The Full Moon in Aries instigates most powerful impressions in our lives

The cosmic menu for this week is a build-up of strong, passionate, and perhaps intense energies as we witness collectively the need for change while personally, we are emotionally transformed from our vital essence. There is so much activity with Pluto, inviting us to look at some deeply buried emotions which require a psychological metamorphous shifting the way we operate in the world. The full moon in Aries peak on 21 October 2021 at 1.56am AEST, a combined energy if we devour the wisdom well, we can defiantly look back at this week as the ultimate week of testing our courage, instigating the necessary positive changes while we heal another layer of psychological imprints for resolution and resolve.  

Depending on our emotional ability to digest and process what it is we need, or rather what it is the universe is leading us toward is Sun square Pluto on Monday, while the Moon conjuncts Neptune, making a quincunx to the Sun. To add to this mix we have both Mercury and Jupiter station to go direct by the evening. This the essential key of stepping back, diving deep within as we entertain our need for control. Sun and Pluto is strong. It is essential to focus on our actions, perhaps there are parts of ourselves which can be submissive, or vulnerable where we can quite easily give our power away to others. It may seem we are waiting for others to inform us what tastes good and what is nourishing. Pluto in Capricorn is an energy of great grandmother wisdom. We all have access to this power.

image by xuan nguyen

Our wisdom comes from the trials and tribulations of our past, including past lives and if we tap into the energy of the Moon with Neptune through meditation or stillness, we can bring to our awareness the triggers for our motivations. Do they come from a place of scarcity, fear or numbing our discomfort? Or can we truly forgive our past actions, psychosocial imprints, including why we’ve adopted certain beliefs over others, and can we transmute to a new level of emotional maturity?

Mercury and Jupiter station to go direct, both in two social signs, Libra and Aquarius shifts our perception of our social circles. Mercury starts to travel back up through Libra as we start to express ourselves clearly. Mercury has guided us to truly embark on real, tangible, deep and meaningful connections. While Jupiter our teacher gives us several cues to understand we cannot go solo and expect the world to change. We have to be the change we want to see in our lives. Mars makes a trine to Jupiter which enhances our desires to win, compete, as we move forward with our own sense of self-belief. Mars and Jupiter is a powerful force to be used for good. It is a competitive frequency which can push us to get what we want. It is courageous. It can bring deep spiritual growth and the very energy required to support our relationships worthy of our attention.

The energy is positive, powerful and courageous. Depending on our level of consciousness, and the work we’ve done on ourselves, with the ability to separate our emotions to what is unfolding in the manifested sense we can bring immense and magnificent changes. The pendulum can also swing the other way. Pluto rules our Scorpionic intense traits, which can easily be expressed in deep, psychological fear which brings our own insecurities out as jealousy, greed, control, power and even violence. We can resist the change. We can wither our courage to how others want us to express ourselves. We can keep our inner fire dormant. If so, we must ask ourselves why?

image by miguel bruna

Mercury opposite Chiron is a powerful force which can help us to reshape our perspectives regarding our wounds, issues, and traumas. It doesn’t mean we forget them or numb them away, rather we don’t let them shape our future in a restrictive manner. We can use Chiron’s wisdom as a gateway to infinity of our Soul journey. The self-awareness practice of attuning to the synchronicity of our environment is to carefully observe the events around themselves that reflect our inner selves. The Moon conjuncts Chiron prior to its full moon dive, where she meets Eris the goddess of discord. We can emotional feel what holds us back which is the unprocessed knowledge from our past. We subconsciously know how powerful symbols are, and how multidimensional we truly are.

This full moon in Aries conjunction with Eris, is a force helping many of us to remember how to access our own power, especially with a square to Pluto and opposition to Sun and Mars. And while this may excite many, for others this energy can bring a deep level of emotional separation from the simplicities of our current state. The Sun, Moon, Mars square to Pluto invites us to understand that we’ve reached a magnificent and perhaps dangerous time in our lives if we continue to follow a narrative where we have no voice, no desire to declare our needs. This powerful force invites all of us to expand or we will collapse in on ourselves, like a black hole, which is the negative space or time.

image by fabio oyxis2kal

This full moon is the building blocks of cosmic creativity, the acquisition of our wholeness, our personal magical skills which characterise the next stage of our human evolution. It is such a power, with courage and self-expression that if we don’t step forward with our authenticity our emotions boil, bubble into moodiness or impulsive reactions which can cause irritations and conflict. This full moon is about you (Aries) and the other (Libra), we can either come together as we are, or we can blindly, unconsciously submit to participating in separation.

All relationships, with their intentions become acutely loud, sensing the impartiality or imbalanced, balance which shifts our dynamics either to create profound positivity or disharmony. Pluto squaring these luminaries is not easy. Our own inner dichotomy for wanting something that is aligned especially when we feel into the pain witnessing people we love struggling to keep their old systemised beliefs and while doing so we can see how they choose to not live within their values. We can sense others and perhaps ourselves trapped in the roar of lies, which births the extreme split between selflessness and narcissism which engenders a deep love for others at the same time an acute loathing.

We need to listen to this intense energy of this week. We do not want to deny what is happening inside but to respond with courage where we are willing to work with the energy of change and shifting to create and plant the seeds of true friendship which can restore the passion we’ve forgotten or stopped the depth of authentically loving others. We can only do this, when we’ve cleaned our limiting beliefs and have courage in our hearts to move forward to what inspires us. This can be extremely difficult because both Sun and Mars in Libra are not so strong. A lot of passive aggressive and asking permission to get what we want, which can be challenging as it pushes us out of our comfort because the moon brings such an inner emotional need which cannot be denied. We perhaps, must follow what is important for each of us, and get out of our own way to not let others dictate how we handle situations. We can do things differently. We can take this energy for birthing the right circumstances or we can suffer with deep regrets.

This full moon is about how we want to show up in our relationships from the lens of our emotional needs and what makes us feel safe, seen and heard. We can move towards trusting our heart and while Pluto pushes us to dive deeper into our psychological behavioural patterns we have an opportunity to transform our hold ups to actively participate in approaching our environment differently. We can use the Aries fire to eliminate any destructive attitudes of separation. The way we respond to this powerful moon relies on our conscious ability to know we are the change agents of our own experience of life and trusting our Soul journey thus far.

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