Cancer Full Moon brings emotional growth

The Cancer full moon sets the tone for some major teachings during 2022. The full moon peaks on Tuesday 18 January at 10:48 am (AEDT) at 27° opposite the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. The moon when at home in Cancer brings strong emotional situations related to how we feel secure in our home, our personal relationships and how we can openly understand and express our feelings. The opposition to Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn adds a different flavour to our emotional state of being. Pluto is a sign of intensity, rules Scorpio, so our need to immerse with our people can become quite tricky. Pluto highlights power plays and strong control issues, which is also a shadow side of Cancer while revealing hidden truths that can add fuel to our already sensitive emotional state.

The alignment with Sun conjunct Pluto with a full moon in its opposing sign brings up opportunity for releasing or balancing karma. Capricorn is a sign ruled by Saturn, which rules time. It is also a sign that strives for the goal, without noticing who or what will be destroyed during the process. Capricorn is solid, dedicated and extremely spiritual in the manner of executing its vision. Sun with Pluto can blind us from our surroundings as we only see our goal insight, while others deal with how we operate causing relationship problems.

The Sun with Pluto indicates a key period of change, while psychological problems, attachments, control, manipulation and power issues can be exposed for us to resolve.

This full moon is not an easy one to process. It’s energy, themes and wisdom teachings will unfold over the next two weeks. We are all working to understand who we are, when change is the only option. The themes of the combined energies force us to surrender, so we can relinquish control, conscious or subconscious. We are seeking truth, no matter how strong it maybe to digest. The healing journey can only help us if we are privy to how things are really unfolding as opposed to what we may judge.

image by Nikko Macaspac

We’re all going through our own personal emotional dispositions, activated during this full moon. It is important to take extra care and become aware where we invest our energy by asking ourselves if is it serving us from a higher perspective. Mercury is in retrograde in Aquarius making a square to Uranus, scrambling our cognitive process making it difficult to find mental stability or balance. We can find ourselves rushing, over thinking, not paying attention to the changes that have already started, and how we may psychologically inadvertently attempt to fix what is already not working spiritually.

The Cancer moon brings up all things associated with our inner security, the comfort of our home our people and how we want to be nurtured and supported. There are two sides to this energy. One is to accept other people’s foibles and fluctuating moods without judgement while subconsciously we offer support without understanding the whole situation. The other is to become aware of our own needs and feelings and attending to them with care, or we may choose to numb them through escapism. The Cancer moon brings in the heavy guns of emotional discomfort, with Pluto involved our intuition is heightened. If we haven’t already, we will certainly start to fall victim to others control, power games, even emotionally violent scenarios as the need to want things in a particular way can bring frustration and rage.

Cancer’s lower octave is extreme neediness, a compulsion to take charge without fully understanding a situation or ignoring the natural process by being focused on the goal.

We can witness where we’ve put up walls between ourselves and others eroding a much-needed emotional connection. We can avoid our emotions and continue with our day; however, the energy is not so easy for us to shove it under the rug. The heaviness, the discomfort, the inner pain, the sense of wanting freedom and all things are deeply connected to our feelings and emotional state, which can leave us paralysed.  

The Cancer moon can bring resistance, especially as it squares Eris the goddess of discord. Eris pushes us to be honest and open, while the moon who is deeply drowning in its own emotional pool of darkness will want to retreat, escape or dismiss. Self-care is always the first step when working through heavy emotions, the second is give space for voicing or expressing our feelings. The moment we do this, with the right people we can start to feel relief.  

We can spend a lot of time during this full moon ignoring what we desire the most from our lives, through honest, straight forward conversations. A deep nourishing, satisfying feeling of being completely whole and self-validated. Instead, we can pretend our feelings do not exist, other tasks become a priority. Alternatively, we can become needy, overly obsessive, leading to manipulating others for our own emotional satisfaction or personal security.

Image by Zoe

During this time Venus retrograde in Capricorn, adds another layer to our needs, as she starts to trine Uranus. This can bring sudden changes to our beliefs, our values and become the catalyst for self-empowerment. Venus wants us to release and heal our unresolved past. We can put up a thick wall or we can over stimulate ourselves in the wrong areas which cause further emotional disturbance. Although we may not be aware what we do now will impact us in the future, we must take responsibility of our actions and the consequences. Sun, Pluto and Venus in Capricorn want us to take full responsibility for our healing. Where and with whom can we express our emotional truth, without being gaslighted? Do we ignore our feelings and emotions by distracting ourselves with less important chores?

Venus square Chiron the wounded healer. This can bring up a wound of feeling unrecognised, unappreciated, unnoticed, unacknowledged, unheard or dismissed. There can be a feeling of having no structure in our life, sensing our world is disorganised, chaotic and too ephemeral. We may sit with deep-seated fear of loss or absence of tangible realities. This can also bring up fear of losing control of our life direction and purpose. This can manifest as a tendency to seek recognition in the most unhealthy or toxic environments, or with people that manipulate our vulnerable state.

It can also come across as hiding our talents, our worthiness while we keep silent as the inner emotional turbulence is pushing us to express ourselves. We could overcompensate and talk so much, forcing attention, recognition while subconsciously witnessing others respond in superficial or dismissive ways.

Finally, the big mix to this full moon, are both Uranus stations to go direct on 19 January and a few hours later the Moon nodes change. This shifts the energy dramatically. The Taurus north node is what we all must learn, or pay attention to, while the Scorpio south node is what we must accept and process to build a stronger foundation to integrate the Taurus qualities. The Taurus north node is about developing a healthy sense of our own self-worth, not to compromise our values, learning to appreciate what we already have, getting connected to nature, tuning into our senses and trusting our inner healthy voice over everything while holding scared boundaries. The Scorpio south node will bring up many tests and challenges for us to fine tune the Taurus north node qualities over the next eighteen months.

These can include learning to bypass our stubborn attitudes and take time to explore the true reasoning behind the others plans. We are learning to not attract situations and people which subconsciously create stressful environments. We are learning to take responsibility of our financial status, manage our debts, loans and taxes. We may have a calling to venture out to nature and learn from its natural order of being. We may find ourselves accepting the death of situations, plans, dreams or our own unhealthy beliefs. These, nodes impact us all personally as the cosmic alignment for 2022 is more around the power of the personal planets.

The nodes are always portrayed as parallel opposites, Taurus is the self, which can bring up darker sides of its learning; greed, gluttony and stubbornness or fixated on how we want things to be without the support of others. Scorpio is the other, our need to infuse our whole essence into someone without any inhibitions, unbounded while losing our own identity or Soul purpose. We may experience situations for us to transcend the dark side of Scorpio, jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, control, power and crises situations. They both include people, our sense of security, money, death, transformation and for us to examine and realigning our values as a structure to the way we operate in the world.

A strong full moon, in a particular life changing week, brings sudden change, shocks and mostly breaks to our current chaotic situations. Where can we truly take care of ourselves during this time, without self-sabotaging our personal boundaries?

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