Spirited away 2022, insights through astrology

“We are now perched on a strange cusp of history… a time when the world feels like its been turned upside down, and nothing is quite as we imagined. But uncertainty is always a precursor to sweeping change; transformation is always preceded by upheaval and fear: I urge you to place your faith in the human capacity for creativity and love, because these two forces, when combined, possess the power to illuminate any darkness”

Edmond Kirsch, lead character in Origin by Dan Brown (2018)

2022 is a year of powerful spiritual enrichment, which is yoked between the relationship we have with ourselves versus how we show up and present ourselves to others. This is a year, each of us will be tested through our choices and the implications of our actions. If we truly understand the forces of nature, we can take this year as a teaching of how best to develop a solid, respectful, and highly versatile relationship with ourselves.

The year started off with a balsamic moon in Sagittarius while the south node of the Moon’s magnetic pull is to purge our dogmatic belief systems which we’ve adopted either through our own survival and/or conditioning from our past. It’s important to highlight this moon phase at the eve of 2022, because the Moon can give us some insight on how we are required to operate to get through all the turbulence, mentally and emotionally. This suggests we take an honest look at our beliefs, do they help us to experience a higher version of who we are?

We’re embarking on a new journey, one which the old or normality of being has become an idea of the past. There is a big push to reach far beyond our own conditioning to evolve spiritually and while we can comprehend this intellectually, the actual journey is going to be a collective dark night of the soul. Especially if we are attempting to proactively seek advantage in our personal lives at the expense of others.

This year also began with Venus in retrograde. She has been travelling with Pluto for over ten days in a tight conjunction. This hasn’t yet been witnessed or experienced before. Venus in Capricorn is travelling into the underworld. She represents all that we value and love. In Capricorn she wants us to take our sovereignty seriously and with responsibility. During January, she will come into an inferior conjunction with the Sun, only then will we witness her retrograde power. Her release from the underworld, during her retrograde, comes into a furnace directly in line with the Sun and the Earth.

Venus declares we must change our ways by understanding how we hold on to stories which do not define us anymore. Respectfully, she wants us to embark on a deep healing journey. A journey which resurrects past connections and situations as there is much to be revealed that has been hidden from us. While she is in Capricorn, until the 7th March, we will experience ample opportunity for our own healing. Alternatively, we can become quite arrogant and continue with our goals without understanding nothing new is experienced. We must seek a spiritual understanding of our actions. In all our interactions, not matter how minor or major or dismissive or active they may come across, each one has a golden nugget of wisdom.

wallup.net – warrior goddess

Here we have two feminine archetypes: Moon and Venus activating our Devine Feminine. The part of us that has been dormant because we’ve given priority to achieve, to rush, to gain, to accumulate, to run while we carry deep hurts, pains, and unresolved energy. These can play out in many ways. We must first understand that all of us are going through a huge internal transformation. The last thing we need to add to this process is another person’s directives on how we should approach our own journey.

This year is personal. It is more about how each of understands our role in the greater collective. Thus what we do or don’t do matters, who we leave behind and how we engage with others whether it is a mutually beneficial engagement will shift. It will grow to something that is more aligned to our personal values. This is a year of true connections with others not without the initiation of our healing path. There is no capacity for us to hear others talk about vulnerable dependents, it destroys communities and groups. The energy is still alive, even if it is not a tangible essence, it is felt and witnessed by others subconsciously.

The nodes shift this year. On 19th January the nodes will move to north node in Taurus and south node in Scorpio. These fixed energies push us on a polarised journey between self and others. It is not going to be easy if the south node Scorpio brings up fear, manipulation, secrecy, hidden taboos, non-desirable sexual encounters, death, transformation, debt, loans, other people’s money, power, and control. We are learning to understand these Scorpionic teachings are a launching pad to reach for the qualities of Taurus. The energy of north node in Taurus brings us to become more loyal, sensual and honouring of our values, healthy boundaries, slowing down and approach our situations one step at a time. We will experience the importance of our self-worth, by using our personal values as a framework to filter energies that have run their course.

Taurus rules the senses. It is also ruled by Venus and this indicates our relationship to money, how we earn and spend our money is going to be quite the lesson. Taurus north node will bring us to a more stable inner secure space, where we chose to engage with like minded people and spread our energy if it is reciprocated equally, by July 2023. We will certainly journey through forgiveness, connection to nature, supporting our planet and becoming simpler in the way we live our lives. We may not have a choice, or we will be required to reach out to those that can help us without attachment.

We are also moving into the Chinese New Year on 1st February with the year of the Water Tiger. Reflecting back to 2010, when we experienced the gold tiger some of the themes will arise. The water tiger is a mythical creature of spiritual growth and not all growth is easy. When we move our perception from the 3D manifested realm of day to day to a more spiritual non-tangible nebula, we can experience immense transcendental and omnipresence of being. Our idea of money, wealth and how we feel secure is shifting this year. How this energy manifests in our personal world are a barometer of how consciously and fairly we operate within our moral compass.

Emerging with our hearts

We are working with many psychological imprints. Jupiter will conjunct Neptune in Pisces on 12 April as it trines the south node in Scorpio. Jupiter and Neptune are at home in Pisces, both direct, both brothers are powerful. One, Neptune can bring distortion, deception and extreme spell bounding situations in our life, while Jupiter not only supports this with its powerful expansive energy but connects us to shift our perception to learning a greater unbounded realm. Do we have the lens to decipher deceit of self versus spiritual experiences we can integrate as part of our evolution? Not everyone will be receptive to this teaching. We will also have the Leo moon quincunx the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction and square the south node in Scorpio.

This will be a pivotal time of transformation, release, death of energies which do not serve the heart. It can also manifest as broken-down relationships, projects and how we must be aware of how we emerge with others for our own benefit. We can also be manipulated by false miracles, in other words will we be able to sense a true miracle versus man made? Pay attention to mental health. It is not a year to get into altered states, because Jupiter and Neptune will test our mental dexterity we may suffer from deep psychosis and dangerously be unaware of how it plays out. This can bring severe depressive and a negative approach to life. We can also become extremely addicted to somethings that will distract the psychological and spiritual abuse we witness. We have to ensure we have the right people who can support us during these times and not talk about us in any shape or form.

Another important mix to this year’s nodal changes, are their ruling planets or depositors. Scorpio is anciently ruled by Mars and in modern times Pluto. Pluto will travel to the last degree of Capricorn this year. In true Pluto fashion we will experience massive breakdowns of external power, instructions, and governance. This includes our schools, our working environment, our communities and certainly our personal relationship to power and control. We can expect huge manipulation, scandals, lies, tyranny to keep us stagnant. A true leader wants its community to grow and not be submissive to keep their financial portfolio afloat.

Mars will also retrograde near the end of the year in Gemini. We’ve just spent the last eighteen months understanding how we must rely on our truth, versus the collective. We’re not sheep and our Souls are here to grow on an individual level with the understanding all those outside of us, mirror back what we are not willing or unable to look at. Our shadows are highlighted, felt, and churn our emotions, shift our beliefs to remove ourselves from the external drama, politics and nepotism that is rife. This year is an involuntary deep detox from all the toxins which prevent us from reaching our Devine spiritual self.

Express yourself evolved Taurus

North node Taurus is ruled by Venus, we must pay attention to her journey her aspects during this time as she will provide guidance, insight and resolution. The true test is if we believe we are worthy to have a life that is beyond what we’ve been told, and can be easy and simple. For us to reach this space we must understand letting go of baggage however we feel is consequential to our growth.

Mercury will retrograde four times this year. The first one is on 14 January at 10:41pm, 10 degrees Aquarius almost conjuncts with Saturn but moves back into Capricorn conjunction with Pluto 29 January. Our senses are heightened, we experience strong truths and secrets revealed. Mercury retrograde will help us to voice our healing, especially as it travels back where Venus activated these sensitive degrees. Our past actions have created some level of karmic energies which require to be played out for our personal growth. Venus also, stations to go direct on this day. All our experiences from 19 December to 29 January will require some form of resolution.

Mercury will retrograde again 10 May, 9 September, and 29 December. Mercury is the all-seeing eye. The wisdom keeper of the cosmos, because its ability to orbit in 88 days allows a deeper understanding of all planetary aspects and energies with the Suns Devine force. This year is a complete journey of understanding our power and how we integrate our individual self into a sea of people where we may seek refuge. We cannot afford to make compromises, or bend our values and boundaries even if we’ve been with these people for so long. The closer other people are to us, the more we will need to maintain our boundaries. Mercury will certainly blow our minds, open our perceptions, and reveal the truth. Will we fall or will we rise for the sake of our inner peace?

The other most promising alignment is the conjunction between Uranus and north node in Taurus on 31 July. This can bring powerful evolutionary insights which shake us up, turn our life upside down, inside out to get out of the old stubborn beliefs. Uranus is electric, powerful enough to move mountains, while the north node has the Moon’s magnetic pull, we can expect earth shattering events. We want individuality, we are not wanting to merge with another if it means we lose our sense of direction or worth. We want to rebel against all that takes our power away from us. We may shift our relationships, we may change our values, we may become more attuned to how reality is showing up versus how others gaslight us to believe all is well.

I have spent over two weeks contemplating how 2022 planetary alignment is delivering its key messages because it is such a spiritually powerful energy. There is so much more I could dive into, perhaps I will bleed it into most of the transit reports. Here are some things we must in the first instance ask ourselves; who in our environment is supporting us in our truth or who is attempting to change our way of being without understanding our hearts? where do we willingly give our power away, while we can feel something doesn’t sit right? why do we override our gut feeling to other people’s fear projections?

To answer these questions is a tricky path as we may see what we are not willing to look at. We all have put our trust in others, we’ve openly shared our most vulnerable feelings and perspectives and we’ve committed to something that we think may help us. Taurus north node with Scorpio south node is about to show each of us the importance of knowing our own needs. We are going to witness several transformations this year, perhaps metaphorically or literally death and destruction. Not the kind we’ve experienced, but ones that leave us so shocked and shaken. There is no way of getting out of what we’ve already have put into play.

Our financial commitments and projections may require serious evaluation. Our ego, and subconscious attraction to drama will create unnecessary delays, while we start to understand how we have self-sabotaged our needs by being lazy, not doing the hard work, not addressing truth. We can start documenting the excuses we say to ourselves to justify the other is more important. It is the loyalty to our own values. Our healing journey, our shadow and our attachments require our attention and awareness. Our choice of words, our selection of friends and how we spend our energy is going to become some serious business. We cannot bring anything new until we’ve healed our past shadows, our past connections, wounds, and issues. The start of the year has already set this in motion.

To get through this year is to trust your inner world above everything. This means altered states, dependency on modalities which leave us deeply confused and unresolved is not recommended. We mustn’t self-sabotage our own needs over other people’s requests. And finally, we must find true beauty in all that we do have, learning from nature, connecting to our earth, regardless of what we may lose this year. If we do stay in our lane, mind our own business, not get persuaded or manipulated by others, we will experience profound spiritual evolution of our Devine Feminine creator being. There will be massive tests, challenges, and moments where we will question our world, but do not deter or be swayed from your hearts. Everyone is impacted and we will sense their fear before they even open their mouths.

The energy of the nodes will bleed into everything we experience this year. If we do the work, we will experience profound connections which support us as equal interdependent counterparts. The year of the tiger is always a fast, furious, spiritually guided journey which can bring many shadow and light aspects. The journey starts with you!

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