Aries New Moon sparks combative, courageous and vigorous qualities

Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche” C.G. Jung

Fire is transformative. It gets to the core of something that has served its purpose and requires transmutation. Through ritual, we can honour what needs to be burned away, respectfully in this very act we grow something purely deep within that is intangible. The very wisdom of processing our past actions, situations, we know deep in our Soul something has served its purpose.

The lessons have been mastered and we’re now willing or ready to release. In this very process of release, no matter what is needed to transform, there is grief that holds us accountable. It triggers memories, parts of our psyche replaying situations and attempting to find its rightful place. A loop, a merry-go-round or worse preventing us from trying something new, different or out of the ordinary. A part of us keeps those memories alive. Even though that part of us doesn’t exist anymore. This new Moon is the very ritual we all must partake in our own way to get through one of the most shocking, distracting and vigorous weeks.

The Aries New Moon 11° on 1st April at 17:24 AEDT, with the Sun, sandwiched between Mercury and Chiron guarantees to impact our world. At a higher perspective with poise and grace we activate who we have become shamelessly. This is an extraordinary new moon, one that brings new messages from outer realms and one that gives permission to move into our truth. Not without releasing unhealthy attachments to situations or people that we’re not fully aligned with. It is an energy conjuncts Chiron the wounded healer and the great loyal teacher.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It rules all things that are to do with Self. This includes our identity, our physical appearance, motivations, goals, achievements, our life expression, our needs and wants. It is often a sign associated with selfish acts, because its motivation is only to work for the Self. It is a sign on many levels misunderstood because the word ‘selfish’ prevents us from journeying on a path of self-realisation. Aries is ruled by Mars the God of war, Ares. He is a powerful ally to have, because he is not about winning or losing, rather he is about the experience of being in war. The violence, blood, glory, brutality, the principle of energetic, impulsive force. His provision is with sharpness, the tendency to experience aggression, conflict, harm, with forceful physical intensity.

Ares The God of War by turtleanxietyseawing

Aries Sun and Moon will certainly spark these qualities within to shed away, all the pretence, facades and games we play to justify parts of a false identity. Who we are as we are is vital at this point in time on our planet. Pay close attention to the powerful energy of this new moon as next year in July the North Node will travel through Aries. Teaching us to be brave and become comfortable in our own sense of Self.

Mercury has spent the last three weeks in Pisces, although it was quite a distorting, confusing and a blur at times, he does deliver Devine messages from spirit as he travels through Aries. These messages assist in shifting our self-image and perception of Self. If we’re not willing to broaden the importance of understanding Self, we may resist the necessary change and power this moon brings. The Sun shines its light, its wisdom to the Moon which in turn pulls our emotions to process where we compromise ourselves due to illusionary attachments.

Chiron the wounded healer travels in Aries around 8-9 years. He has been working on all of us since 2018 aiding massive shifts to our identity. Eliminating the old versions that once worked for us and now seem a little fad. We’ve all been humbled in our own way, how we operated must evolve or die. Chiron has highlighted our pride, arrogance, our determination and our need to achieve regardless of the consequences. Each time we’ve embarked on something, a new relationship or process an old one or used operatories now demand a different, kinder, integral and real approach.

This new moon squares Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and its wild. Black Moon Lilith is the rebel, a goddess of the womb. The birthing or transitioning of our Souls when we need to take birth on this planet. Her power is independence, raw and she is not here to make compromises. Her square to the Sun and Moon, highlights where we need to release unhealthy attachments.

These attachments include compromising our true needs for false sense of safety or security. This includes everything, such as co-dependent relationships, subconscious power plays, dynamics which are less about equality and more about dependence. Her power, her essence of allowing Souls to travel through her, takes tact and bravery. She is not about the sweetness; she is all about pushing boundaries so we can truly stand in our own power. This new moon is loaded with independent power. Not to be mistaken by pride, ego and arrogance. She will erode those qualities and bring truth in our face like no other. It wouldn’t be surprising this energy activates great violence or turbulence in our lives.

Attachment Theory by Mark Manson

Saturn is in Aquarius making a square to the nodes, as Venus just passes him. She is serious about her independence and her own place in the world. Venus and Saturn square is, all in or all out frequency. There is no middle ground, even if we attempted to compromise Venus will rattle the second-guessing tendencies out of our system. Saturn with the nodes brings massive tests and challenges to how responsible and disciplined we are when it comes to our evolution of Self and integrity. Saturn pushes us to do the work on self, for a mature version of our psyche to step up and operate in this chaotic weird time.

South Node brings chaos, sexual desire, merging with others from a place of lack and fear. Not always from a place of pure love. Scorpio energy is about infatuation, power, manipulation, evolution and transcendence. We can choose this path, only it promises short thrills with destructive challenges. North Node in Taurus is about simplifying our world by understanding our Self. We make choices that bring inner peace, independence, healthy boundaries and connection to all things of nature. It is about our senses, maintaining our poise for integrity to self. It can make us stubborn and greedy with unhealthy boundaries like ghosting. This is all about our experience which allows growth from a deeper level. We may not even have a conscious choice, as our subconscious is the driving force bringing the right teachings to ripen our journey.

Saturn brings in situations that will show our vulnerability, transparency in situations and what’s really going on with our inner needs. It will define a radical approach to how each of us operate in the world. Gone are the days of comparing, contrasting, holding grudges and not finding space for humility. Our shadows will be highlighted, yet we must make a choice to perhaps go against all that we know, and trust whatever unfolds is the right path.

Jupiter is moving closer to Neptune the big conjunction is on 12 April. It is important to focus on our inner dialogue, the inner voice and what we say to ourselves. We’re constantly creating our vibrational field that will expand these beliefs. This is not only a transit to make decisions about our life, relationships and security now, but it also brings in the life we yearn for deeply. The catch is we must be actively working towards it, even if we cannot feel it coming into fruition. 

This new moon brings violence into our world. It is not always welcomed. Although it is necessary for us to step into our integrity. It will illuminate how we identify with the ego we present versus the healthy ego of our inner truth. We cannot be in spaces where we’re not feeling fully connected with, neither can we make excuses. This energy is best worked with bravery to express our trueness, even if the world seems to fall apart, we have our integrity and unique gifts to offer.

A powerful new moon brings new beginnings, a focus on self, an innocence which holds our authenticity. It allows new self-discoveries, a sense of independence and most importantly disengaging with things that do not serve our sense of self. It is not a time to ignore the world, rather use it as a barometer to expand our personal skill set so we can step up and feel pure in our actions. What will it take to understand each person on this planet has a very important role to play? Erode the doubt, greed, pride, victim, power plays, jealousy, manipulation and be in your full truth of fire!

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