New Moon in Capricorn journey of own inner authority

On 3rd January 2022 at 5:33am AEDT, the Moon will conjunct the Sun in Capricorn at 12° marking a specific point in our psyche what we must leave behind versus what we know requires resurrection. Capricorn ruled by Saturn, is an old construct of authority, governance, institutions, teachers, mentors and ultimately a wisdom that brings us to a greater view eroding our personal point of view. This New Moon invites us from a higher octave of Capricorn to tune into the qualities of Saturn’s current position, Aquarius. The start of 2022 is a transitional process that leads to a deeper understanding of our own uniqueness.

We start 2022 with a Venus retrograde, Mercury in shadow ready for its retrograde in January and a Balsamic Moon in Sagittarius. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, while she is in retrograde, she invites us to explore our personal needs, wants and values. Venus is the ultimate Devine Feminine archetype, a force which requires us to quieten the external noise and listen deeply to what she is surging up from the depths of our being. Like any feminine quality, her tact, stance and rigor are focused, unrelenting and passionate. The moons nodes change on 19th January. A north node in Taurus and south node in Scorpio. This marking a powerful year of cleansing, deepening and awakening our Devine feminine qualities. I will write something specific to this soon, let’s get back to what’s unravelling now.

The Sun and Moon in Capricorn are tainted by the unique and abstract qualities of Saturn in Aquarius. This means we are invited to breakdown all that we’ve conditioned ourselves to feel a secure sense of self. We all have made decisions and positioned ourselves to some authority, while subconsciously eroding our own sovereignty. Currently, while the new year opens with a Balsamic Moon in Sagittarius where the South Node resides, gives us time to reflect on our decisions of the last eighteen months.

image by Peter Herrmann – clearing

We are beginning to understand old Capricorn dogmatic, external authorities and mentoring concepts do not align with our personal identity. Our intuition lens and inner knowing, our Devine Feminine will not stand for any tyranny, deception or betrayal. We can literally feel the clarity uprising. This forces us psychologically and emotionally to let go, release and clear all that is not in alignment to our own hearts. Aquarius has a rebellion expression. Not because it wants to be different. It is different, unique, chaotic, explosive, expressive, idealistic, innovative and extremely dissociated emotionally. We can now breakdown all these unhealthy laws, rules and customs in our groups to give ourselves permission to voice truth.

The rebellious side is a title given from a projected perspective, because it goes against the status quo, authority, people we looked up to and now we see their tricks and manipulative controlling ways. Aquarius always goes against what should be the ‘right’ thing to do collectively. It goes against our own adopted beliefs, our own inner programming that once worked. These notions do not work anymore.

Uranus helps us to get back in touch with our individuality, which has lost its expression through Saturn strict, totalitarianism, dogmatic and controlling ways. Aquarius wants the diversity in the groups, with a clear conscious to sit amongst those that are different and confident to voice their perspectives without judgement or discrimination.

The Sun and Moon square Chiron the wounded healer, while Venus is in retrograde adds another layer of what must be uncovered within ourselves in order to pave way for our own happiness and fulfilment of our life.

Image by Geran De Klerk

Pluto in Capricorn danced with Venus for over two weeks a good length of time together is cosmically unique. It hasn’t happened before. This meeting initiated a deep transformational process of all that Capricorn represents. We must heal our past. We must find the courage, space and honestly ask ourselves in all that we’ve experienced how we’ve shown up in our truth. This journey is ongoing until Venus stations to go direct end of January. Indicating we are spending most of the first month of the new year processing our past decisions and actions to get a better understanding of what do we want when all that has been pushed in our field is stripped away.

Venus represents our hearts, Capricorn represents our outer security, the structures we set up to operate effectively in our world and Pluto represents death, rebirth and Soul transformation. We all are working through our old wounds, while it is easy to dismiss them, or push blame on others, this alignment is working on our own personal responsibility of orchestrating our life experience. This cannot be done if we do not know who we are. It cannot be done if we are seeking external guidance on how we should be in the world. This just creates masses of karma which needs to be balanced out. We cannot take this old way into the new version of what we all are creating for our future.

Venus in retrograde represents Taurus qualities, and while she travels through Capricorn, she invites us to explore, examine and perhaps experiment what really makes us joyous from the depths of our Soul. We are invited to shake it all up, voice and explore our desires, our dreams by integrating them in our physical reality. Taurus rules our senses, our sensuality and own sense of personal security. Our own desires, needs, values, flavours which stem from the deepest part of our Soul need to be understood, integrated and reconstructed as a framework for 2022.  

During this New Moon in Capricorn, Venus in retrograde will be at 22° Capricorn. A sensitive and powerful degree, where in 2020 we had Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct. The themes of this New Moon are tailored around our own dispositions during that time. The decisions we made, filtered through the guise of external governance or others. Did we respond to our own needs through automatic programming to do what was expected? Did we comply or did we find our own truth? All what matters during this new moon is how we are going to show up for ourselves, whole or partial.

Although this is a powerful, intentional and goal orientated New Moon in Capricorn, we must review how the other energies in the heavens help us to do the work so our intentions can manifest from a pure space. Mercury arrives in Aquarius, although in shadow phase ready for its retrograde on 14 January, we must pay attention to how we are showing up in our communities. Can we trust what is unfolding without nepotism? Can we express our unique individuality without judgement or discrimination from our past actions? Can we trust our own perspectives and inner truth to discern what is not aligned to our hearts? Mercury trines the North Node in Gemini on 7th January. This gives us a flavour of finding out the truth directly will reward and provide a maturing of our own actions.

image by JR Korpa

The universe provides us with several clues, our senses are heighted, and our inner truth can echo louder. The inner needs may go against our ego focused ideals. We may find this work to be hard, or even the sell by date expired. Nonetheless, Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto and Chiron suggest otherwise.

Jupiter is now in Pisces and squares the nodes of the moon. The south node in Sagittarius and north node in Gemini. Jupiter is the dispositor of the south node, which also means we won’t feel him till 19 January when the nodes shift. It is said when a highly spiritual energy squares the nodes, there is some unresolved or missed steps which need to be addressed. This alignment is super important.

Jupiter in Pisces brings a truly spiritual understanding of all that we are in this human experience. We can openly declare our lives are perfect and we’ve achieved our greatest potential. Can we honestly experience a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life without controlling who stays, goes and how? Jupiter invites us to surrender to the synchronicities of what shows up, what our heart or intuition wants us to action. It may be a feeling. Pisces is not a tangible essence, it is the unseen, the nebula of a star bursting, boundless, yet the presence is felt deeply. We cannot afford to play games of hope and outsmarting our inner needs. This will be a far greater price to pay inevitably. This way of carelessly experience our lives, we miss the details of what is presently showing up, literally, metaphorically and in various ways including our shadows and other influences.

Jupiter squaring the north node in Gemini, is what we resist but need the most. We must ask the right questions to the right people and not make any assumptions. The New Moon in Capricorn is a karmic path, reshaping our destiny. Any interference or forcing a situation, manipulating others so we can get the upper hand, is not going to work. Pay attention to messages coming from all levels as Jupiter squares the nodes, we can receive so much information helping us to grow and find resolution. We may acknowledge our ingrained beliefs and dogmatic ways of working are the root cause of the inner conflict between growth and stillness.

Finally, Eris is squaring the point between Venus rx and Pluto. Eris reminds us to step into our truth, regardless of the consequences, the breakdown of relationships and the shifts that may occur is necessary for us to truly express ourselves. A huge inner transformation has been birthing since Venus arrived in Capricorn. Once we start to understand the fundamental principle of this new moon in Capricorn is to get deep inside of our being, our essence, our truth we can be fully present within ourselves.

We can spend much time in wasted connections perhaps seeking validation outside of ourselves eroding the responsibility of our own actions. It is easy to blame others.

Once we fully surrender to how our past has shaped us, not just the experiences but more so the vibration or frequency behind our actions. We can then embark on a truly authentic journey of self-realisation, self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

How we set our path for 2022 must come from a deep intentional, sacred and spiritual space within our hearts. We must explore the block we’ve built around our hearts, around our own desires, need for love and affection. We must not distract ourselves from cheap superficial gimmicks which others regurgitate from self-realised higher vibrating beings. We must find that very essence inside ourselves.

And of course, if we do not venture on this journey, regardless how strong our spiritual practices are, or how much conviction we have because we cannot see our own pains and issues from the past, then our own constricted rules will continue to restrict our own potential for 2022. We must understand from a personal point of view how we limit ourselves from truly expressing what flavour makes us joyous and radiant from within.

This new moon triggers a path less travelled for all of us. A path that allows us to be honourable in all our interactions. Therefore, be prepared for the change that comes from within and how we take the responsibility, with discernment to take care of what needs to be cleared, healed, owned and respected. If done well, and to our own capacity, 2022 will open us to a strong spiritual awakening where we can emphasise and sit amongst those that are different to us.

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