Ready, set and create with Full Moon in Leo astrology

The Full-Moon in Leo peaks at 27 degrees, 3:56 am on 17 February AEDT, making an inconjuction to Pluto and with square to the karmic nodes. We are at cross-roads for sure. The energy of Leo can help us to connect back with our hearts, removing the prioritised over thinking mind enforced by Aquarius, with Sun, Mercury and Saturn. The ruler of Leo, Sun is in its opposite sign squaring the nodes too, inviting us to initiate our personal expression and bring forth, with roaring courage to bring back pure happiness and meaning in our lives.

Not an easy week on a personal level, with so many show stopping challenges, issues and old patterns coming up within can stumble our deep need to create from a authentic space. The nodes are powerful in Taurus (north node) and Scorpio (south node). They are helping us to evolve from our web of patterns. Taurus helps us to focus on what we value the most by placing our energy to maintain all things worthy of our attention and worthy to us on a personal level. This includes our needs and what brings us spiritual joy. Scorpio helps us to understand how we hold on to certain situations, projected subconsciously hiding our true agenda and manipulative ways at a visceral level. The inner torment will get uncomfortable unless we act from what our heart is echoing back. Silently humming the sound of our precious inner needs through the contrast of the masses we can rise in our unique express.

The Sun and Moon squaring the nodes is karmic. An energy which can bring in some positive dividends if we’ve ethically, morally worked through our ‘stuff’. Although, it is deeper than this, as we are always unaware of our shadow unless it is projected back at us. It is easy to drop into the safety of what has always worked. Scorpio south node qualities will not work anymore. It has weakened its power with the south node travelling here until July 2023.

Anima and Animus

We want honest, real, meaningful connections which are reciprocated back and where we are willing to invest our energy which Taurus guides us in many ways. Scorpio has two rulers, Mars its ancient and Pluto its modern planets. Both are in Capricorn the energy which can disconnect us from our emotions as we pursue what will bring us status, power and respect. This is the old way which requires to be reprogrammed through each of us as we make the stand from our inner authority especially as Pluto moves through the last degrees of Capricorn.

These energies tap into the lower octave of Scorpio qualities (power, manipulation, control, intensity, stress, adrenaline, money, finances, tax, debt, loans, insurance, death, rebirth, transformation and merging with others at deeper levels where we forget our own needs) all of this comes up to the surface. Pluto’s inconjuction with the Leo Moon can help us shift our focus back to our hearts. Tapping into the energy of what needs to be explored creatively and working in siloed ways to honestly reflect where we can open our hearts wider even if it feels uncomfortable. Only then, can we start to unpack our mental algorithms, releasing gracefully to come back home to our heart’s wisdom.

Venus and Mars conjunct in Capricorn, moving ahead to make a wide orb with the north node in Taurus. Venus and Mars are the yin and yang of the cosmos. They are the anima and animus representing the unconscious feminine and masculine sides of our nature. They take us on a journey over the next few months teaching us the wisdom of our inner authority to balance these energies within. We’re all learning better ways to connect, to maintain relationships and move into new realms for collaboration. It is all work in progress. We cannot engage in meaningless ways nor can we entertain company that cannot spiritually participate in the grand transformation of our human evolution.

To dive deep with this full moon energy, we want to pay attention to our hearts, our needs, desires and creator being from a pure clean lens. There has been much emphasis in planning, thinking, conspiring to get ahead, or feeding our unhealthy ego where we’ve redirected our path unconsciously. We want to return or remember our heart’s passion. Connecting to what brings us excitement, richness, fulfillment and with meaning. We are the conduits of all our experiences. Trying too hard and not achieving any results is the universes way of indicating change and transformation must be adopted either emotionally or psychologically. Staying put and not doing anything or worse waiting in departures to figure out what external authority is going to guide us will leave us missing profound opportunities.

Leo self expression

The universe provides nuts, it is up to us to crack them. Opportunities will come our way, they may not be what we expect or how we want them, thank the Aquarius energy, which is deeply ad-hoc and unpredictable. Just exploring different ways in our day to day can help us gain insights or new ideas about what we truly need.

There is such powerful support with Jupiter making a sextile to Uranus bringing gifts if we are diligent and willing to change. This connection supports a new way of being. A deep spiritual resonance expressed individually. This is a great force of energy activating our intuition as we learn to listen to the rhythm of our hearts calling. It would be a shame to keep living the way we do, especially if there is an energy of mundane and stagnation or repeating cycles of the same energy. This doesn’t mean we search for excitement rather we drop into our hearts and connect with pure feeling, what we are called to do spiritually. Connecting with our divine essence with pure love in our hearts erodes all negativity, which is what the higher octave of Taurus energy brings.

Mercury in Aquarius helps us to create our personal laboratory to explore different ways of working through our projects, how we plan our future and how we show up in our lives. If done well, we can tap into new ideas, inventions which shift our perception. Helping us to bring excitement with the drive and will to do things differently. Mercury helps us to get into higher realms which once were unreachable, a dream or a vision but now with all the energy moving forward we can actualise them especially as the Moon moves into Virgo only a few hours later.

To work with this energy, explore:

a) Which area of your life has too much thought and no action?

b) How do you differentiate from your heart and mind?

c) Where can you show up as yourself unapologetically?

d) What requires transformation or release to make room for true expression?

e) Which area of our life do we rush action and ignore the subtle nuances of our inner needs? Can we bring balance to these dormant areas?

f) Where have we given our power away and live by other people’s rules or guidance?

g) What does sovereignty mean to you and how do you demonstrate this quality in your life?

h) Can you tell the difference between mental desire versus hearts calling? And what would that look like in your life?

i) Do you let your emotions get in the way of your life or provoke your actions? How does this work for you?

j) What holds you back from deeply connecting with your self-worth to express your gifts and talents?

We’re here to fulfil a mission during this time on earth. It can be anything as long it adds meaning and a profound intangible richness to our Soul’s calling. Our heart cannot be compromised or used in conditional ways. This full moon is an initiation to consistently respond from our heart space. It will help us to heal, set and create without any shadow of doubt insight because we can feel whole independently and not seek external validation. A strong week of intuition, insights, dream wisdom and connection to other realms. Pay attention to what comes through as we take the steering wheel of how we want to live our life guided by divine intervention. The only limitation is in the mind.  

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