A metamorphosis of our personal world full moon Gemini

A powerful astrological week leads to a grand finale of several fast cosmic movements and alignments with key transitions, all in the aid of pushing us deeper to authenticity. The full moon in Gemini peaks on 19th December at 3:35pm AEST, at 27°, with an opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius at the Galactic centre. The nodes of the Moon are at the last, concluding journey of Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node.

We are being called to examine all what Gemini represents, our personal lives, our conditions, our physical environment including the people we associate ourselves with. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is travelling through Capricorn and makes a square to Chiron in Aries at this full moon. This aspect with Mercury and Chiron can bind and repress outward communication and expression. As we heal our wounds and work towards resolving our issues we can find the special form of communication, with discernment, tact and openness to express what needs to be heard.

Mercury is the guide for the Moon, indicating we step up in our authenticity to propose the right questions and to create the most suitable environment for us to achieve our goals. As Chiron in Aries is involved and stationed to go direct, it makes this aspect a strong indicator that this cosmic dance reveals several karmic situations. Mercury may prevent us from freely expressing some extremely difficult and sometimes painful truths. These difficult and painful truths come from what Aries and Capricorn represents. Our personal relationship to money, people, governance, work and beliefs. Mercury is not so verbal, rather it is more introspective, intense and non-verbal with this square to Chiron. If we are to attend to our wounds, it will make this full moon process more powerful and meaningful.

The moon quincunx the Venus Pluto conjunction. We must pay attention to this, as six hours later Venus will go retrograde, starting her 40-day and 40-night journey to the underworld. This is such a powerful aspect and process; it required a page of its own. The connection with the Gemini full moon is going to bring up some truth around our personal lives, especially our beliefs, how we operate in our world. Our moral codes will be tested, shifted and put to the test with Venus and Pluto. They are together for eighteen days which is a rare length of time.

Artist – Sanja Milenkovic

We can experience some profound moments of realisation, as we use our Gemini traits of curiosity to observe our environment. At the same note, we are also being called to step away from fixated ideas, especially if we are attached to the way we want to experience our life shifting our perspective to review our reality in a more sobering manner. Thus, bringing up doubt, fear and revealing of secrets which add to the mix of what this mutable energy brings, change and uncertainty.

As the Sun is in direct alignment of the galactic centre during this full moon, we get to receive or connect to our cosmic family. This is an extremely psychic, mystical and spiritual time for us to drop away from the earthly desires psychologically and tune into the cosmic waves using our intuition to bring a deeper Soul understanding of our path. As we drop away, we can observe our personal world objectively. These next two weeks can bring chaos with certainty to distract us from what needs to be changed. The chaos can trap us in fear or doubt, lose our way from what already is spiritual. Therefore, it is important to observe our reactions and evaluate what small steps both physically and psychologically we can take to create the right mix. Our attachments to how we want things to unfold may shatter, leaving us in emotional despair. There is no point in sugar coating what is about to be experienced for each of us in our personal world, as we would be doing a disservice of our healing path and being authentic.

The Sun also makes a profound sextile to Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius the true sign of divination and philosophical understanding. As we move deeper with this full moon, we can look upon the Sun with its downloads and connectivity to the universe. While Jupiter may reward us with profound gifts only if we’ve truly understood the power of our individuality, consensus and sovereignty by walking the path of authenticity, change and evolution.

Jupiter also makes a trine to the Moon, a powerful and positive transit but only rewarded if we’ve planned our moves and actively lined up the ducks, to immerse in our goals and visions respectfully, with key inner changes we’ve made. All these planets are highlighting two key aspects of our lives. Relationships and Money. Pluto can bring endings, deaths and intense situations if we’ve not observed our psychological motivations or intentions. Do they come from our ego or spiritual bodies? There have been times when each of us have been impatient about what we want and when we want things. We can unconsciously operate in a forceful and persuasive manner with a web of interventions to speed things up. A tendency to grab and hold with a sense of urgency, will not work at this time. Anything that is not from our spiritual heart or Soul, will become so clear during this full moon.

Artist – Alejandro Aboli

And finally, the Gemini Moon makes a semi square to Uranus, who is getting ready for a tight square with Saturn on 24 December. This alignment can bring some interesting surprises, perhaps shocks into our world where we respond through our intuition what needs to be done or what needs to be released. These powerful moves, also include a strong trine between Mercury and Uranus stimulating our minds, opening new possibilities and connecting with people that bring in new shifts and changes. Both Gemini and Aquarius are social signs, one is personal while the other is to advance our communities bringing different perspectives together makes a delicious plan. The challenge would be to get out of the self-centred motives, the what’s in it for me mentality which brings massive ego deaths.

The most powerful activation on this Gemini full moon is the Venus journey into the underworld with her Pluto conjunction. Each of us will journey to a place of what is feared the most, perhaps the crack in the financial system, the glitch in the matrix or our idea of taking massive risks only to realise we’ve made more losses than we can handle. It can also include relationships, which must come from a spiritual connection of openness and transparency.

Although it is a week of the full moon, we also have Venus go retrograde and she gets to move over Pluto which will be the biggest transformation of our financial, relationship and unconscious beliefs. It will shatter our lives as we know them. If this isn’t enough, we have the Summer Solstice on the 22 December at 3:00 am AEST, when the Sun moves to 0° Capricorn, creating the change of season, changing the cycle of the Sun by giving us the longest day of the year.

During the Summer Solstice and Winter for the Northern Hemisphere, Moon will be in Cancer, opposing Venus retrograde, and quincunx the Sun in Capricorn. This alignment is a message from the cosmos to celebrate the nourishing light of the Sun, and the light within each of us. It symbolises the Sun breaking through the darkness. It represents the transition from action to nourishment. We can use these ancient teachings in our personal world by truly eroding ourselves of fixed ideas that do not serve us in a healthy way. By also, working through our own shadows and bringing to light what needs to be transmuted. We are learning to trust ourselves, our intuition and by doing the healing work.

We know one thing for sure about this full moon, Venus retrogrades while she conjuncts Pluto and the Summer Solstice bringing massive change and uncertainty. Our beliefs will be challenged and put in a mix of different situations so we can find the light within. This is no ordinary festive week, which indicates last minute changes must be had if our personal environment dictates so. Using the qualities of Gemini, curiosity, staying local, our personal environment and not making concrete commitments, we can experience some profound transformations over the next forty days and nights.

Here are some questions that could help work through these strong energies:

  1. Does my idea of how I want my life to be reflect my environment?
  2. Do the people around me support and/or open the door or assist in my personal ascension?
  3. What needs to change in my personal environment?
  4. What does the ideal situation look like?
  5. What small steps of change can I make?
  6. What is my biggest fear around finances and investments?
  7. What strong boundaries prevent me from making the changes?

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