Mystical, spiritual awakening Pisces New Moon astrology

The Pisces new moon 12° on 3rd March at 4:36am activates a deeper resonance with Spirit. The glyph of Pisces is two fish swimming opposite and above each other, symbolising two sides of this energy. In turn we respond to this energy at the level we’re willing to open our minds and hearts. The moon conjuncts the Sun and Jupiter making this a monumental divine connection of our hearts, Soul and spirit.

Pisces is a powerful sign of spiritual creativity. Unlike Leo, the sign of Self creativity, Pisces has a dimensional, universal and unconditional lens. Each sign has a high or low octave and depending on our personal conscious journey we respond to these energies within our capacity subconsciously. On a high octave Pisces can feel like an injection of pure love, felt blissfully throughout every atom in our body, where the feeling of love becomes a sacred personal prayer. On a lower octave, Pisces can feel like deep confusion, illusionary and spellbinding. It rattles our mental capacity to decipher reality from imagination, which can at a strong level cause sever psychosis.  

Thus, we have a choice how we choose to pave the way for the life that we want to experience. It is not something that is decided, rather something felt deep within. The energy is all knowing, driving us to pursue our world influenced between the spectrum of high or low octave of Pisces. As we watch world events unfold, triggering fear and deep despair which is amplified by both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. These events can place a veil between our own personal joy versus what is happening out there. It is at times like these events we are taken under a spell which can lead us astray from our spiritual connections.

Jupiter and Neptune are two powerful cosmic energies. They are happy and very comfortable at home in Pisces. Jupiter being the traditional ruler of Pisces which brings the essence of universal unconditional truth and Neptune the modern ruler brings in the energy of oneness which is experienced through us rather than external sensations.

This new moon will activate two paths that we will experience naturally guided for our Soul journey. Mars, Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn creating a semi-square to the Moon, Sun & Jupiter. Capricorn has a quality of diligence including private, spiritual and integral. It’s a timekeeper sign, as Saturn is it’s ruler. Every thought, action and word experienced within our own moral or ethical understanding from all our lives has been going through a deep healing and transformative process. Thus, Mars, Venus and Pluto have been pushing us all to process our personal healing; the deep pain, wounds and issues are clearing at a subconscious programming.

The last two years had us all re-examine how we consciously or unconsciously choose to live our life, including where we invest our energy. In the past we’ve engaged in our affairs either from a place of our understanding of love and at times without the necessary healing or self-reflective work. Perhaps therefore the same scenarios have played out, because our wounds, issues and/or pain bleed or shape the present choices. We’ve all had to face difficult, painful or shocking, even broken and cancelling situations personally. We’ve had to look in the mirror and have learned, even matured that our healing journey is key to engage in a life which is bountifully satisfying. We somehow have made it thus far spiritually. This new moon activates a new layer of our spiritual understanding, it is in fact the most positively profound energy especially if we listen to our intuition, higher calling or Self.

Venus has been working with us at a deeper level since December, and during the new moon she comes out of her shadow moving past Pluto. A powerful moment for us stepping forward with clear direction and no baggage to be checked in. She has assisted us to shift our values as a primary framework to help our decision making. This is no ordinary new moon, especially with Taurus and Scorpio at the nodal axis. We are getting to the parts of who we truly want to show up in our life, with no exceptions, shame or guilt.  

Image by Greg Rakozy

Eris the goddess of discord in Aries sets the tone for voicing and taking corrective action aligned with our newly refined values. We’re in for a profound inner awakening, deeply personal yet universal. As I wrote earlier, we can make the choice of which octave we want to operate from, because neither is right or wrong, good or bad. The most important part of our choices is understanding what the root driver is by allowing the hidden parts of our inner desires to rise to the surface. We either choose fear and despair or we can choose love and trust in the divine unfolding of events, which Pisces rules both qualities. It all stems down to how much we are willing to be in our discomfort and know fear is in the mind.

Neptune trines south node in Scorpio helping us to positively work through our deep-rooted fears, as we transcend the past pains through our personal rituals. We are tired of operating with psychological projections echoing stories of not doing enough, not having enough, not achieving what we want resulting in psychoanalysis loops. If we want freedom, joy and grace we must be willing to surrender parts of our stories which hold us back from our highest spiritual choices.

The losses, the grief and broken parts of our life can be transformed through conscious effort as wisdom teachings, healing karmic bonds and freeing us from overly superficial trials. We’ve reached a point in our journey, where simplicity with non-attachment can prevent us travelling to a dark hole. The Sun and Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus, guiding us to shift our habitual patterns to avoid self-sabotaging decisions. Uranus can also bring in profound spiritual, intangible and mystical experiences. Our response can either come from fear, denial, ignorance or trusting an inner knowing that a divine intervention is guiding us through our Soul evolution.

This new moon is one of the most powerfully spiritual alignments, which can only be felt by those that choose to listen, believe and trust their intuition and use it as an inner guide. There are somethings that will leave and some stay, whatever your experiences understanding, this is part of a two-year healing process which now elevates us from our 3D conditioning to create a new world. In this world each of us can experience living in a way we’ve never experienced. A world of no comparison, lack and fear. A world embodied in omnipresence and primordial frequencies in our thoughts, words and actions. A world where each of us can step up as pure beings, north node in Taurus.  

To consciously work with this energy, we must be honest about our psychological programming and conditioning. Without this understanding we can fall into a lower octave of Pisces, escaping from overwhelming sensitives and emotions. We can also, fall into a false narrative by aligning our choices with fear or place of lack. If we start to feel beyond our ego centre and tap into the heart wisdom, we can experience quite the spiritual phenomenon changing our world forever.

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