Scorpio New Moon stings us back to reality!

2021 has not let us down with the powerful, almighty, forceful, sudden and chaotic energy of Uranus. A year promised uncertainty, rapid change by bringing awareness to our old belief systems so we can be empowered by the choices we’ve made. Uranus isn’t an energy which supports hive mind thinking, nor follow the crowd, rather it gifts those that are willing to push beyond the status quo and shine in their truth no matter what holds them back. What has been the underlying theme of change in your life? What actions have you taken or how have you processed deeply buried fear?

The last few New Moons, Leo 8 August made a square, Virgo 6 September a trine, Libra 6 October a quincunx and on 5 November at 8:14am, Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus. Uranus with New Moon energy has certainly got us shifting to uncharted territory, and by doing so we’ve felt relief, freedom and alive. One of the most powerful skills Scorpio holds is patience, not the ‘let’s wait and see’ kind, but the one that already has its eye on the target, watching intently to strike at the appropriate time.

Image by Casper Nichols

This New Moon in Scorpio with the Sun, and Mars close by not quite a conjunction, are opposing Uranus directly, all but Mars are at 12 degrees making this Friday one of the most memorable days in human history. There are guaranteed sparks experienced microcosm and macrocosm as humanities darkest shadows coming to light. Freedoms, speaking or shouting for what is unjustly felt, can bring such a turnaround in the way we have been living over the past two years. We’ve been held back, forced into a corner, to change and evolve where the outcomes or consequences of our actions may go down in history.

The tension of this energy alignment brings the necessary force to help us all. This whole week leading up to the Moon has given us extra energy to go for what we want because finally we understand our own power. We know what it feels like to hold back, sit on the fence, watch the world dictate back to us how we should experience our life. No, we cannot tolerate or digest the injustices anymore. We are ready to take our stance in our own way, express and act on what no longer serves us. We may witness large groups taking to the streets and demanding justice, fairness but more Scorpionic we want truth and we certainly do not want to be left in the dark.

Lots of secrets are revealed during this transit, while we can give credit to the Scorpio Moon, we mustn’t bypass our dear warrior Mars. He has ignited a force which addresses the obtuse goings or not and we courageously, somewhat tactfully take back our lives. It will feel as if something inside of us has suddenly become alive, fierce, determined, inquisitive and searching for what is really coming to light. We may find ourselves working with others to get to the path of freedom.

Image by Christopher Campbell

Scorpio shadow holds deep fear, which is why money and relationships are one of its key measures. A loyal sign, that pours its energy and time into that one focal point can overwhelm others. It is one of the most powerful New Moon alignments, with most planets except Uranus, Neptune and Eris are direct. The trick with Neptune, because there is a wide trine, we can get carried away with all the intensity and find ourselves landing in places we thought were safe.

Uranus always brings sudden changes. Not the ones we can predict, but rather the ones that are so abstract and bizarre. This blind sightedness is not something to judge ourselves over with, rather we use our reflexes and move forward, sidewards, upwards with the help of our friends.

People, others, you can fill in the label of what they mean to you, orchestrate this New Moon energy by synchronising several serendipitous events. We cannot railroad this flow of energy. Easily done by doubting the process, fearing the uncertainty or even attempting to do it yourself. It is the cosmic wisdom teachings placed in our path, by trusting the support of others or giving ourselves permission to receive assistance, guidance or support.

This day is remarkable, as Venus only a few hours later changes signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is the loyal friend syndrome. Venus is committed and will work towards a goal through calculated steps on where to place our energy, our spending to get better dividends. She will dance in Capricorn until 7 March 2022, indicating we must prepare for some financial crises, changes or shocks that bring our focus point to how we can get out of the system and create something sustainable. It is important go back over the last few months of Venus journey.

A conjunction with Mars in August, an opposition to Neptune and trine to Uranus, while she was in opposition to Chiron and Eris, and had quite the ride in Scorpio. She flew through Sagittarius, where she resides now at the galactic centre. Her influence on how we value what we earn, how we earn our money and where we invest are some of the themes, shifts and transitions we all will encounter. Scorpio is the master of the three big taboos: sexuality in all its forms, other people’s money including loans, taxes and inheritance and the occult, the mysteries of life. Venus brings the energy where we may need to reconsider our investments and how we can become more independent.

There is a grand T-square with this moon, which includes Saturn in Aquarius. This adds that extra spice to the mix of truth, power, control, money and our place in the world. We are not making choices for just tomorrow we are investing for our sustainable future by overcoming the shadows of polarity, the them and us syndrome.

There is a shadow side to all this energy which is FOMO, fear of missing out. Scorpio energy opposing Taurus is very much our personal values and it is about our obsessive, attachments which hold us back from exploring new uncharted territories. Scorpio loves power games, controlling situations, after all it is a fixed water sign, mostly associated with an iceberg, you don’t really see the full picture until you get super close. Mercury, adds another spin as it enters Scorpio the next day, heightens our psychic lens, and sharpens our minds and tongues so we only speak when the moment is ripe.

Image by Mahdi Bafande

This New Moon in Scorpio is exciting, energising, giving us the right attitude to do what is right by our hearts, genitals, or spirit. It is a force which dominates our ritual of creativity, the intimacy of that creative mix, unlike Leo which expresses its creativity giving it shape or form. Scorpio is the very energy that dances in between light and dark, death and rebirth, love and passion.

Use this energy wisely, create, empower yourself to prepare for another round of dictatorship from governing bodies only this time the people will shout back. Observe your attachments, question your obsessions and most importantly invest your energy where there is mutual empowerment. Truths, secrets or things that have been hidden from us, come to our attention, how we choose to act upon this information will be the barometer of our emotional maturity.

A new chapter unfolds with this New Moon frequency, which also adds that extra bite with Uranus and launching us into eclipse season. Every moment of our being is now under the microscope of change, truth and growth. We can rapidly expand ourselves to be the advocates for change. Each of us is impacted by this shift and we can either choose to be in this matrix or we can choose to launch independently. Both bring fear, only one of them brings growth and freedom.

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