whatever challenges we are facing outside of ourselves and placing in our own way, Mars, with Chiron and Uranus encourages us to embrace or create the life we want by understanding where we unconsciously place obstacles. Mars expression in Libra tends to create obstacles.

Mars is our personal planet, connected with our physical, activist version and the very fire needed to express ourselves or get things done. The Moon activates our inner child healing, our need to express our repressed emotions freely paving the wave for something else. During this new Moon cycle, we may move through experiencing more aggression, violence, feel disturbed or physically attack all in the name of fear of change or uncertainty or freedom.

The Sun, Moon and Mars bring greater calamity with the trine to Saturn. There is no room for unresolved or unhealed versions of ourselves for the future, unless we want to replay certain situations. There is no capacity to emotionally compromise or put ourselves on the back burner as we hopefully invest in others. Saturn helps us to take responsibility of our personal contribution on how we’ve currently shaped our lives versus how we want to create our experience.

The opposition to Chiron is what evokes our subconscious acts of placing obstacles, distractions or simply avoiding the adversity in creating harmony in all our relationships. Our relationships mirror back to us the true frequency of our toxic masculinity, which brings the inevitable dark night of the Soul. Each of us experiences Mars qualities, however it is up to us how we activate where we meet Mars. We can meet this energy through the lens of meeting long standing obstacle of repressed frustrations which require physical expression. We can delude ourselves, because we can push this inner rage at something that has nothing to do with the undercurrent of what is dormant and yet without skilfully understanding these energies we are left with deep angst.

Chiron helps us to understand our personal Mars connection, by showing us where we can lie to ourselves, through manipulation or passive aggressive traits. It shows up first as an internal dialogue, expressed through our unhealthy ego lens. Mars, with the Moon and Sun only understands that our perspective matters, causing much confusion, separation and distortion in half felt connections. Chiron is a half animal, half human guide, directing us deeply into the wounded parts of our emotional body. If we have the courage to go deep enough into our own darkness hitting the camber of where the pain is stored, we begin to feel where these powerful ‘dark’ forces physically reside in our body. The physical discomfort is felt like a heavy weight when we’ve lied to ourselves in the name of peace. This of course is, spiritually bypassing the work that is required for each of us to step into a higher conscious state is blocked by our unwillingness to feel the wounds.

During this New Moon, we can tap into these wounded places echoing from different parts of our bodies and Mercury retrograde assists us to hear their message. Mercury is in retrograde in Libra, adding another layer and depth to our wounds. Our past haunts us, torments the unresolved situations yet it brings to surface the necessary conditions to once more engage for our own clarity and submission for deep cleansing.

It is important to remember, whenever we are processing any intense feelings, instead of lashing out unconsciously we can consciously move our awareness to our body and notice where the discomfort is blocked. Our energy body is determined by our healthy mental capacity and with great respect we can ask ourselves what are these elemental dark forces which require understanding and thus requesting them to release themselves. Chiron is the force which rules clearing the body by releasing the deepest pain consciously. If we ignore the internal discomfort, the heat of both Sun and Mars combined can be unbearable.   

We can only work with this powerful New Moon energy, with Chiron and Uranus at an understanding of our own capacity, our own conscious lens. What is crystal clear during this new Moon is when our lens of perception clouds over with emotions, subcurrents, the stuff hidden and dark lurking always, we are trapped in a loop of emotional stagnation. The only possible way to rise above all this energy is discovering as karmic warriors to behold our own submergence, respect what comes up and find a healthy outlet to release the heat, the pressure, the discomfort however diabolical it may seem to our graceful façade.  Here we are taken on a journey which only requires an aggressive output, to release the toxic masculine and transmute them to the divine masculine qualities.

We can sense our own projections with Mercury quincunx Neptune in Pisces, of what is playing out externally, and experiencing the desperation of the ‘should of’ ‘could of’ or ‘would of’. These uncomfortable past situations, leave a strong sent of regret, yet they do not define us, they are not who we may feel. As we start to remove awareness away from this web, the process leads or triggers to an aggressive expression. This can be played out violently, protesting or while some of us unplug or retreat from the internal heat.  Our shadows will be apparent, and how we respond to these can be extremely telling on how invested we are in creating true harmony in our relations. We cannot no longer ignore the emotional pulls, and act as we’ve done in the past. There simply is no room for us energetically to hold such heavy energy.  

Pluto square Mercury and Eris the Goddess of discordance highlight what needs to be addressed in our lives. Pluto invites us to step into a spiritually Soul transmuted state, if anything less he will certainly bring much more destruction through intense communication and expression. Secrets and truth bombs are fired up, as we work through our own dispositions while we make sense of our world. Pluto stations to go direct on 7 October, adding another flavour to the new Moon energies. We are learning to loosen the old grip of control, power and how we want things to be. Once we sense this is the only way to get relief while we do our work, we can open different doorways, a magical portal to a new paradigm of engaging with others.

The whole world is going through radical changes, and it’s not just our planet, our cosmos is shifting. The north and south poles are shifting, a cause for concern as we know our past is now a distant memory. Attempting to ‘fix’ our lives to that old paradigm will bring greater suffering. This Moon brings so much to the table, our past karmas are reverberated, we are reminded not to make the same mistakes twice. To rid of our self-righteous attitudes, shift our beliefs to the correct alignment of current times and step into what is being inflated emotionally for authentic clearing. The greatest bulk of this energy is hidden, is unknown, is out of view. This makes the new Moon energy potent as it initiates tremendous demands on those of us who find it difficult to express and heal our pain body. Each of us must remember by stripping away, surrendering our beliefs, and with careful execution of our emotions we can build greater stronger connections.

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