Practical application to our dreams Virgo Full-Moon Astrology

We’ve all been swamped with some heavy emotional burdens triggered by past wounds, issues or traumas. It hasn’t been easy for all. One of the Pisces quality is ruling our spirituality at its highest expression. The other qualities include imagination, fantasy and original creative expression. These are all welcomed if we’re feeling internally stable, however with the South Node ruler of our subconscious patterns, in Scorpio ruling everything that is taboo, we’re having to work extra hard just to understand what is real versus unreal.

Pisces brings in a level of heightened sensitivities. We’re more receptive to the energetic nuances played out before we decipher anything using our dominate senses. As a result, we’re getting quite confused, misunderstood and psychotically erratic at some stages. Compassion is one way we can practice getting us back to our roots. Coming back to the present moment and allowing these intangible energies to unfold without control or resistance and can help lighten us up and provide more information relevant for our growth.

The Sun is in Pisces at 27° opposing the Virgo Moon at 27° on Friday 18th March at 18:17, AEDT. An opposition to all that is intangible to what is tangible will be the very anchor or reality check we need. Virgo is a strong earth sign of independence, service and health. It is associated with the Virgin because it is a sign which doesn’t operate from its lower energy centres. The desires of our early plane can erode us from our path of service which Virgo understands more deeply than any other sign.

The high quality of Virgo energy is service and health. Independence from all, while striving to get into the heart of things. Not afraid of hard work, continuously providing its energy to what needs to be done. It is a sign of reality. If I can touch it, understand it, feel it or help then it is real. A strong practical application with discernment is the essence of Virgo. It’s not all that great too. The lowest quality of Virgo is judgement and critical of all that is not in their lens of perfection.

Here the Virgo energy can self-sabotage anything that can be great, because their attention to detail, striving for perfection can completely miss the experience of surrender and vulnerability. Virgo has control issues. If Virgo plans, it must work no matter how much energy they are working against. In short, Virgo can get so bogged down in the minor details that they miss the bigger picture unfolding.

The full-moon energy shines a light on the shadow side of Pisces. If we’ve been working towards some idea which has yet to prove itself as a manifested reality, then this full moon will certainly sober us up. We need this energy. We need to ground, to discern. We need to understand what is going to bring us the greatest fulfilment of our life through practical application / evidence.

Virgo, like Leo, knows what they need without the assistance or guidance of others. These two signs bring their own qualities to the surface and then apply to their environment. Pisces, on the other hand is about dipping into different realms, fantasies and in some cases escaping to find refuge for reflection, creation and personal ritual.

You’ve guessed it! This full moon can bring in some strong psychotic reality measures. We can completely lose ourselves into wanting something, but the Virgo moon will let us know, quite frankly if we’re on the right track.

The Moon trines Pluto helping us to ground into what we know is going to work versus what is not working. Pluto rules our subconscious; thus, the shifts are not going to be evident in our environment. Rather an internal understanding driving us to make radical changes. Our emotional body is on fire, nothing is going to get in the way of applying the necessary energy to our personal cause of joy or service.

There is so much chaos on our planet right now. Yet deep inside, at a cellular level we know everything we feel is counterintuitive to what we’re witnessing. The Spiritual heart, activated by the Leo Moon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday has given us plenty of food for thought. We are in a frequency of wanting to act with all that we value. Pluto helps us deeply to transcend what is not serving us or relevant at this point of our Soul evolution.

Venus the ruler of Taurus and Libra is at 11° Aquarius the sign of our visions for the future. Not always associated with dreams, that’s Pisces. Aquarius is all about developing innovative solutions, ideas to help the greater collective. Venus squares Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Two planets in each other’s home can bring some shocking, ad-hoc, quirky, sudden changes to how we perceive community, groups and our friends. There is a call to make radical changes, just watch out for getting that tattoo on your neck.

It always starts as an internal job. Our Divine Feminine wants freedom, a voice and independence from all that holds her back. In our present time we can witness the imbalance from how we prioritise our day. This full moon is pushing the feminine qualities for each of us to take notice. Where do we avoid our inner truth over desire? Are the day-to-day tasks more important than taking care of our emotional needs? What stories are we continuously playing out with different solutions where the outcome is the same?

Neptune in Pisces trines South Node in Scorpio, even though a trine is supposed to be a easy conversation of supportive energy, the Virgo Moon can shine the light on where we’ve deluded ourselves. Neptune in Pisces can feel like a crazy movie running in the background. It is extremely difficult to even notice the movie is not real. The South Node in Scorpio is asking us to release powerful coercing energies which prevent us from acting from our higher energy centres. South Node Scorpio has weakened our need for merging with others, especially if unhealthy power plays are showing up. We’re honouring our sacred boundaries and yearning for purity in all counts.

Weak Mercury in Pisces almost conjunct Jupiter can help us to drop the analytical mind. We cannot spend another moment going over our own dispositions if we’re not doing anything healthy or independent to understand our issues. As these energies move closer, watch out because our other psychic senses will be heightened. We can receive original ideas and perspectives, completely different from those we associate with daily. This is either a time to move away and forward or dive into a different spiritually enhanced connection. Either way, we’re in for a lot of realisations, mic drops and truth bombs.

Venus sextiles Chiron and Pallas Athena in their tight conjunction in Aries. This gives potential to access our subconscious wounds, issues and traumas through the support of our different relationships. To get the most out of this energy we must consciously take action to focus on attending to our healing and evolution of consciousness. Pallas Athena the Goddess of war, she is all about strategy, tact and diplomacy. Chiron and Athena can help us to become more attuned to work through our pains with maturity. We already have felt how our traumas, pains, wounds and issues subconsciously play out, causing more issues or reiterating them. We are tired of not feeling ascension from these key personal issues.

This full moon is not easy because its asks us to step up and take action to clean heavy emotional crazy issues. We are emotionally working towards bringing in some practical action for how we want to experience our life now. Not the future, but now. We’ve energetically transformed, it’s our psychological programming which requires a reshuffle, reprogram or a new download.

On Monday around 2:00 am the Sun will move into Aries, also a time of the equinox where day and night are the same length. Symbolically this is a time of bringing balance to our world, internally and externally. A time of allowing ourselves to create new intentions associated with our personal needs and desires. It is a time to step up into the transcended version of who we have become. We’re still evolving, some more than others. It is time to go for our experiences to get a deeper understanding of what we like and what compliments our vibrational frequency. Anything less, we simply don’t have the capacity for it no more.

If you’re working on projects, assignments, relationships or developing a world that is free and aligned to your needs. Then direct this energy to achieve your goals. And remember, we must be extremely kind to ourselves, quieten the self-judgement. Your presence and understanding of your precious life is enough.

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